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  • Dave Froslie - Microsoft Development on the Prairie


    In my last post on Multi Team Sprint Reviews, I forgot to mention one very important part of our sprint review process. Unlike the core sprint review process, this element has stayed very stable over the past year. After each sprint review, we hold a...
  • Off to the Side

    Lots of great new content...

    I've been busy editing lots of new content and haven't had a chance to update my blog of late. Here's a rundown of some articles that you might find of interest: Scott Mitchell revamped his popular article series on data structures to include the new...
  • Matt Powell

    MSDN Magazine Web Services Issue

    In case you haven't caught it yet, the entire March MSDN Magazine is now online. Subject: Web Services! Many good articles. Check it out. -Matt
  • One Louder

    Are two blogs better than one?

    Well, my job has changed (just in time for my office move). This is a good thing since it's pushing me further into what I love (creating broad programs and strategies that are not specific to any one business at Microsoft but impact how we hire people...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    My new Creative Zen Micro & Radio 4

    Nice. Very nice. 5GB storage in a tiny form factor. I've sync'd 2300 tracks with my Media Center and there's room for a few more. It sounds fantastic. I've gone for the white one and while a little reminiscent of the iPod I have to admit it doesn't match...
  • Buggin' My Life Away

    Book Ideas

    A small publisher has approached me about the possibility of writing a book. I have to admit that, until know, I haven’t really given much thought to the idea. The general subject of the book is somewhat open-ended, as the publisher has asked me what...
  • One Louder

    Here's the new advertising vehicle for mean the recruiting newsletter from Fast Company

    Here's the link for FastCompany's new hiring newsletter, which I receive via introductory e-mail today (e-mail came from I had to look at the url a couple a times to make sure I was in the right place. Hmm, let's see, silly monster logo...
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    p&p goes multimedia

    Ron Jacobs , another product manager in the patterns & practices team, has been busy putting together some great multimedia content. This includes the first in a series of podcasts (if you haven't heard of podcasting, don't feel bad - I hadn't either...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    Jeff Prosise on Hacking ASP.NET Web Applications

    Last night I was fortunate to be able to attend a local VBUG meeting where Jeff Prosise of Wintellect talked about ASP.NET Security and specifically the threats posed to your ASP.NET applications. Jeff is in the UK for DevWeek ("the UK's leading technical...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Java to .NET Framework Migration virtual classroom workshops

    Java to .NET migration virtual workshops being offered by Microsoft and HP: Register for one of the two sessions in February and you can be trained on Java to .NET Framework Migration . You will learn the interaction between Java and .NET applications...
  • Andrew May's WebLog

    OneNote XML Schema Map Notation, Take Two

    So, I was so annoyed when I realized I had broken one of the basic rules of information design with my diagram of the OneNote 2003 SP1 SimpleImport schema, I had to take a few minutes and see if I could fix it. As I mentioned in my last entry , my diagram...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Creating Communities Around Music Playlists

    I love watching ideas turn into reality. Mike, from , recently sent me this mail because comments were closed on the post in question: Hey Josh, ran across an old post of yours here:
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