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  • One Louder

    Improving your online resume

    On MSN careers... 21 Ways to Improve your Online Resume . In case someone is going to ask me whether someone in our staffing department writes these articles...they all come from careerbuilder which is MSN's career channel partner. Anyway, the advice...
  • Jesper snackar dynga då och då. Här är beviset.

    Microsoft söker MCE-betatestare som bor på Åland

    Det är nog ingen hemlighet att vi arbetar med att leverera nordiska versioner av Windows XP Media Center Edition. Just nu försöker mina kollegor i Sverige därför hitta exakt en person på Åland som är intresserad av att hjälpa till att testa. Om du är...
  • One Louder

    "Finding Trends in Customer Feedback"

    A couple weeks ago I posted about customer experience feedback via blogs . Today in our careers newsletter there's a link to an article on the tool some folks in our research group developed to analyze product feedback via online media (blogs, user groups...
  • IUpdateable from Eric Nelson (

    SQL Server 2005 Training available now in the UK

    I just noticed one of our training partners which I hear good things about is offering SQL Server 2005 Training which is good news for the many folks active on Beta 2. 3 days on updating...
  • jimjo's WebLog

    It's a mad mad world

    A description of this site thus far STDMETHODIMP CJimjoBlog::get_Content(BSTR* pszContent) { return E_NOTIMPL; } Just a test post.
  • Visio

    .NET 開発 - Visio PIA

    前々回に SDK の紹介 をしましたが今回はその続きということで .NET 開発をカバーします。 SDK をインストールするといわゆる CLR を使った言語、VB.NET、C# などの言語で Visio のソリューション開発をすることができます。従来の VB や C++ など非 Managed な開発ももちろんできますが、新規の開発プロジェクトなら CLR を使ったほうが何かと有利です。メモリ管理やパフォーマンス、開発手法が容易なこと、などがその理由です。前回紹介したパフォーマンス向上のためのヒントも...
  • I'm not a Klingon ( )

    About My Blog

    I don't plan to blog very often, but I will try to address lots of the issues and questions that often arise as I go about my work. I don’t mind comments or pointing out errors. In those cases I’ll probably fix any inaccuracies in my posts. I may remove...
  • Tom Krueger

    Blog or Die

    Have you ever thought about blogging and wondered why we do this or what benefits it has? What about how blogging may change the world? Robert Scoble has posted a draft of the first chapter of the book he and Shel Israel are writing titled Blog or Die...
  • Roger Doherty's Windows Azure Blog

    MMM - Dogfood..... SSIS in Action

    We use a really unattractive term here at Microsoft to describe the use of pre-release software internally to get our jobs done. We call it dog food. I think SteveB may have come up with this very descriptive term, as in "Eat your own.... dog food." Anyway...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    How I got to Microsoft: Part 1

    Last week, I asked you to post links to articles you felt were the most helpful Microsoft application and interview accounts . Thanks for the links, and keep them coming. I’ll post a link on my sidebar so you can reference these stories later when you...

    IEBlog Blogging IE 7

    I'm very much looking forward the the release of IE 7. To help understand what's coming, the IEBlog is providing details on the upcoming version of the product. Check it out here . You can also get information at the Internet Explorer Developer Center...
  • The Old New Thing

    Suggestion Box 2

    Post suggestions for future topics here instead of posting off-topic comments. Note that the suggestion box is emptied and read periodically so don't be surprised if your suggestion vanishes. (Note also that I am under no obligation to accept any suggestion...
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