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  • BorisJ's Blog

    Sufjan Stevens

    Wow. What an amazing concert I went to tonight (well last night by now). If you're not familiar with Sufjan Stevens (pronounced soofyan), you should definitely pick up his latest album titled Illinois or any of his older ones. My friend Nelson bought...
  • .NET Compact Framework Team

    Interop: Extending GUI Functionality

    Interop: Extending GUI Functionality This post will describe some ways you can use the new interop features present in version 2 of the .Net Compact Framework to extend the framework's GUI functionality present in the System.Windows.Forms namespace...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    XML Generics

    Designing a programming language is like inventing a metaphor for thought. Most of the time you struggle to find just the right metaphor, hoping the one you eventually choose will be the best at communicating the idea it is meant to represent. So you...
  • Sriram Krishnan

    Virtual Earth goes live

    I just saw on Steve Rubel's blog that Virtual Earth has gone live . I've been playing around with the internal release of Virtual Earth for some time - so I know how killer it is. I don't know what Channel 9 video Scoble keeps alluding to but my bet is...
  • .NET Compact Framework Team

    Interop: Common Issues & Debugging Techniques

    Interop: Common Issues and Debugging Techniques This post will describe some of the types of problems that can arise when interoperating between managed and native code using the .Net Compact Framework Version 2. An overview of how the runtime works...
  • .NET Compact Framework Team

    Interop Log File Information

    This information will be included on MSDN soon... How to: Create Log Files Introduction You can create log files with diagnostic information about interoperability, loading the application, and networking. You can enable logging by setting the...
  • Vittorio Bertocci

    Sometimes agenda can be revealing

    I don't know if you are familiar with the meaning of the word which appears in the agenda section depicted below, however if in your calendar it appears without a name right after it... well, you know . :-)
  • Innovación Tecnológica

    Longhorn ya tiene nombre: Windows Vista

    No más Longhorn... el nombre del nuevo sistema operativo que saldrá para finales de 2006 será Windows Vista y el 3 de agosto se liberará el beta 1. Les recomiendo ver el video del anuncio y para mayor información entren aquí .
  • Windows Installer Team Blog

    Beyond the Native Windows Installer User Interface

    A frequent question on the support lines for Windows Installer is ‘how do I do UI widget X or UI behavior y?’ While native Windows Installer UI has many widgets and behaviors occationally we have to say ‘Sorry, you can’t do that with native Windows Installer...
  • Jeremy Kuhne's Blog

    Generic Collections III

    So far I've gone over the basics of generic collections and moved on to looking at List<T> and Predicate<T>. As mentioned yesterday, this post will deal with subclassing and the other System delegate types. The "Other" System.Delegates...
  • Craig McMurtry's WebLog

    Preparing for Indigo ... the complete essay

    Preparing for Indigo Indigo is the code-name for a framework for communication among software entities that will be added to the second version of the .NET framework class library. While a second beta version is scheduled to be released in late...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Vibrating Profiles & Missed Calls

    As a long time Smartphone user, I'm really excited about the quality of Windows Mobile 5.0 and most of the feature changes that have happened over the years. But I'll be honest and say that I personally find a couple of the changes we had to make a bit...
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