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  • .:blog.iainmcdonald

    Nikon D50

    I haven't posted for a while - I will post stuff I did for a 'project management @ Microsoft" talk I did last week. However, my wife got me a new camera for my birthday, a Nikon D50. I have used digital cameras for a while - mostly a Canon PhotoShot...
  • Aali's blog

    Interesting stuff coming up at Teched Europe next week

    I am looking forward to some exiting stuff next week in Amsterdam: Steve Cook is presenting a couple of sessions on DSLs Arvindra and Beat are presenting the popular Architect Bootcamp as a preconf session Virtual Indigo track as announced...
  • Theo's Musings

    Referring to "value types" versus "reference types", Part 2

    Last Friday, I blogged about confusion between the terms "value" and "reference", when relating to .NET development. The post can be found here: This time, I'm continuing the discussion...
  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    Setting up the blog...

    Hello there. My name is Jason and I'm the new Setup PM on the Longhorn SDK team. Our team encompasses several different SDKs, including the WinFX SDK, the Win 32 SDK and the Platform SDK. As the Setup PM, my assignment spans all the different SDKs that...
  • Russell Christopher's Semi-Useful BI Musings

    Displaying text vertically in SQL Server Reporting Services 2000

    File this one under RTFM...but I had no clue even though it's right there in books online. Duh! Anyway, if you want to render text vertically instead of horizontally, use the WritingMode property of a text box, subtotal, title, or legend
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Announcing Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild!

    Help me to spread the word. I am proud to announce Code Camp 4: Developers Gone Wild! Date: September 24/25 Location: Microsoft Waltham 201 Jones Road Waltham , Ma. More information including call for speakers and registration...
  • Antimail

    Atlas: Seamless AJAX programming

    Scott Guthrie has a great blog entry on several platform enhancements, code-name Atlas, that will address AJAX-style programming. At the same time, Charles Fitzgerald presented the Atlas technologies. Microsoft will release a technology preview of...
  • MS.COM Operations Tools Team WebLog

    Can't Start Debugging (F5) in VS 2005 Beta 2?

    A couple of months ago, after I had just installed the then-new Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2 , I could not run any project in the IDE, as it would crash VS. Then I found a workaround using a Visual Studio community feature that I built for MSDN Forums :...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    How many IBM employees does it take to implement a project?

    I guess I should not make jokes like this but I could not resist. Knowing that we have/had some ad campaigns running that do not really fly, I was impressed to see this IBM ad in the latest issue of eWeek. It clearly shows that IBM dress code regulations...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Scott Guthrie on AJAX and Atlas

    Scott Guthrie pulls back the covers on Atlas, the ASP.NET team's project to simplify and speed AJAX-style development with ASP.NET: Good stuff.
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Just Released

    The Visual Studio 2005 Team System Beta 2 Reviewer’s Guide is now available via the MSDN Download Center : – DOC – PDF
  • jaredpar's WebLog

    New LUA Tool

    For the last few weeks, I've been playing around with a LUA tool that was recently presented to me. The tool is available on the following website,category,RunAsAdmin.aspx The tool intercepts interactive...
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