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  • .NET Banana

    Two Reporting Services Blogs

    Here are two blogs that are really helpful for Reporting Services fans: Brian Welcker, Group Program Manager, Reporting Services Chris Hays, Architect, RDL
  • Third Of Five - just another voice in the Collective

    Erik Rucker's blog

    You might want to check out our GPM (Group Program Manager) blog here: . I heard it's going to be all-Access 12 all-new content :)
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    So you think you're logical?

    So you think you're logical?
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    Searching your web site from within the MSDN help browser search

    One thing that I forgot to mention is that the newly updated Content Host web site template now has code that will enable you to search the hosting web site from within the MSDN help browser. If you would like to see how this is done, the template contains...
  • SpeechLead

    Speech Recognition Sample Code coming soon!

    I apologize for not keeping up my blogging as expected. I will continue my follow-up from the PDC demos shortly, but first I will answer some of the questions that were left in recent comments: Jay asked: " ... has Microsoft developed an application...
  • Brad Abrams

    The SLAR (vol2) on System.Assembly

    Continuing in the series sharing some of the information in the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 1 and .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 2 with some information on Assembly. SC Calling Load(AssemblyName...
  • Zandoná Mobile®

    TechEd Brasil - Update

    Vamos lá... depois de alguns feedbacks , temos o seguinte programado para Windows Mobile no TechEd Brasil: Uma sessão de desenvolvimento A idéia é apresentar Visual Studio, Windows Mobile 5.0 e... linha de código! :-) Tem MUITO coisa para mostrar e...
  • .NET Banana

    Converting Crystal to Reporting Services

    Perhaps the most-asked question when I talk about Reporting Services is "I'm using Crystal Reports. How do I migrate existing reports to Reporting Services?" Microsoft doesn't sell a tool to do this conversion. I'm aware of three services: Hitachi...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Have you been called a laggard recently?

    Have you been called a laggard recently? I have been called a straggler by my SO and I’d better not tell you the reason why… In some areas the transition to 64-bit native Windows computing is happening very fast, in others not. If you are a developer...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    64-bit MemToLeave

    Question: On 64-bit SQL Server, which tends to be larger: the Buffer Pool or the MemToLeave region? Because it usually dominates the user mode portion of 32-bit SQL Server's process address space, it might make sense to assume that the BPool is usually...
  • Chetan Chudasama's Weblog

    Community Content Installer PowerToys

    Craig Skibo has just posted an updated version of the Community Content Installer Power Toys. These are tools that will help you build, uninstall community content. If you haven't yet then give it a try. The download is available at http://workspaces...
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    Updated content installer power toys

    I have uploaded new builds of the content installer power toys to the Got Dot NET workspace at . This package was built with a RC build of VS, so you may need a newer version to use it. This version has...
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