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  • MSN Search (España)

    Hola Mundo...

    Es evidente que cada día que pasa las búsquedas en Internet se consolidan como una de las actividades que más realizamos los internautas. La tecnología y la cantidad de productos nuevos que están apareciendo alrededor de este sector, hace que sea muy...
  • Jerome Carron's Weblog

    Follow up Questions from Day 3 - Edmonton

    Wow we had an unbelievable turnout in Edmonton. A packed house until the end with some great questions. So many questions in fact during the Q+A and Ask the Experts in the cabana that I had a hard time keeping track of them all. I'm in transit in Calgary...
  • SAP Global Alliance Technology Team Blog

    Bryan McCutchan: SAP Global Technical Manager

    Indeed, welcome to our SAP technology team blog where, as the introduction states below, it's our hope that you will find valuable information from the technical team on the Microsoft SAP alliance. As the “SAP Global Technical Manager”, I’m responsible...
  • SAP Global Alliance Technology Team Blog

    Juergen (CTSC): New joint whitepaper about reliable messaging on SDN

    This week a new whitepaper with the title “Reliable Messaging between SAP XI 3.0 and Microsoft BizTalk Server 2004 Using SOAP-Compliant Communication” was published on SDN. The whitepaper can be found on
  • El Blog de Windows en América Latina

    Windows Vista CTP

    Hola Seria muy interesante tener una conversacion abierta de Vista con los que lo estan utilizando, que estan probando, que les gusta, que no les gusta, y como lo aplicarian en su trabajo o vida diaria. Entonces.. mi primer pensamiento es como hacemos...
  • Test Guide


    One of the areas I'm focusing on these days is cross-feature testing - purposely taking a wide-and-shallow view of Sparkle and using its features in combination. Cross-feature interaction is easy to forget as we beat the life out of each feature on its...
  • Buck Hodges

    How to work around the diff viewer problem in Team Explorer Beta 3

    If you install only the Team Explorer (and not VSTS), there is a known issue (7.3) where the diff viewer won't work. It also affects the built-in merge tool, but I think that's less painful for users who just need Team Explorer. The tool is diffmerge...
  • TexBlog

    C++ or C# to get started?

    TexBlog reader Gordon writes: "I just got VS 2005 C++ Express. I have been looking for comprehensive examples of C++ code and it seems to me there are a great many more C# examples. This is making me wonder if C# isn't a better choice for someone getting...
  • Talking About Microsoft Developer Tecnologies

    TechDays 2005 - PPT

    My first post in this blog and the reason its to publish TechDays 2005 PPT. The demos I ve got to prepare it first but tomorow I think I will have it were also [:D] To download click: WEB01&02 WEB05
  • fontblog

    Rscheearch Shmecsearch

    In September 2003, the following paragraph thundered its way around the internet, and has been an urban myth ever since. Aoccdrnig to rscheearch at Cmabrigde uinervtisy, it deosn't mttaer waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt...
  • Dan's Blog

    Management Studio & More

    In SQL Server 2005 we rewrote Enterprise Studio into what is now called Management Studio. One of the major pieces of work was the consolidation of the administration of all services (Database Services, Analysis Services, Reporting Services, and Integration...
  • Ali Pasha's WebLog...

    Now that we've shipped V1, what's going on?

    Now that we've shipped. I wanted to provide transperency into what we're doing in the group. The top three initiatives are: Introspection This is what I call the introspective phase of the software lifecycle (MQ), where we're analyzing the mistakes...
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