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  • Lori Pearce's WebLog

    The Future of SDKs

    The SDK team is always looking for ways to make your Microsoft SDK experience better. We’ve heard about the need for improved search, more complete reference documentation and more samples. Another area we are looking at is how multiple SDKs install and...
  • All About Interop

    Java byte[] to VB.NET array of bytes

    Converting from a Java array of byte to a VB array of byte is not automatic, because the former is a signed quantity and the latter is unsigned....
  • .NET4Office

    VSTO Security Model Principles

    VSTO takes a very strong stance on security to prevent the spread of macro viruses or worms. VSTO's security model involves the trust of two things: 1) the assembly associated with the document must be trusted and 2) the location the document is coming...
  • Sean McBreen's WebLog

    More on MapPoint Web Service

    Over the last week I’ve had a couple of additional enquiries on the MapPoint Web Service. This is a reply I sent to a customer with some additional links on getting started with the service: For starting information on MapPoint have a look at these...
  • Pedro Silva's Blog

    Portuguese Discoveries Theme Pack for Windows XP

    I just read in a blog post that Microsoft released the Portuguese Discoveries Theme Pack for Windows XP . It sounds pretty cool: Show your pride in Portuguese culture! The Portugese Discoveries Theme Pack features wallpapers, icons, mouse pointers and...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    It's Been Slow

    Sorry for the lack of posts lately I have been super busy and it appears that many of the other academic folks have been as well. I watch a lot of blogs right now (I haven't hit the Scoble mark yet) and many of the academic blogs have been very dry lately...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    Tasty soundbites

    Jason Bloomberg just published an excellent report entitled " Avoiding Bad SOA ". There's not a lot (ok, any) technical "meat" here but he makes some great points that are worth considering: Quit arguing so much about what SOA is or isn't. (Or as he charmingly...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    Enterprise Library : Configuration Part 1.1.3 - ConfigurationContext

    Last week I did a podcast (why do we call it that when we use the WMA format?) with Ron Jacobs on the ConfigurationContext. I know that the talk was abstract and probably a little hard to follow and I hope to clear that up today with another explanation...
  • Ron Jacobs

    Enterprise Library Webcast Series

    Wow - Putting together a webcast series is a lot of work. I just finished the slides for configuration and data acess and I think you are really going to like what you see. I hope you will join us for the webcasts. The podcasts are really doing well....
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Job openings on the MovieMaker team

    The Windows Movie Maker team has a couple of job openings right now. If you're interested in working on a great team using cool technology, please follow these links for more information: Software Development Engineer/Test Software Development Engineer...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Managed Debugging doesn’t support Fibers

    Although managed-debugging definitely supports multi-threaded debuggees, it does not support debugging processes with fibers. The V2.0 CLR provides fiber support, however the ability to debug fiber-mode applications was cut . There are a few reasons that...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    The Top 10 New Security Products - Stay safe out there in the IT world

    By Meryl Evans, Editor of The Remediator Eng-Wee Yeo, CISSP, senior security consultant at Shavlik Technologies, provides his list of top 10 new security products (in alphabetical order). He reviewed the top 10 emerging areas in information security based...
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