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  • Esoteric

    Using PowerShell to cleanup older versions of files

    I only recently started using PowerShell and was amazed with the flexibility and ease of use. Here's a sample script I put together after a few hours of playing around. I have also described the scenario around the requirement for this script. Task at...
  • Steve Clayton

    Intuit already delivering Software plus Services

      That’s the charge of Larry Dignan in his post on Microsoft talks software plus services; Intuit actually does it and though the post initially got my back up (XBOX Live is S+S for example) his post is good news – it’s another acknowledgement that...
  • Building games based on Silverlight and Expressions

    Check out the Silverlight Showcase!

    Check out the Silverlight Showcase , there is over 662 applications. The one I like is the music note match game, see if you can find it in the applications! There are some great business applications, and if games aren’t your thing, then you might be...
  • Tom's MSDN Belux Corner

    MSDN Ramp Up launched 3 new free web development tracks

    MSDN Ramp Up is a free online learning program for developers. They’ve just launched three new ASP.NET tracks: “Web Development with ASP.NET”, “Move from ASP to ASP.NET”, and “Move from PHP to ASP.NET”. These tracks, along with the other currently offered...
  • Microsoft Oy Kehittäjä- ja Alustayksikön Tiimiblogi

    Imagine Cupin Suomen semifinaalin voitto Lappeenrantaan

    Imagine cup on suurin opiskelijoille järjestetty vuosittainen teknologiakilpailu maailmassa. Vuonna 2008 yli 350 000 opiskelijaa 100 eri maasta otti osaa kilpailuun. Suomessa vuoden 2009 kilpailuun rekisteröityi 250 opiskelijaa. Tämän vuoden kilpailuteemana...
  • Jaroslaw Kowalski

    Entity Framework samples converted to Visual Basic

    We have recently published Visual Basic versions of our MSDN Code Gallery samples for Entity Framework v3.5SP1. The following translated samples are currently available in two languages (C# and VB) ADO.NET Entity Framework Query Samples http://code...
  • Going Native to See Sharp!

    [PL] Visual Studio 2010 – download

    Obiecałem, ale przez ostatnie dwa dni byłem poza biurem, poza dostępem do telefonu i internetu i mała klapa. Natomiast skoro obiecałem to dotrzymuję obietnicy (choć pewnie już wszyscy zainteresowani pobrali), poniżej odnośniki do pobrania Visual Studio...
  • Engineering Windows 7

    Follow up: Windows 7 필요 옵션

    이 주제에 대해 사용자 인터페이스 플랫폼 팀의 팀원 생각을 전합니다. Brett 는 Windows 7 의 필요 옵션 테스트를 담당하는 시니어 테스트 리드입니다. --Steven 안녕하세요. 저는 Windows 7 필요 옵션 팀에서 테스트 리드를 하고있는 Brett 입니다. 작년 11 월에 동료 Michael 가 Windows 7 에 대한 우리의 팀의 일에 대해 블로그를 썼지만, 그 이후 새로운 스크린 돋보기에 대한 최신 정보를 제공하고 싶습니다...
  • Der Evangelist mit dem Hut

    Die Infrastruktur der Wolke erhält ISO 27001 Zertifizierung

    Die Azure Services Plattform erhält die ISO/IEC 27001:2005 Zertifizierung für Sicherheit. Wenn ihr euch schon gefragt hattet, wie man die Wolke absichert und wie sicher das dann ist, dann habe ich die richtige Anlaufstelle um Informationen zu erhalten...
  • 長沢智治のライフサイクルブログ

    Windows 7 勉強会キットとコミュニティ イベントの開催

    Woindows 7 の足音が大きくなるにつれ、コミュニティをも巻き込んだレディネスも盛んにおこなわれるようになりつつあります。 Tech Fielders サイト をウォッチされている皆さん、 MSDN Flash を購読されている皆さんは、すでにご存じかもしれませんが、Windows 7 勉強会キットというものを配布しています。また、関連してコミュニティのイベントも実施が予定されています。 ぜひぜひ、勉強会キットを入手し、皆さんの参加されているコミュニティや、会社の社内勉強会などでご活用ください...
  • Test Guide

    Bruce Shankle's Favorite Bug

    During Windows 95, I was a beta tester. It was the first time I'd seen a 'Recycle' bin on a Microsoft platform. (We had some undelete functionality in DOS that required you to know the first letter of the file you wanted to undelete on the FAT file system...
  • NZ GovTech - Microsoft New Zealand Government Affairs Blog

    New skills and technology for small businesses


    People who work hard on running New Zealand's 400,000 small and medium enterprises are accustomed to constant change, and this is something they share with those who work in the technology sector. Bill Gates once said, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years, and underestimate the change that will occur in the next 10.”

    Faster broadband access is being deployed nationwide, and it's the perfect complement to better approaches to work that have been made possible by technology. Businesses have new opportunities to find customers, to improve their services, and to be more productive. Technology professionals have new opportunities to help them. These changes may not seem urgent compared to the many other demands on time, but they are coming and it's time to learn about them and make plans.

    We are offering two free road shows to provide an update on the latest in Microsoft technology for small businesses. We'll be visiting Tauranga, Auckland, Wellington, Dunedin and Christchurch from 1 to 9 November 2011.

    Read more

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