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  • IEBlog Français

    Évolution XSS et Internet Explorer

    En 2005, le script de site à site (XSS, Cross-Site Scripting) a été identifié comme le type de vulnérabilité logicielle le plus fréquemment signalé . Une étude plus récente menée par Veracode à partir de données émanant de la base de données des incidents...
  • BenkoBLOG

    5/3 MSDN Radio with Scott Guthrie

    Where would Developer tools be if it weren’t for Scott Guthrie.  On Monday on MSDN Radio we’re talking with Scott Guthrie about all things technology, including Microsoft Visual Studio 2010, Microsoft ASP.NET Model View Controller (MVC), Windows...
  • Strategy and Architecture Council

    SnapFlow Adopts Silverlight 4

    In a previous post I covered SnapFlow , a tool that allows for a non-developers to easily define and deploy workflow applications.  In short, SnapFlow leverages Windows Workflow Foundation (WF) to define and power those workflows which, in turn,...
  • Contagious Curiosity

    Visual Studio 2010 IDE Tips and Tricks

    Thanks to Sara Ford and Zain Naboulsi for the source for my talk at the MSDN launch events this month – first one is next Monday in San Diego.  If you grab my deck, be sure to read the notes, I put all of the keyboard shortcuts from the demos in...
  • Clemens Vasters.

    UA 875 SEA NRT

    It’s not a revival of my career as a traveling talking head, but it sure feels a bit like old days. I’m on United 875 from Seattle to Tokyo/Narita right now, somewhere above the North Pacific. A few hours more to go and then I’ll be connecting to Singapore...
  • MSDN Blog Schweiz

    Download aktuell: VSTO 2010 Runtime Redistributable

    Im Microsoft Downloadcenter steht jetzt in deutschsprachiger Fassung die Version 4.0 der “Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Tools for Office Runtime Redistributable“ (VSTOR 2010) zu herunterladen bereit. Die Runtime wird zum Ausführen von Lösungen benötigt...
  • Innovation Showcase

    ADFS 2.0 Released

    Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services 2.0 (AD FS) enables two or more organizations to share in the management of digital identities based on trusted business relationships to facilitate collaboration, reduce cost, and improve security. Active...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Moving Data from SQL Server 2000 to SQL Server 2008

    I recently helped move data from a small SQL Sever 2000 database to SQL Server 2008 from one hosting environment to a different hosting environment. I tried several approaches and fortunately found one that worked well. You can find the detail in the...
  • Secret Microsoft Communications

    Character Pink Girl? XNA 4.0? This could be your first Windows Phone Program

    I have put together a really simple example of using XNA 4.0 in the Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 Express for Windows Phone CTP (MSV2010EWP? Nope, let’s use Phone CTP) To get started, download the ABSOLUTELY no cost Phone CTP from: You download some...
  • Tehniline evangelism

    Külalispostitus: WebsiteSpark puhus hinge sisse

    Tänasel ilusal teisipäeval ilmub minu blogis esimene külalispostitus ja seda Daniil Hariku sulest. Oleme Dan-iga tuttavad juba algusaastatest ja praegu tegeleb ta muu hulgas ühe põneva start-up veebiteenuse käimatõmbamisega. Kogu lahendus...
  • Beth Massi的中文博客

    10 月 6 日和 7 日的硅谷代码营

    [原文发表地址]  Silicon Valley Code Camp October 6th & 7th [原文发表时间]  2012-09-14 9:56 哇,我不敢相信又到了今年的这一时节!自从7 年前开始此活动,我就一直在 SVCC 上演讲,它正变得规模越来越大。看起来主题列表和日程已经定下来了,我很兴奋在如此多不同的技术领域里参与 庞大阵容的会话 。 Scott Guthrie 将只在周日出席,所以一定要签出 他的Azure会话 。 我将谈到使用 Visual...
  • Windows 8 앱 개발자 블로그

    파일 선택기 계약과 클라우드 서비스의 통합 방법

    과거에는 사용자가 로컬 PC에서 문서, 사진, 동영상 및 음악을 정리하고, 공유하고, 관리했습니다. 하지만 클라우드가 등장하면서 중요한 문서를 액세스하고, 작업하고, 관리할 수 있는 훨씬 다양한 방법이 속속 생겨나고 있습니다. Windows 8은 클라우드 서비스를 앱과 직접 긴밀하게 통합하는 여러 가지 새로운 시나리오를 제공하므로 앱 개발자는 과거에 불가능했던 완전히 새로운 경험을 구현할 수 있습니다. 이러한 시나리오 중 상당수는 파일 선택기...
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