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  • BizTalk: Notes from the field

    Installing HL7 Accelerator for BizTalk Server

    In this article, I will take you right through the installation of HL7 accelerator. Installation Pre-requisites BizTalk Server configured. (I am using BizTalk 2013 RTM). The login user must be a part of BizTalk Server Administrator’s...
  • Microsoft Canada Technology Partner Training

    SQL Server 2008 Training Resources By Role

    In an effort to give visibility to more of our training resources available we're working on product-focused, role-divided by level training resources. This has been set up as a blog/rss feed so you'll receive instantaneous updates on training resources...
  • Me about things...

    Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Academic SKU!

    The Windows Embedded team just announced the availability of the Windows Embedded Standard 2009 Academic SKU, which is basically the full version with a timebomb of 1 year. “With the exception of the changes required to adjust the timebomb, this version...
  • Steve Clayton

    New Microsoft Ads

      I love the format of these new ads from our People Ready Business campaign. In this one I had to watch twice to make the connection between the first question and the captions at the end as I got sucked in to the animations and forget the question...
  • Mike Ormond's Blog

    Windows Phone Mango Feature Videos

    [Cross posted from the MSDN UK Team Blog ] Nice idea this one – ask the people who created specific Mango features to talk about them. Each video is very short – perhaps a couple of minutes – but gives you a succinct overview of features such as: Email...
  • IIS ve ASP.NET Notları

    OutOfMemoryException (OOM)

    Daha önceki bir yazımda .NET ortamındaki uygulamaların hafıza kullanım limitleri nden bahsetmiştim. Gün geçtikçe daha çok uygulama 64bit ortamda koşmaya başlıyor, ve bu da yazılımcılara belirli bir rahatlık sağlıyor. Ancak bu rahatlık, bazen istenmeyen...
  • J.D. Meier's Blog

    Jason Taylor on Getting Results the Agile Way

    Getting Results the Agile Way is a personal results system for making the most of what you’ve got .  As the book cover says, it helps you focus and prioritize, manage time and information, and balance work and life, to achieve meaningful results...
  • Microsoft UK Teachers Blog

    Wearable Technology

    You’ve heard of wearing your heart on your sleeve? When I was in Redmond at the Partners in Learning Institute, we saw some amazing technologies in the home of the future (which I’m sworn to secrecy about – but I can say that my comment at the end of...
  • Analysis Services and PowerPivot Team Blog

    Analysis Services Blog Post Roundup for Denali CTP3

    A few AS team members have started blogging on Denali functionality at their personal blog sites. Cathy Dumas, a Program Manager on our team, is just warming up on her blog . She’s got a couple of interesting posts: Tabular designer architecture...
  • Мишка на Сервере - Днем и Ночью

    Kinect SDK for Windows - кто хочет зарабатывать?

    Как вы знаете, в этом году мы анонсировали и выпустили бета-версию Kinect SDK for Windows, который позволяет создавать настольные приложения с использованием сенсора Kinect. На данный момент его можно использовать только в некоммерческих проектах, однако...
  • HealthBlog

    Seamless Connectivity–on Microsoft Health Tech Today

    As I said last November here on HealthBlog, “Let’s face it - telemedicine has been around almost as long as television itself”.  I reminded you that telemedicine used to be technology that only the military, government agencies, and large academic...
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV Team Blog

    SPLA Licenses with Dynamics Online

    If you provide hosting services for your customer and license Microsoft Dynamics NAV using a Services Provider License Agreement (SPLA), by default your customer will not have their own customer source or a VOICE account. Depending on how your customer...
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