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  • US ISV Evangelism

    New Video Published - BumpTop brings 3-D Desktop to Windows 7 users

    Video Link - Larry Gregory talked to Anand Agarawala, Patrick Dubroy from BumpTop at a recent Microsoft BizSpark Incubation Week in Boston hosted by Sanjay Jain...
  • Internet Explorer ブログ (日本語版)

    IE10 で採用された標準準拠 Web グラフィックス

    本記事は、マイクロソフト本社の IE チームのブログ から記事を抜粋し、翻訳したものです。  【元記事】 Moving to Standards-based Web Graphics in IE10 2011/12/8 8:05 AM ユーザーは、インターネット上のあらゆるサイトにどのブラウザーでアクセスしても同じユーザー エクスペリエンスが得られることを期待しています。 最初の IE9 Platform Preview のリリースを告知した 2010 年 3 月 16 日の記事 で、異なるブラウザーでも...
  • オペレーティングシステム開発統括部

    BUILD のセッション スライドが日本語翻訳されました

    明けましておめでとうございます。Windows 開発統括部の古内です。 本年もよろしくお願いいたします。 さて、2012 年最初の投稿は、BUILD イベントで提供されたセッションのスライド日本語化のお知らせです。 昨年 9 月にアメリカで開催された BUILD イベントでは 300 近いセッションが提供されましたが、そのうち厳選した 23 セッションのスライド (PowerPoint ファイル) を日本語に翻訳しました。さらに、そのうち 3 セッションについては、トランスクリプト ...
  • thebeebs

    HTML5 and Presentations

    If you have been to a HTML5 presentation in the last 2 years then there is no doubt that you will have seen presenters opting to use their browser as a slide deck rather than PowerPoint or KeyNote . Personally I use PowerPoint for all my talks because...
  • IEBlog 한국어

    IE10의 표준 기반 웹 그래픽으로 전환

    사용자들은 브라우저에 관계없이 인터넷의 모든 사이트를 방문하여 우수한 환경을 경험하기를 기대합니다. IE9의 첫 플랫폼 프리뷰 출시를 발표하면서 2010년 3월 16일 게시된 글 을 통해 Internet Explorer 개발 과정에서 브라우저에 관계 없이 일관된 '동일 마크업, 동일 결과'라는 목포를 추구하고 있음을 알려드린 바 있습니다. IE9에서 이러한 목표 달성에 큰 진전이 있었으며 IE10의 HTML5 기반 표준과 쿼크 모드는 이러한 노력을...
  • IEBlog Русский

    Переход в Internet Explorer 10 к веб-графике на основе стандартов

    Пользователи ожидают, что при посещении любого сайта в Интернете с помощью любого браузера им будет обеспечиваться практически одинаковое качество работы. Сначала, в записи блога от 16 марта 2010 г. , в которой говорилось о выпуске первой версии IE9 Platform...
  • PSfD: Team Blog

    ALM Summit 2011 Materials Now Available

    The ALM Summit in November 2011 reaffirmed Microsoft’s position of thought leadership in Application Lifecycle Management and Agile Practices. Luminaries from across the software industry presented, covering the evolution of practices across both...
  • thebeebs

    Using HTML5 to Jump to the search box using autofocus

    Autofocus is a HTML5 attribute that you add to input elements, which cause the browser to automatically focus on the input element when the page loads. Google and every other search engine have been doing this since the dawn of time (slight exaggeration...
  • Microsoft UK Students

    Entering the Imagine Cup UK Software Design competition?

    Are you entering the Imagine Cup UK Software Design competition this year? Make sure you read the terms and conditions carefully so that you know everything about the UK Software Design competition.
  • The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog

    MVP Friday Five: January 6, 2012

    Welcome to the first MVP Friday Five for 2012! Each week, we highlight five MVP blogs that showcase some of the great tips, tricks and insights MVPs are known for—and that set them apart as community leaders. This week we have another great set...
  • Code Monkey Have Fun

    Introducing the Cult of the Bound Variable to the Cult of Forth

    [The twelfth in a series of posts on the evolution of TransForth ]   It’s been quite fun playing with this Universal Machine from the Cult of the Bound Variable . In this post we’re going to continue the journey toward building a full Forth for this...
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP Support Blog

    Backordered kits and components on sales invoices

    You may have noticed a recent change to the way kits and components are handled when you transfer a backordered kit item from an order to an invoice. Prior to Microsoft Dynamics GP 10 SP4 and GP2010, when you marked the "Allow all Back Ordered Items to...
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