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  • Man vs Code

    PDC & Pablo

    I saw an early preview of Pablo Castro’s PDC talk about ADO.NET 2.0 . Despite only talking about features available in Visual Studio 2005, this talk is going to be very compelling. At a high level, his talk reflects the maturity of these APIs both feature...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Thomas Friedman's talk - The world is flat

    This morning Thomas Friedman, the NY Times columnist and author of books like 'The Lexus and The Olive Tree' and 'The World is Flat' was on the Microsoft campus. He was talking about his latest book 'The World...'. Was quite interesting. He mentioned...
  • Software Development is a Team Sport!

    Agile Software Development Survey

    Microsoft patterns & practices is considering guidance offerings around the topic of Agile Software Development. Like many of you, we build software using Agile tools and techniques like test-driven development, continuous integration, and iterative...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    VBScript Default Property Semantics

    Here’s a question I recently got about VBScript, where by "recently" I mean August 28th, 2003. This code works just fine: Set myObject = CreateObject("myObject") myObject.myName = "Eric" WScript.Echo myObject ' myName is the default property, so prints...
  • Slava Oks's WebLog

    Talking Points around Memory Manager in SQL Server 2005

    Yesterday I gave a talk around SQL Server 2005's memory manager. The talk was rather chalk talk. It included memory manager changes in SQL 2005 as well as changes post CTP15. For the talk I prepared several slides - basically talking points that I thought...
  • Yun Jin's WebLog

    Thread, System.Threading.Thread, and !Threads (III)

    I got email asking me to explain !Threads output in details. I think this is a good question and a good topic for another installment to the series. Here is an example I'll use for this post: 0:055> !threads ThreadCount: 202 UnstartedThread...
  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    WS-I y BTS 2006

    En el anterior post hablaba de las nuevas características en el proceso de publicación de un Web Service que trae BTS 2006, dentro de las cuales esta la posibilidad de establecer el WS compatible con WS-I; a continuación daré una breve explicación de...
  • Windows @ Brasil

    Executando o Vista no Virtual PC...

    Executar o Vista no Virtual PC é simples e direto. Basta ficarmos atentos às seguintes questões: O Windows Vista Beta 1 não identifica o disco rígido virtual corretamente quando o mesmo não está particionado. Para resolver este problema inicie a...
  • Eugenio Pace

    Agile Software Development

    Lately, there has been an increasing interest in applying agile methods for software development. Practices like test driven development (TDD), continuous integration (CI), highly iterative development cycles, daily team meetings, use of wikis, and others...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    Handheld Learning 2005 - Mobile Computing in Education Conference in London

    For those of you focussed in the Education space - This looks like a great conference in London on 14th/15th October. We (Microsoft) are sponsoring the event and there are some great speakers lined up -...
  • NETNew WebLog

    Just updated - Mainframe Migration Partner Solutions Guide 2005

    The Partner Solution Guide is a compilation of materials from the major Microsoft partners involved in different aspects of migrating mainframe workloads to Windows. It is updated several times per year as new partner solutions become available. Download...
  • craigrow

    Features, Features, Features!

    Our first day in Silicon Valley was very producive. We have a whole list of feature ideas as a result of watching customers use our product in their environment. Here are some of the more realistic and interesting possibilities. Please let me know if...
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