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  • Darren Jefford

    XML is like....

    Fantastic! This made me laugh J
  • Aali's blog

    Architecture day was a success!

    Architecture day today at Innopoli, Espoo, Finland was a great success, thanks for all the participants for making it real! I want to thank especially the presenters for the time and energy they put into it. The event was recorded for later viewing via...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Adventure under Virtual PC

    This week I felt like it was time to take a walk down memory lane... For those who are unfamiliar with 'Adventure' I will quote : Before there was Doom, Ultima, Rogue, or even Zork, there was... Adventure...
  • venkatna's (Venkat Narayanan's) WebLog

    Journey of Manking - a nice interactive map

    I found this cool interactive map that shows one theory of human migration and development. This is worth a look. - Venkat
  • LauraJ's Weblog

    InfoPath: Adding a button to switch between views

    The ability to have multiple views of information and multiple uses for forms is one of the great features of InfoPath. And yet, any person responsible for supporting the users working with the forms can tell you that it can be a real challenge to users...
  • Mark Bower

    Quick Tip: Learning the Office Object Model

    This is an old one, but still a good one. Want to do something programmatically in Word/Excel etc. and don't know how to? Simply hit Tools/Macro/Record to start recording a new macro. Perform the action through the UI, and stop the recording. Then you...
  • BCL Team Blog

    New Format on the Block [Anthony Moore]

    One thing that has not changed much in Whidbey is the set of format strings used by base data types for parsing and formatting. However, there is one new format element supported by the DateTime class that can be very useful if you use the ParseExact...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    New Code Posted

    Looks like we are off to a good start with the Beta of Dev Nuggets ! Thanks to the people that have sent over their initial feedback. From the feedback it looks like we have found the first bug. It seems that I forgot about proxies. I have gone ahead...
  • Nick MacKechnie

    Reliability of Active Sync on SP3

    I must say that I've had a bit of a mixed experience with using activesync on my new (4 month old) Smartphone 3. It used to wait and not successfully connect to our frontend exchange servers on a semi-regular basis. I assumed it had something to do with...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    ADNUG ASP.NET V2 Follow on session...

    Well I hope you enjoyed tonight’s (Mar 9th, 05) nights session on ASP.NET V2 covering WebParts (despite my ability (or inability) to drag and drop, it is very cool), Localization, Client Callbacks and touching on Instrumentation particularly the ability...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    ASP.NET V2 and Client Callbacks

    Callback.ASPX page to invoke the client callback <%@ Page MasterPageFile="~/Site.master" Language="C#" CompileWith="Callback.aspx.cs" ClassName="Callback_aspx" Title="Client Callback Manager" %> <%@ Implements Interface="System.Web.UI.ICallbackEventHandler...
  • Brad Abrams

    Blog Day: BCL team does the blog challenge...

    The BCL team has laid down the blog challenge … On next Tuesday the goal is for the whole team to do nothing but blog all day. Knowing this team, I am sure you will be impressed with what they come up with, both in volume and quality. Kit’s taking suggests...
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