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  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    ASP.NET Podcast - Downunder Edition

    Speaking of ASP.NET resources , one thing that has been building nice momentum over the past few months is the ASP.NET podcast series, hosted by Wally McClure & Paul Glavich . The lastest edition has a very Aussie feel as Paul speaks with Darren...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    ASP.NET Migration Developer Center on MSDN

    One of the things that developers keep asking for is resources to assist in migrating from older/other web technologies to ASP.NET v2.0 Finally, we have some of these resources at the ASP.NET Migration Developer Center on MSDN . Feast your eyes...
  • Hong Gao 's Web Log :

    Manual Uninstall using MSIZAP

    Sometimes the VS component may not appear in the add/remove program list, but VS setup thinks it is installed. Below are some steps you could try to perform manual clean up if the uninstall fails either by using the uninstall tool or uninstalling through...
  • dangriff's WebLog

    Some Light Weekend Reading

    1. Current popular press sentiment on space shuttle Columbia, from MSNBC . The most interesting comment is from one of the astronauts, who expressed "disappointment" that (if I apply my own interpretation of his statement ... :) the engineers on the ground...
  • Hong Gao 's Web Log :

    VS 2005 Diagnostic and Uninstall Tool

    We have VS 2005 uninstall tool here . This tool is to help automating the VS 2005 uninstall instructions here . We also plan to post a troubleshoot tool soon. Please stay tuned and check Aaron's blog or my blog. The diagnostic and uninstall tool offers...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    CLR Upgrade event

    If you read Seans blog, you may have seen this entry that talks about registering for a general session with Kit George from the CLR team in Redmond If you haven't registered for this event, you have now missed out. We are full (sorry to be the bearer...
  • Rob Caron

    New Team System Stuff - 2005-07-31

    Visual Studio Team System Jeff Beehler on the July CTP of Team System, which we’re now dogfooding. ⊕ Learn more about how we are using Team System within Microsoft. ⊕ Dave Bost hsa posted his slides from a Team System presentation in Chicago...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Correction: you can't reasonably instantiate your own ICorDebug

    There’s a significant problem for 3rd-party hobbyists trying to implement their own ICorDebug: how do you get a debugger (like VS) to instantiate your private version? I briefly talked about that here but realize that my advice there was misleading. ICorDebug...
  • I. M. Wright’s “Hard Code”

    August 1, 2005: “Controlling your boss for fun and profit”

    I. M. Wright's "Hard Code" book excerpt There’s a great gesture you can do to show just how little you care about someone who is wallowing in self-pity. You lightly rub the tips of your thumb and forefinger together saying, “This is the world’s smallest...
  • Chris Vidotto's Blog

    Australian BizTalk User Groups

    One of the great BizTalk community initiatives that have managed to get kicked off over the lat 8-9 months have been the user groups! Cameron Reilly and I had talked about it for some time when he was still at Microsoft... but in my true fashion I took...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Creating shortcuts for fast access to programs and favorites

    The Windows Start menu is very useful. I typically access some programs more than others. You can open the start menu (or Windows Explorer (Windows key+E)), navigate to a program (or document or picture or…) and drag/drop it onto the main part of the...
  • IEBlog

    Make printing work better with the Web

    As promised , I want to talk today a little bit more about printing experience in IE7. Printing is after navigation/search one of the most used features but it still lacks the fidelity of like say a photo printing program. Why is that? Content for...
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