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  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM at Bucks New University

    After a significant review of key business procedures within Bucks New University, the institution will implement a cross university partnership management solution, based on Dynamics CRM from Microsoft. The review was headed up by Professor Chris Kemp...
  • MSDN Roadshows

    Microsoft DevRadio: Using Windows Azure to Build Back-End Services for Windows 8 Apps (Part 2)

    Abstract: Peter Laudati , Brian Hitney and Andrew Duthie are back for part 2 of their series and in today’s episode Andrew shows us how to deploy the OData Service for his Windows 8 app to Windows Azure as well as outlines the advantages and disadvantages...
  • Cómputo en la nube, appliances y el futuro del software

    Marzo 4, 2013. El fin de Internet, la PC y los datos

    Hemos alcanzado un gran momento de claridad. La revolución de Big Data será mayor que el Internet o la PC. Me refiero a dos recientes publicaciones: En “La evolución de productos de datos” Mike Loukides se refiere a la desaparición de los datos. La interacción...
  • The Silverlight Blog

    Silverlight Enables Choice Today for Third-Party Codecs

    From time to time we get asked about Silverlight support for various codecs. The codecs change (today we’re getting some questions regarding WebM/VP8) but our answer is consistent regardless of the individual codec: We are strongly committed...
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Team Services

    Meet the cloud diagnostics and analytics team while at the ALM Summit Jan 29-31

    With the ALM Summit next week the Cloud Analytics Team would love to have a conversation with customers building Cloud based applications for our vNext planning efforts (i.e. talk to one of the teams working on the next generation of Visual Studio!)....
  • We know IE!

    Introduction to ActiveX - Part One

    Friday, November 16, 2007 7:27 AM On Tuesday, we wrote about the upcoming changes in behavior for how Internet Explorer handles embedded controls . Today we're going to discuss the basics of ActiveX controls themselves - what they are and why they...
  • Microsoft in Health

    Windows 8: Welcome Relief for BYOD-Induced CIO Insomnia

    By Dennis Schmuland MD, Chief Health Strategy Officer, U.S. Health & Life Sciences, Microsoft This is the third post in the four-part series focused on Windows 8. Tablets and smartphones are slipping in through the front doors of healthcare...
  • Microsoft Partner Network Blog | Microsoft Australia

    Independent Study: The Total Economic Impact of Windows Server 2012

    A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting is now available which uses their Total Economic Impact methodology to explore the potential costs and benefits of Windows Server 2012, a cornerstone of the Microsoft Cloud OS vision .  This...
  • ISV Germany

    Veranstaltung: Smart TV und Windows Azure Media Services


    Smart TV boomt. Viele Zuschauer nutzen die neuen, internetfähigen Fernseher bereits. Und immer mehr Unternehmen entdecken das Smart TV für ihre Markenführung. Denn mit einer TV App schaffen sie unkompliziert und sehr preiswert ihren eigenen On Demand-Fernsehkanal, um Markenfreunden und potenziellen Konsumenten, Fans und Aktionären die Vorzüge ihrer Produkte näher zu bringen. Ein Markenauftritt mit einer TV App bietet unbegrenzte und nahezu kostenlose TV Präsenz im Wohnzimmer und es gibt in einer TV App inzwischen viele Funktionen, die das Fernsehen zum Transaktionsmedium entwickeln. Für den Live-Betrieb einer TV App benötigen Sie eine zuverlässige Plattform. MEKmedia arbeitet hierbei mit Microsoft zusammen. Den Einsatz und die Relevanz der Cloud-Platform Microsoft Azure zum Betrieb der Inhalte einer TV App und die Möglichkeiten von Azure möchte MEKmedia Ihnen gemeinsam mit Microsoft vorstellen.

  • Brian Hitney

    Side Loading Windows 8 Apps

    At the Columbia Windows 8 DevCamp this weekend, the topic of side-loading apps came up in a few different scenarios, but it was particularly appropriate during the app showcase.  We had a number of developers working in the lab room, all competing to come up with the coolest app at the end of the day.  During the showcase where developers pitch their apps to the audience, it works best to have all the apps on the same machine.  Here’s the best way to do it without having to copy source code/solution...
  • Korea Evangelist

    클라���드 백업 - Windows Azure Online Backup 서비스 소개

    클라우드 기반 백업 서비스 안녕하세요. 김대우입니다. 지겹도다~ 클라우드 스토리지 우리가 이야기하는 클라우드 스토리지는 참 여러가지의 다른 이름으로 표현되지만 - 디스크나, 사진, 연락처, 메모 서비스는 물론 제조사나 이통사의 요구에 의해 스마트폰에 기본 탑재되어 서비스 되고 있는 당연하고도 친절한 서비스로 안착 되었어요. 몇년 전만 해도 TV에서 CF로 이런 서비스가 나오면 "우와~ 이게 정말 되는거야?" 할 때가 있었는데 말이죠...
  • 田中達彦のブログ

    Windowsストア アプリ 作り方解説 Line Attack編 第0回 ~開発秘話と画像の用意~

    マイクロソフトの田中達彦です。 本連載では、Windowsストアアプリとして作成したパズルゲームである、Line Attackのプログラムを解説します。 今回は連載を始めるまえに、このアプリを作ろうとしたきっかけを紹介します。 Line Attack : [作ろうと思ったきっかけ] ちょうど2週間くらい前のことです。 会社からの帰りで電車に乗っていたとき...
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