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  • MSBuild Team Blog

    A Pretty Picture of Our Project Dependencies

    As you may have noticed from our recent posts on build parallelization, we're thinking a lot lately about project dependencies. One thing I've always wanted is a tool that let me visually look at the project-to-project references that make up my application...
  • Rob Caron

    Gotdotnet is Turning Five

    In the beginning, was that cute little baby site that was all the rage. Then it went through its teething phase, Terrible 2s and potty training. Now that the messes are behind it, and with loving care from its new parents, it’s ready to...
  • South Central Area Community Blog

    Microsoft & HP Present Harry Brelsford’s SMB Workshop in Houston

    J oin fellow “birds of a feather” in a complimentary workshop featuring international SMB and Windows Small Business Server author Harry Brelsford. This popular on-going workshop series explores the “in’s and out’s” for increasing profitability as a competent...
  • Rob Caron

    Visual Developer MVPs - Team System

    I’m not sure I ever posted the list of our inaugural Team System MVPs , but here they are: Steven Borg Jean-Luc David Mickey Gousset Richard Hundhausen Boon Tiong Lim David McKinstry Chris Menegay Mark Michaelis Joe Sango...
  • Rob Caron

    Team System Posters

    Willy-Peter Schaub , one of our new Team System MVPs , has developed a collection of Team System related posters over the last year or so. Go check ‘em out: New Quick Reference Poster: VSTS Security Mapping New DRAFT security mapping poster has...
  • Rob Caron

    Essential Unified Process (Essential UP)

    Some news this week in eWeek about the delivery of an MSF-based Essential Unified Process for use with Team System: eWeek: Microsoft Taps Former Rational Heavyweight to Lend Credence to Enterprise Tools Play Microsoft Monday is expected to announce...
  • SQL Protocols

    SQL Express remote connections

    Networking protocols are disabled by default in SQL Server Express. The error message you will get when trying to connect from SQL Native Client will look like this “An error has occurred while establishing a connection to the server when connecting...
  • Miguel Campos Blog

    Good and not so good on VS.NET 2005

    Hummm .... Today I read some news about VS.NET 2005 RTM. Some good ... some bad. I like good first. The good news is that we will more support for development process: Microsoft Taps Former Rational Heavyweight to Lend Credence to Enterprise...
  • HealthBlog

    Tablet PC as Mobile, Medical Monitor

    In Healthcare IT News , Peter Haigh discusses a very intriguing pilot program at New York Presbyterian Hospital . Dubbed " M3 " for Mobile Medical Monitor, the pilot aggregates a variety of clinical, collaboration and communication functions on to a single...
  • jfo's coding

    Brief intro to GetPreferredSize / WrappingRadioButton and CheckBox sample

    Here's a brief intro to GetPreferredSize and how you can build an AutoSized RadioButton and CheckBox that word wrap in the new layout panels.
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Things on the improve?

    Following the experience of the night before , the hotel 'found' me another room, so I'm not on a FOLDAWAY bed anymore. Now, I am in a room called the Presidential Suite. It's grand and all, complete with a view , a bar and leather lounges , but you...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Why are base class calls from anonymous delegates nonverifiable?

    I'm still learning my way around the C# codebase – heck, I'm still learning my way around the Jscript codebase and I've been working on it for nine years, not nine weeks. Here's something I stumbled across while refactoring the anonymous method binding...
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