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  • Malte Lantin's Blog

    Auto-Skalierung von Windows Azure Cloud Services

    Wenn man sich mit skalierbaren (Web-)Anwendungen beschäftigt, kommt man mittlerweile nicht mehr am Thema Cloud-Computing vorbei. Mit seinen quasi-unendlichen Ressourcen und flexibler Bereitstellung bieten Cloud-Plattformen wie Windows Azure die besten...
  • Blog del equipo de Microsoft SharePoint

    Búsqueda híbrida en SharePoint 2013

    Artículo original publicado el martes, 6 de noviembre de 2012 Uno de nuestros principios fundamentales a la hora de diseñar esta versión de SharePoint fue el de proporcionar a los clientes una experiencia en la nube coherente...
  • Блог Воробьева Ильи - Vorobiev Ilya

    Безопасность датацентров Microsoft

    В последнее время услышал достаточно большое колличество вопросов касательно безопасности облачных датацентров Microsoft. В данной статье мы кратко рассмотрим модель обеспечения безопасности датацентров и развеем все мифы и противоречивые слухи касательно...
  • Dean's List

    SharePoint Conference 2009 Virtual Follow-along for Public Sector

    To help those Public Sector members that couldn’t make it to the SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas to see and hear about all the cool new features in SharePoint 2010, all the new social networking features, office web applications, and even deeper Office...
  • The Office Live Guy

    E-working and work/life balance

    As I write we’ve just had yet another bank holiday in the UK (any American readers might note that’s what we call public holidays over here). There were two last month but sadly none for my birthday a couple of weeks back, which isn’t yet a matter for...
  • Johnny BizTalk

    A Tale of Two Throttling States (6)

    Over the past few weeks we've seen, in two completely separate environments, all host instances go to throttling state 6, which is defined as the host message queue size, the spool table size or the tracking table size exceeding the specified threshold...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Silverlight 3 Beta 1 is Available

    Thanks to ianwij for commenting this latest info at the mix09 site, Microsoft® Silverlight™ 3 SDK Beta 1
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Windows 8.1 in Education: Showcase Video

    Great new video showcasing some of the awesome new features within Windows 8.1 and the wide range of PC’s that they run on. This video is a great complement to the Windows 8.1 in Education Infographic we shared recently. In case you missed it, the full...
  • Microsoft UK Higher Education Blog

    Office 365 Education: Ask the OffPerts

    Excerpt from our Office 365 Education supplement developed in association with PC Pro Magazine. The Saltash Community School’s student “OffPerts” have a passion for new technology, and their tutorial videos have helped staff and students around the country...
  • Microsoft Dynamics AX UK Blog

    Graytone with eBECS and Microsoft Dynamics AX–video story available

      Graytone spearheads a group of companies specialising in the distribution of products and coatings to the aerospace and defence industries. Some of the key benefits: · Achieved growth of 20% since 2008 without the need for additional staff. · Minimal...
  • Alex Yakhnin's Blog

    FeedPoint Window 8 Store app is released.

    My FeedPoint app for Windows 8 Store has been released. You can get it from here: Description FeedPoint is not just another Google Reader client app...
  • BenkoBLOG

    BenkoTIPS Live and On Demand

    I'm starting a new weekly webcast show - BenkoTips Live and On Demand (BTLOD)...a series aimed at bringing more developer event content to you in a reliable, predictable and consistent way. Starting this week on Wednesday we will begin the series, then...
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