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  • Guoqiang Wu's Blog

    Community Server Issues - Part II

    A while back , I complained about the big pain caused by the SOAP header change between Community Server 1.0 and 1.1 web service APIs. Scott was kind enough to explain why they made the change. Still, getting my blog editor to work with both versions...
  • Office Development is more than VBA

    Neue Objektive braucht das (weite) Land

    Mit dem Wechsel auf eine digitale Spiegelreflexkamera (Canon EOS 20D) kam leider auch das Problem, daß Weitwinkel nicht mehr wirklich weit war, denn alle Brennweiten mußten nun mit Faktor 1,6 multipliziert werden. So wurden aus 17 mm auf einmal 27 mm...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Activation Key

    Remember the old days when downloading a large file was a rare occurrence and your modem was the size of a box of Girl Scout Cookies? About 20 years ago you could dial up a bulletin board and start a download of some software. Come back an hour...
  • doncampbell's weblog

    The New World of Work

    Bill Gates Keynote at CEO Summit and Executive Email On May 19 th Bill gave the opening keynote at CEO Summit in Redmond. The webcast of his keynote is located at . Bill will focus his talk...
  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    Bootstrapper Resource Strings to be SimShipped

    Announcing the sim shipping of localized Bootstrapper resource strings!...
  • VinceX.NET's WebLog

    vXCopy - Multi-Threded Files Copy Tool - Version 1.0 Released

    To learn the new feature of the .NET Framework version 2.0, I started to work some time ago the evenings on a Multi-Threaded copy tool. vXCopy version 1.0 is available now here The tool uses Click-Once technology to...
  • XQuery Inside SQL Server 2005

    Efficient Property Promotion from XML Instances

    In many cases, when storing XML data, some of the elements/attributes will be more important for storage/querying than others. Access to values inside XML data-type instances requires additional overhead when compared with just selecting relational data...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    The Dork Badge

    Reason # 35 of why I enjoy working at Microsoft …. My dork badge I have always loved my dork badge … from the moment at New Employee Orientation when the instructors warned us never to wear it in public for fear that reporters would hound...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Rory Blyth's Review of Star Wars Episode III

    Rory Blyth is an MSDN Developer Community Champion who presents at events all across the country. He's also one of the top webcast presenters in the month of April, but you probably haven't seen him in awhile. Where has Rory Blyth been you say? He’s been...
  • One Louder

    My personal campaign...or pick an ethos, any ethos.

    Every so often, I start a new personal campaign at work. It's not intentional and it usually has to do with the type of work I am proud (or not) to put my name on. It all starts with me noticing something that seems just a little off or counter-intuitive...
  • Fabrice Meillon BLog's (Archives)

    Virtual Server 2005 et l'hyperthreading

    Information potentiellement intéressante pour pas mal de monde car Virtual Server est couramment utilisé et le Pentium 4 HT . Le problème apparaît durant les grandes charges de calcul sur Virtual Server 2005 : à ce moment, l'HyperThreading peut faire...
  • MindBuzz

    India Security Weeks

    I spent the last two weeks on the road as a part of the "India Security Weeks" team, meeting developers, IT Pros, academics and CXOs across India. In all, we conducted around 20 seminars / conferences with the various audiences across 5 cities. It was...
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