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  • BizTalkLATAM's Blog

    Cursos de e-learning regalados: primera ronda

    Las reglas son simples. En cada ronda se regalan " x" números de cursos (depende de lo elaborado) y se eliguen los ganadores por medio de un sorteo (básicamente empleando números al azar). Se indica el periodo de tiempo en el que la ronda estará abierta...
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: ASP.NET code analysis missing line numbers

    Code analysis messages against ASP.NET projects have greatly improved in the private drops I'm testing. One of the things that caught me off guard in the earlier builds was that some warnings and error messages had no associated file names or line numbers...
  • craigrow

    Driver Test Manager

    I’ve been reading the reports from the first set of conference calls with our TAP partners and a point of recurring confusion seems to be around the Driver Test Manager (DTM). First, let’s be clear, the DTM is a feature of the WDK . It is in build 5086...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    "Often the result of good design is to cut the feature"

    Attention - this is important: Good Design Peter Hallam wrote a very important entry on his WebLog: Many Questions: switch on type "Often the result of good design is to cut the feature...
  • k7's blog

    Updated look...pimped from scooblog

    There! The credit where it is due. After playing with the samples posted at Josh Ledgard's blog for customizing my MSDN blog, I decided to pull in the whole enchilada except for replacing the photo at the top. I'll play with it some more, but it looks...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Use Relative Links to Develop Web Applications on Windows Professional SKU and Publish as Websites on Server SKU

    HOWTO Use Relative Links to Develop Web Applications on Windows Professional SKU and Publish as Websites on Server SKU...
  • Benjamin Wright-Jones

    Tech-Ed Europe, Day 2 at the ATE Stand

    We've had some interesting questions during the first day on the ATE stand at Tech-Ed in Amsterdam. These have ranged from: 1. How does the optimiser work? to 2. Where can I download SQL Server 2005 from? There was also quite a lot of interest...
  • Brian Jones: Office Solutions

    Intro to Word XML Part 1: Simple Word Document

    This post is for those of you interested in learning the basics behind WordprocessingML. That’s the schema that we built for Word 2003. You can save any Word document as XML, and we will use this schema to fully represent that document as XML. The new...
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    Reader Community Question: OPML or Link List?

    So I'm still collecting the RSS feeds of Loyal Scooblog readers . I'm still enjoying the fresh content I'm being exposed to as a result of this. I've also been able to participate in discussions I would have never heard about before. I do have a question...
  • notes and rants

    Feeling Nostalgic - The Beginning

    Before coming to MS, I worked for a small Redmond based software company (Unlike most employees, I’m a Seattle native). I was hired to do technical support, but on the first day, I was told in passing that I would also be managing the network (probably...
  • notes and rants

    Feeling Nostalgic - Prelude

    A few posts ago, I mentioned that I just hit my 10 year milestone at MS. In my current position, I get a chance to interact a lot with new hires in the testing discipline - this has triggered quite a bit of reflection on my part. Things have changed a...
  • Peter Hallam's WebLog

    Many Questions: switch on type

    I hope everyone had a good fourth of July weekend. I certainly did. I spent the weekend hiking around the Olympic peninsula with my girlfriend and capped it off watching the fireworks here in Seattle. On to our question of the week: We get a lot of...
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