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  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    MSDN Webcasts Series can all be found here (all of them)

    • 3 Comments We've compiled all the webcast series we've done for MSDN Webcasts and MSDN Architecture Webcasts here. You'll even find a few that weren't listed on the Program guide for developers due to different...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Route64 – Developer Training – Day 3 in Redmond

    The pace of Day 3 at 64bit slowed down a bit after a very busy second day with new concepts on the 64-bit architecture – but that does not mean new things were not learned! Students saw several demos on the true power of SQL-Server when combined with...
  • Ulrich's SOAP Box

    Which TCP/IP ports does BizTalk use?

    Check it out in this handy article
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    Refresh build of Microsoft Windows AntiSpyware beta

    Microsoft’s antispyware team made version 1.0.509 available for download a couple of hours ago. You can use Help > About to see what you’re currently running, but unless you’re another Microsoftie with the latest internal bits, you probably don’t have...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Looking Back on One Year of MSDN Blogging

    Well, today marks the one year anniversary of the start of my blog on MSDN . Prior to this, I had experimented for a few months at . But once I realized that blogging was something that I enjoyed and could maintain, I made the transition,...
  • Ulrich's SOAP Box

    A nice analogy

    I’m a sucker for a nice analogy! I find they are a great way to help you to understand complex ideas and systems, by referencing stuff you understand well. Of course there is the danger that you can carry one too far, but I still find I understand and...
  • Soaked in CIDER !

    Winforms Tips and Tricks:

    Coding : 1) Use BeginUpdate( ) and EndUpdate( ) while performing any bulk operation that would cause the window to redraw itself. a. Large number of items to ListView. b. Large number of nodes to TreeView. BeginUpdate() sends a WM_REDRAW message passing...
  • Ulrich's SOAP Box

    BizTalk MSMQ Adapter released

    Cool. The MSMQ Adapter (as different from the MSMQT Adapter) has now been released for BizTalk. You can download here . I’ve been waiting for this, because I do a lot of development on my machine, and want to have MSMQ and BizTalk on the same machine...
  • .net and other interesting dev stuff in PA

    Enterprise Library at Web Services Edge East

    I was up in Boston for the Web Services Edge East conference today to give a tutorial presentation about Enterprise Libarary . I took out the slides that showed pasted code and ran demos on the fly to show how to work with the configuration editor, the...
  • Fabio Santini

    Perchè tutto sto TechEd

    Probabilmente le tre persone che si sono sottoscritte al mio blog si staranno chiedendo perchè parlo del TechEd. Il motivo è semplice, quest’anno sono diventato (dopo un passaggio di consegne da Francesco Albano) il TecEd Champ di...
  • Fabio Santini

    Vuoi essere uno speaker al TechEd 2005

    Conosco tanti ragazzi in italia che non hanno nulla a che invidiare agli speaker del TechEd o di altre manifestazioni simili. Se ti senti pronto per essere uno speaker al TechEd segui questo link avrai la possibilità di proporti ed eventualmente...
  • Rick Byers

    Generic type parameter variance in the CLR

    When people start using C# generics for the first time, they are sometimes surprised that they can’t convert between related generic instances. For example, since you can convert a string to an object , shouldn’t you also be able to convert a List <string>...
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