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  • Ian Jose's WebLog

    Simplify statements with IF

    In some cases, a SQL statement can be simplified by using procedural logic. Instead of issuing one complex query to cover multiple cases with UNION or OR, it is better to use and if..else logic to separate the cases into different SQL statements. In this...
  • Ian Jose's WebLog

    Use Condition-Specific Stored Procedures

    The optimizer chooses the best plan for an SP given the current parameter values. This plan is then reused regardless of whether the nature of the parameters changes from call to call. If an application is aware that input parameters have a small number...
  • Ian Jose's WebLog

    Use Function Results

    Built-in functions with literal constant inputs are simplified during optimization to resultant constant values. However, user defined functions or built-in functions with variable [1] inputs are only simplified to resultant constants for the purposes...
  • Ian Jose's WebLog

    Limit Non-order Preserving Expressions

    Expressions with column transformations that do not retain the original column order do not benefit from column statistics. This can lead to poor plans. Assume for purposes of illustration that we've added a column to Sales.SalesOrderHeader in AdventureWorks...
  • Ian Jose's WebLog

    Avoid Unnecessary Data Type Conversions

    SQL Server adds implicit data type conversions when types don’t match. This can have unintended results both on query results, but also on the query plan. It is important to use literal constants that match in type column they are being compared with...
  • Ian Jose's WebLog

    Use Parameters or Literals for Query Inputs

    Use unmodified parameters or literal constants in query statements to ensure that the optimizer can determine a representative value and optimize accordingly. If you use a local variable in a query predicate instead of a parameter or literal, the optimizer...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    IntelliGolf Eagle edition Wins Best Software Award

    One of my favourite Windows Mobile applications is Intelligolf Eagle which has just won the prestigious Smartphone & Pocket PC Magazine award. I started playing golf last year so this application has allowed me to record every round I've ever played...
  • The Healthcare IT Blog

    NHIN/RHIO, a step closer...

    The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has just announced the 4 winners of the RFP for the NHIN/RHIO prototype. Microsoft is actively engaged in the one led by CSC and I am personally working on their implementation of the Massachusetts RHIO...
  • jfo's coding

    New sample: SplitButton

    Now that the toolstrip has a split button, everyone seems to want one for their form too. While you could tweak out the ToolStripRenderer to do this, it's probably just best to use the ButtonRenderer class on your own custom button. The following sample...
  • Jeff Abraham's WebLog

    Interesting new record label: Cordless

    I don't have any musical talent, but I've always been interested in the music industry. Jac Holzman (who started Elektra, which released The Doors' first album) has a new record label that won't be releasing any physical CDs, but instead will rely on...
  • Chris Garty's Weblog

    MBF Changes: It's all about Microsoft Dynamics

    A couple of people saw the recent news about the Microsoft Business Framework (MBF) and emailed me to check how it affected the team and how it affected me. The news about the team has been mostly covered in the couple of press articles on Microsoft Watch...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    How To: Wrap Custom Targets Around a Solution Build

    We got the following question on the alias last week: I'm migrating from VS2003/NAnt to VS2005/MSBuild for my build solution, and want to create a custom project that does the following: Pre-build actions Sync my source...
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