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  • Dave Froslie - Microsoft Development on the Prairie

    Scrum Teams 'Out of the Flow'

    As a result of my post on Scrum Teams that are “In the Flow”, I’ve had some conversations about teams that are NOT in the flow. What are the characteristics of a team that is not in the flow for a sprint? Here are some: Vague goals Poor quality...
  • Dgoldman's WebLog

    Outlook client OAB download process

    Here is some information on how the outlook clients connect to the public folder information store to download the oab messages/attachments. For an outlook client to download the OAB files the client has to make a call in to the address book provider...
  • Adam Singer

    Remapping in style

    James introduced me to a neat trick recently with working folders. Oftentimes, I create a workspace and only want to map one team project to the local workspace root. Of course, I could use the UI, but that's not scriptable from a command file . I could...
  • Chad Brooks Web Log

    Open for business

    Well, I am open for business. My name is Chad Brooks and I am an Architect Evangelist for Microsoft in the Southeast District (GA, NC, SC). My goal is to connect with architects and inflential developers in the community and let them know what Microsoft...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    More VSTFS Dogfood stats

    More information on the VSTS team's usage of Team Foundation Server:
  • Eric Jarvi

    how to print the calltree view of a VSP file

    On an internal email thread, Maxim recommended the following suggestions for printing out the calltree view data of a VSP file: Run vsperfreport /summary:CallTree file.vsp , and then open the .CSV file in Excel Open VSP in VS, copy data from...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    SDM: A Foundation for Automating the Enterprise

    OK. I know that title sounds a little grandiose. But I wanted to plug the new SDM Developer Center , and figured that grandiose was appropriate, given the vision of the Dynamic Systems Initiative , for which the System Definition Model, or SDM, is a critical...
  • Johnwe's System Center Blog

    Information on SP2 for WSS

    Can be found here. Thanks!
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Creating Custom Check-in Policies in VSTS

    One of the neat features of Visual Studio Team System 2005 is the ability to set check-in policies at the team project level. You can, for example, require that each check-in be associated with a work item (for tracking requirements to code, or code fixes...
  • Eric Jarvi

    color syntax highlighted HTML converter for source code

    This tool promises amazing technicolor syntax highlighting for your blog worthy code snippets :
  • Rusty Miller's blog

    Customer bugs - results

    Almost 9 months after shipping Beta1, Beta2 is shipped and in your hands. One big difference between VS2005 Beta1 and betas of our previous products has been the amount of community involvement. Beta1 was the debut of the MSDN Product Feedback Center...
  • Scott Beaudreau's Weblog

    Raising the Bar on DebuggerVisualizers

    I found a number of interesting links to solid work around debugger visualizers. Scott Nonnenberg has an excellent blog with quite a few posts around this topic. He's a PM on the Debugging group within Visual Studio. Scott's building an index of debugger visualizer entries, and some of them are very compelling....
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