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  • Khushboo's blog

    Team Build Permissions

    Figuring out permissions is one of the most common stumbling points in the use of any new product where half the time you are trying to figure out – what am I doing wrong, why the heck is this feature not showing up, how can I get this damn option enabled...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Sloped Runways: A Diatribe

    Ooooo, I was sooo close to going to bed but re-reading the AvSim thread on flat airports got me worked up. Oy! Rather than post in-line I created an article . I hope you loose sleep over it too!
  • SPal's WebLog

    MSDN presentation on "Introducing XML in SQL Server 2005"

    First of all, I'd like to thank all those who took the time to attend my presentation today (Nov 8, 2005). I hope you found it useful. The launch of SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio 2005 and BizTalk Server 2006 is a matter of great pride and honor for us...
  • Mohamed Sharaf's Blog

    MSecurityLibrary library for symmetric encryption and hashing

    This time I'm introducing one of the most favorite codes for me. I built this library a year ago while I was working with symmetric encryption. I felt that I need to do it myself instead of using any ready-made components because I either found a very...
  • David Wang

    HOWTO: Insert Multiple Website Bindings

    Hmm... I am somewhat confused by proclamations of asking for advice when things are supposedly working correctly. I guess I will try and answer the question... Question David, I have tried using your script and things are working correctly. Please...
  • Community and Influencers Blog

    Is LINQ the future of database development?

    The LINQ (.NET Language Integrated Query) Project is a Microsoft initiative to standardise data access across not only data sources but also development. A number of developers who have examined LINQ have proclaimed that it will revolutionise database...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Load, Call, Character Generators, and "Letter Quality" printers

    I remember early versions of FoxPro had the LOAD and CALL commands (try typing them in the command window!) that allowed you to put binary code directly into memory and run it! Back about 20 years ago, I wrote code in Foxbase that I hand assembled...
  • john devadoss' blog

    Composites and Compositions (or what happens when you re-mix web services)

    A composite is a material that is made from a number of other materials - at a minimum two, in which case one is usually a solid material, and the other a binding material which holds them together. The use of composites dates back into antiquity, with...
  • CorrecteurOrthographiqueOffice

    The MVP Global Summit

    [en français un peu plus bas] The MVP (Most Valuable Professionals) 2005 Global Summit took place on the Microsoft Campus in Redmond a few weeks ago. I had the opportunity to meet two French MVPs, Marina Mathias (a.k.a. Circé) and Jean-Louis Goubert...
  • CarlosAg Blog

    The evil WinForms Splitter

    Shows a problem that WinForms splitter causes by calling Application.DoEvents in the SplitterPosition property setter....
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Memerorandum hack - the return

    This is getting embarrassing. The Memerorandum hack story has returned once more to the make the front page of Memeorandum (pic below). It made on for a little while but then disappeared. It is now back, with even more links to those referring to the...
  • C# Tea Time

    Detroit VS2005 Launch a Success!

    I just returned from the Visual Studio 2005 Launch in Detroit , MI and I must say that it was an amazing turn out. The last number I heard was approximately 1,800 attendees.
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