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  • MSDN UK Team blog

    Learning: Don’t lose your Second Shot

    Time is running out to take advantage of free retakes for failed Microsoft exams. Retake an exam for free before May 31 st . Sign up for Second Shot In addition pass your exam before May 31st 2013 and you can enter a prize draw for a chance to win a UK...
  • hiwatan's blog

    Imagine Cup 2009レポートその2 (7/3午後)

    引き続き、Imagine Cup 2009世界大会のレポート続けます。 16:30の競技者ブリフィーングまで、少し時間があるので、部屋に戻って、明日の競技に備えるNISLab++のメンバー。 ちなみに、NISLab++メンバーの部屋は、4人相部屋ですが、ベッドルームが2つもあるスィートルームです。 16:30からは、いよいよ、競技者ブリフィーングがスタートです。 気合十分のチームCLFSのメンバー。 海外メディアの熱い視線も受けていた写真部門の寺田さん。 こちらは、2年目で少し余裕ある感じでしょうか...
  • Microsoft Pakistan Community Blog

    Microsoft Technology Guru Contest - Question 56

    You are running a transaction in your windows azure application at one point of time your application is unable to make out whether the transaction being processed has been committed or aborted. What exception will the application throw in this case?...
  • Especialistas técnicos da Microsoft

    Microsoft Anunciou Ontem: SQL Server 2012 RTM

    É com imensa felicidade que compartilho com vocês a informação que ontem a Microsoft anunciou publicamente que o SQL Server 2012 foi liberado para fabricação (RTM) e estará disponível a partir do dia 1º de Abril. Caso você já queira testar more
  • Microsoft Azure France

    Azure Site Recovery (cloud cover show 149)

  • esmsdn

    #retosMSDN: Solución al Reto 3 – Volcando objetos en C#

    El pasado viernes Eduard Tomàs ( @eiximenis ), MVP en ASP.NET , nos propuso el tercero de los #retosMSDN : Reto 3 – Volcando objetos en C# . En primer lugar, quiero darle las gracias a Eduard por proponer un reto tan interesante que ha puesto a prueba...
  • Education

    Accelerate–the Microsoft Australia Education Newsletter

    We've just launched the sign-up page for the customer newsletter from the Microsoft Australia Education team. It’s designed for teaching and learning staff in schools and colleges across Australia, and will be sent out monthly in 2014. This is in addition...
  • MSDN 台灣部落格

    移轉資料至 Microsoft Azure 檔案服務

    原文發表自 Migrating Data to Microsoft Azure Files 關於 Microsoft Azure 檔案服務(Files) Microsoft Azure 檔案服務是一個以雲端平台為基礎的檔案服務,並且提供 SMB2.1 協定,讓使用者能透過雲端分享檔案。在 Azure 上的應用程式現在可以很輕易地在虛擬機器間、使用熟悉的檔案系統 API 如: ReadFile 及 WriteFile 來分享檔案。除此之外,這些檔案也可以透過 REST API 的方式來存取...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    Keynote at Atlanta Code Camp this Saturday

    I am very, very honored to be the keynote speaker at Atlanta Code Camp this Saturday, October 11th 2014.  I will be presenting “What Mobile First, Cloud First Means to Developers.”  I will talk about industry trends driving both mobile and cloud...
  • Walaa's Blog

    Grab the 8.1 RTM Windows

    Yesterday,Steve Guggs announced ( through his blog ) the availability of Windows 8.1 RTM on MSDN and Technet. In the same blog post he announced the availability of Visual Studio 2013 RC and Windows Server 2012 R2 RTM too. Read all the details please...
  • IEBlog 한국어

    HTML 5.0 및 Canvas 2D에 대한 권고 후보안 상정

    오늘은 웹 개발에 대한 중요한 이정표를 수립한 날로서, W3C에서 HTML 5.0 및 Canvas 2D 사양의 CR(권고 후보안) 버전을 발표 했습니다. 이 사양은 2014년에 최종안이 확정될 것입니다. 우리는 이러한 성과를 거둔 W3C에 축하 인사를 보내고자 합니다. Internet Explorer 10에서는 개발자가 뛰어난 성능의 브라우저 간 웹 응용 프로그램을 빌드할 수 있는 하드웨어 가속 HTML 5.0 및 Canvas 2D를 이미...
  • Ritesh Ranjan

    Understanding Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Solutions

    Hello Friends, This is my first blog post where I would like to talk about the much discussed component of Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 – Solutions and its behavior. Without much ado, let me straightaway begin with the following scenario ...
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