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  • Benoît Sarie's blog

    Blog de l’équipe MCS APO

      Le nouveau blog de mon équipe est disponible à l’adresse: Vous retrouverez des articles sur les sujets de développement suivants: - Windows 8 Metro Application, Windows Phone 7, ASP.NET, WPF, SOA, ALM, TFS, … Voici...
  • VSCS Support Team Blog - Test Blog


    Here's the first of several posts about the new multitasking features in Windows Phone Mango. Alarms and Notifications is a good place to start because it is the simplest of the new multitasking features (outside of Fast App Switching, but that's not...
  • gustavoa

    Internet Explorer 10 and System.Net.WebSockets

    This sample demonstrates how to use your browser to start a websocket 1. Open VS 11 as elevated user 2. Open solution 3. Deploy client projet 4. Run server project 5. Open IE and navigate to http://localhost/Client/websocket.html I would recomment...
  • IEBlog Deutsch

    Weitere Informationen zu Zeigerereignissen in der Veröffentlichung der endgültigen Entwurfsfassung des W3C

    Am Dienstag, dem 19. Februar, hat das W3C die endgültige Entwurfsfassung der Spezifikation für Zeigerereignisse veröffentlicht. Dies ist ein bedeutender Meilenstein für die weitere Standardisierung und Interoperabilität. Die Spezifikation, deren Entwicklung...
  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    A Green Train Of Thought


    It's safe to assume that nobody could accuse me of being an eco-warrior. I buy cars that have more engine than I need, and computers with more power than is required to run any software I might ever use. And I quite happily squander electricity on a waterfall in the pond and lights in the trees, just to make the garden look nice. The trouble is that the electricity company seems to think that I should pay an increasingly exorbitant price for it.

  • 중스의 마이크로소프트 이야기

    VS2012 활용 세션 발표자료 공유

    올해 중반에 방문 세미나 형태로 몇 차례 Visual Studio 2012를 활용한 애플리케이션 개발에 대한 소개를 할 기회가 있었습니다. 좀 늦었지만 발표자료를 공유 합니다. (소개와 데모 위주로 진행) #VS2012를 활용한 개발 생산성 및 코드 품질 혁신 #VS2012를 활용한 멀티 플랫폼 대상 애플리케이션 개발
  • Microsoft UK Schools blog

    Doing Homework On The Go

    Blog originally posted on the Office blog , December 2013 OneNote recently turned 10 and so did my son. As a fourth-grader, one of his projects is to write a book report. The purpose of the report is really to help the students build their writing skills...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    Microsoft CityNext: Is your city the UK Digital City of the Year?

    Guest Blogger: Neil Carter, Head of Local and Regional Government, Microsoft UK Growing faster than ever before, cities are economic and cultural hubs that drive economies and environmental change. But today’s cities also face unprecedented challenges...
  • CodeJedi.NET

    MOSSIG Christmas Party 2007

    MOSSIG Christmas Party 5.30pm on the 12th December @ Microsoft Level 5, 4 Freshwater Place Melbourne, Australia. MOSSIG will be having drinks and nibbles over the night for a casual end to the year topped off with some great presentations of the work...
  • mon journal d'architecture

    Le prochain P&P Summit sera chez nous…

    Et bien voilà! Tout est confirmé. Les gens de Redmond ont été séduits par la ville de Québec au printemps… Le fait que Québec célèbre sont 400 e anniversaire a probablement beaucoup joué aussi. Nous recevrons donc le prochain P&P Summit à Québec!...
  • Parallel Programming in Native Code

    array_view without Data Source

    In Visual Studio 2012, C++ AMP introduced concurrency::array_view as a primary interface to read and write multi-dimensional data across the CPU and GPU accelerators. The construction of array_view always required a data source like std::vector, concurrency...
  • Malcolm Bullock - Geek talking

    This is a test of Live Writer...

    And if this's my first post in a Loooooong time.... Lets test a picture too.... This is a Warrior 35 yacht called Black Pepper....Nice!
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