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  • release_team's WebLog

    In the home stretch....

    Wow! It’s hard to believe but we’ve completed 5 weeks of “Ask Mode”. Every day for the past 5 weeks, representatives of each product team in the Division have met daily for 2 to 3 hours reviewing each change that is going into the product. We look first...
  • jaredpar's WebLog

    Code snippets in Whidbey

    I haven't had a chance to try out code snippets yet but I've found a couple of other people blogging about them And a good article by O'Reilly...
  • Dave Glover "Down Under (Oz)"

    Active Directory Provider for ASP.NET V2 Membership Services

    For AD/ADAM, there is a Membership provider - both in the later CTPs and Beta 2. It is not immediately obvious though since - a.) we don't have a default setting for it and b.) the docs for it won't be completed until RTM. In the interim though, you can...
  • Shaykatc's WebLog

    C# Status: 3/15/2005

    The last two weeks have been intense and this has contributed to my lack of blogging our status. Whidbey Beta2 continues its inexorable shutdown. We fixed some compiler bugs and a particularly nasty IDE crash but apart from that looked good. Our QA team...
  • BCL Team Blog

    PerformanceCounters: reading the disk counters [David Gutierrez]

    I see a lot of complaints about counters in the Logical Disk/Physical Disk categories always returning zero when you try to read them. Specifically, using PerformanceCounter.NextValue with these counters always returns zero: % Disk Read Time % Disk Write...
  • Rob Caron

    Today is "The Shield" Day

    Thanks for the reminder, Scott. I spent this past weekend watching Season 3 on DVD. I love this show! Today is "The Shield" Day "The Shield" Fans... The wait is over! Tonight is the season premiere of the 4th Season of the hard-hitting cop drama...
  • Being Scott Densmore

    Log4Net vs Logging & Instrumentation in Enterprise Library

    I know a lot of people have heard about the discussion between log4net and the Logging Block in Enterprise Library; Tom has crafted a response for everyone here . Now playing: Velvet Revolver - Sucker Train Blues
  • distilled

    WinFX (Indigo & Avalon) documentation is live

    As part of the March Community Technology Preview Edition, MSDN is now hosting the documentation for WinFX - go look at From an Indigo perspective this is the first comprehensive documentation set showing the direction...
  • Rob Caron

    Robin & Liangxiao Demonstrate the Application Designer (Part 2)

    Yesterday, was Robin & Liangxiao Demonstrate the Application Designer (Part 1) . Today, Part 2 is available. [via Josh Ledgard ] Robin and Liangxiao complete their demonstration of the application designer in this video. Here you'll see the...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    It's all about timing - Windows XP Embedded team is blogging.

    I'm not entirely sure which came first, my posting on the difference between Windows XP and Windows XP Embedded or the fact that the Windows XP Embedded Team is now blogging - but you now have another RSS feed to sign up to. The first post if from Andy...
  • BCL Team Blog

    The SLAR on System.Convert [Brad Abrams]

    It is been a while sense I posted in the series sharing some of the information in the .NET Framework Standard Library Annotated Reference Vol 1 . Given today is BCL blog day, I thought I would kick it off by adding a couple of annotations from the System...
  • Speakers are Speaking in Code . . .

    Honeynet Project Paper on Botnets

    A great overview on Botnets: how they work, how they are used, and how to observe them using honeypots . Should be required reading for everyone with an always-on broadband connection who believes that they don't need to worry about strong firewalls and...
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