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  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    Did you know… That you can hide the solution and advanced build configurations

    Under Tools – Options – Projects and Solutions – General, there are options for both Always show solution and Show advanced build configurations.  Both options will affect the menu structure, changing which items appear or are enabled.  The...
  • The Web and Microsoft

    Hosting Seminar Content

    In June I was a speaker at the Windows Shared Hosting Seminar. Many of the participants asked for downloads of the presentations. For those of you who have been looking for the presentations they are available here .
  • Chris Smith's completely unique view

    New article post

    New Bootstrapper article post...
  • Smart Client Data

    Increasing query time-outs with TableAdapters

    Tuning your SQL queries for the best performance can be part of life when you’re writing a database application. Sometimes life is hard, and you just can’t get things running as quickly as you’d like. With the default command time-out at 30 seconds, how...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    Even more for the Patterns & Practices folks

    Security Guidance Index: Security Engineering Index: Security How Tos Index:
  • John R. Durant's WebLog

    Migrating from VBA to VSTO Part 2

    Regular readers of my blog will rightly wonder where Part 1 of this topic is. Well, I didn't write it. OfficeZealot kingpin, Chris Kunicki, did in a recent post about resources to aid in migrating from VBA to VSTO . It's a great topic, but sadly, there...
  • Brian Goldfarb's Blog

    We will ship VS2005 and I know you will like it

    There has been a lot of commentary about the quality of VS2005 and I could go into a long discussion, but Shawn Burke took the words right out my mouth -- This is a must-read about the software...
  • Engine Watch

    SQL2005 CLR: two white papers

    DBA focus: Developer focus:
  • Deven Kampenhout's Tech Blog

    GoDaddy to the Rescue!

    I'm not usually one to publicly plug one hosting company over another, as my job requires that I work with and support many of them objectively. Nevertheless, GoDaddy's domain registration services have REALLY impressed me. Some visitors to my blog...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Mobile Phones in Asia

    That is the story of the present. No other consumer product has impacted the lives of people as much as mobile phones at least in the past 25 years. I read a statistic that it is the single most successful consumer durable in the world with about 800...
  • Deven Kampenhout's Tech Blog

    The Third Wave

    We're on the threshold of a concept called the "Third Wave of Computing". This term was one I first heard coined about 4 years ago, which describes the state of computing power. I first heard this when the CEO of the hosting company which employed me...
  • Ivan Joseph's WebLog

    Interesting tidbits

    On my recent travels, I happened to take an LA - Singapore non stop flight - it was easily the longest flight I had taken - 17 hours non stop. It is offered by Singapore Airlines for which they use the Airbus A 340. It actually turned out to be quite...
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