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  • simon.says

    COM1 problems on the Samsung i700

    I wrote about connecting a Pharos 360 GPS until to the Samsung i700 Pocket PC Phone in this post . Thanks for all the comments and Emails related to that. One of the problems I found with the unit is that it's very difficult to allocate COM1 to the GPS...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    .NET Unwrapped - A Webcast series about .NET in the Financial Industry

    Last November - Asli Bilgin from Microsoft Financial Services approached me to do a series on .NET application development in the financial sector. You folks remember Asli right? She was one of our top presenters who presented on ASP.NET Webcasts Week...
  • Antimail

    One Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge

    During my more-or-less brownian surfing I stumbled across this challenge : The Foundation is committed to providing reliable information about paranormal claims. It both supports and conducts original research into such claims. At JREF, we offer a one...
  • Visual Studio

    Mobile Pattern and Practices Survey

    If you haven't taken the survey please take a moment to do so. Links: - Access the survey - More information about the survey This survey will assist the patterens team in determining priorities for producing guidance. This is you opportunity to influence...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    The people factor - The resistance to ideas is positive and vital

    What I think, the ideas that direct my will, ideas such as my values, convictions and principles need a certain resistance from which they surround me, because that is something positive and vital. It comes to mind what Jerry Johnson (Menninger Business...
  • Mike Swanson's Blog

    Somewhere in Redmond

    Whew! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind of feverish activity. My wife, Elizabeth, and I are currently living in corporate housing right next to the main Microsoft campus in Redmond. Although I've found myself driving to work, it's only a 15-minute...
  • Ed Draper

    5 kick ass apps on the SmartPhone

    Okay, I bit the bullet and upgraded my cell phone to an Audiovox SMT 5600 . I have to say that I’m quite pleased with the improvements over what I was using before. Reception is much better, the smaller size is more pleasant to deal with, and the device...
  • Roberdan

    Webcast sullo sviluppo in/con SharePoint (tenuti dal mitico Santini)

    Sharepoint:Template In questo webcast verranno analizzate e discusse le template di Sharepoint da vari punti di vista. Dopo una analisi delle custom template verranno analizzate e discusse le template per la definizione di siti e mostrati alcuni esempi...
  • deeptanshuv's WebLog

    App Week followup

    Scott & I finished our "Inline Version Control" add-in for the app week, and I think for a week's work we did a fairly good job. I was rather surprised and impressed with the apps other teams came up with, and we are going to know the best app in...
  • Kirk Evans Blog

    The Coolest Commercial Curently Airing

    The Coolest Commercial Currently Airing award goes to... Visa Checkcard. A lady stands in a parking lot. She looks into her purse, then turns upward frantically, "Help me!!! Will somebody please help me?!?" The next image is a huge dude with long blonde...
  • notes and rants

    Quick survey on curly brace positioning

    I absolutely don't want to get into a debate over whether it is better to put curly braces on their own line or not, but I do have a question on indentation I'd like to throw at the masses (ok - all 7 of you). Generally, the curly brace debate boils down...
  • Joe Stagner - Frustrated by Design !

    YOUR INPUT PLEASE: Digital Black Belt - Developing an Intentionally Secure Lifecycle.

    So… My next Digital Black Belt topic is developing an Intentionally Secure Software Development Lifecycle. I’m struggling! Almost all the time as a Developer Evangelist at Microsoft, the core content for the sessions that we present “comes in a can”....
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