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  • Federated Infrastructure

    Private Namespaces In Active Directory

    For purposes of this post, a private namespace refers to the DNS name of the forest root in Microsoft Active Directory. A private namespace is essentially any DNS name that is not registered; it can even be a registered name (assuming you never want to...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Thanks, BaltoMSDN!

    Just got back from doing a presentation on Visual Studio Team System at the BaltoMSDN users group in Hunt Valley, MD. Had a ton of great questions from the group, and had a great time with the presentation. The sponsor of the group that provided the meeting...
  • Stanislas Quastana's WebLog

    Article sur le filtrage applicatif des RPCs avec ISA Server 2004

    Un article très intéressant sur le filtrage RPC avec ISA Server 2004 écrit par Frédéric Esnouf (MVP ISA Server 2004 FR) et Thomas Shinder (MVP ISA Server 2004 US). De la bonne lecture :-) L'article :
  • notes and rants

    Tracking Requirements

    This isn’t technically a testing topic, but it is a topic close to tester’s hearts.  Software requirements are one of my passions (boy is that an embarrassing statement).  While I am definitely not one of “those testers” who say testing can’t be done...
  • Paul Andrew

    Transfer and New Job for Paul

    I am changing jobs shortly. I am currently an ISV Developer Evangelist working for Microsoft in Wellington , New Zealand . Cool job but... m y house is sold and in 3 weeks time I am moving to Redmond , WA , USA . I’ll be working as a Technical Product...
  • John Lawrence (MSFT)

    Chris Menegay on VSTS Work Item Tracking & Project Integration

    Chris Menegay posted some thoughts on some of the project management features of Team System. It looks like he's very excited by the Work Item Tracking functionality: It seems that the more I play with VSTS, and learn cool new things, the less likely...
  • Just Coding

    Advanced XmlSerialization

    The XmlSerializer included in the .Net Fx, has been one of my favorite's. We've suffered too much with the COM (MSXML) approach to OO/XML mappings. We could classify the use of the XmlSerialization in different steps. 1 You don't know how to use Xml with...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log


    From "Making Windows XP Start Faster" at,1759,1768883,00.asp Two of the services listed under "Stopping Unneeded Startup Services" Automatic Updates: This service enables Windows XP to check the Web automatically for updates...
  • Michał Cierniak

    Execution Engine-independent JIT compilers

    I have recently put together a set of slides about LIL (Low-level Intermediate Language) and gave a talk at Microsoft. This work was done before I joined Microsoft: LIL was developed by the ORP ( Open Runtime Platform ) team at Intel. LIL was addressing...
  • Under The Hood - Matt Pietrek

    The Debugger Rules

    I alluded to some debugger cardinal rules in a prior post . However, they may well be something that debugger writers know, but haven't written down. To remedy, I'll start the list here. My first two rules: 1) Never lie to the user. Telling them incorrect...
  • Artificial Ignorance - the Anand Iyer chronicles

    Patterns and Practices Summit March 14-16, Mountain View, CA (Microsoft Campus)

    The patterns & practices Summit for the western region of the United States takes place March 14 - 16 on Microsoft's Silicon Valley campus in Mountain View, California....
  • Omar Shahine

    Microsoft in the fight against HIV

    Now this was a really welcome development to read this morning . This is freaking awesome. It's amazing that software viruses basically mimic the behavior of real medical viruses and our leanings and attempts to fight software spam etc can be used...
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