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  • Andrew Coates ::: MSFT

    Developer training in Darwin in August

    Got a note in may inbox over the weekend announcing some developer training happening in Darwin. I see Dave's beaten me to it , but I'll repeat here because I reckon it's worthwhile encouraging these kinds of things especially in our more … regional ...
  • Design, Technologies and User eXperience

    Una serie di video che presentano le nuove funzionalità di Silverlight 3

    Vi segnalo questa interessante raccolta video dove vengono presentate le nuove potenzialità di Silverlight 3. Inoltre da poche ore è visibile all'interno del portale "See the Light" , dedicato al lancio ufficiale di Silverlight 3, il video " The Visual...
  • Habib Heydarian's Blog @ Microsoft

    Debugging LINQ to SQL queries using the Historical Debugger

    I've covered the Visual Studio 2010 Historical Debugger extensively in a few of the previous posts. In this post, I'll cover how the Historical Debugger makes debugging LINQ to SQL queries a lot more convenient. If you are trying to debug a LINQ to SQL...
  • Microsoft Press

    One week only: 25 Percent Discount on Microsoft Press E-Reference Libraries!

    Serious savings on the Microsoft Press E-Reference Libraries: a premium online collection of Microsoft Press books, along with a powerful search tool to quickly find the answer, code snippet, or troubleshooting tip that you need. ...
  • Jean-Marc Prieur's Blog

    Copy paste to an image

    Behavior in previous versions of the DSL Tools In previous versions of the DslTools, when you wanted to export a selection to an image, or to the Clipboard, you had to write some custom code, or just take a screen copy of what you wanted.   New Behavior...
  • US ISV Evangelism

    SQL for the Cloud Named ‘SQL Azure’

    The service that provides SQL relational data under Azure Services Platform has been named SQL Azure . Formerly known as SQL Services, the new name is a better fit according to the team’s blog post, SQL Azure - Same great platform, just a better aligned...
  • hiwatan's blog

    Imagine Cup 2009 レポートその1(7/3 午前)

    Imgine Cup 2009世界大会、いよいよスタートです。 昨日(本日早朝5時)、エジプトに到着した日本チームの面々は、11時過ぎにはロビーに集合。 各自レジストレーションを済ませて、みんなで昼食を取りました。 集合前に、朝食を食べた元気な人も何人かいました。(ほとんど寝てないのでは・・・?) 16:30から競技者向けブリフィーングがスタートしますので、昼食後は、各自、自由時間です。 しかし、本番に向けて厳しい特訓(English Lesson)を続けているチームもありますよ。 会場のIntercontinental...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    Microsoft Azure .NET Services July 2009 CTP Available

    Microsoft .NET Services is part of the Azure Services Platform. Microsoft .NET Services includes two services: the Access Control Service and the Service Bus. You can download the July CTP here.
  • Frederic Aatz's blog

    Les opérations du MTC par Osiatis

    Après une année d’opérations du Microsoft Technology Center, Osiatis confirme, dans ce cadre très visible, son savoir faire dans l’infogérance des infrastructures Microsoft. De la virtualisation massive avec Hyper-V, à l’automatisation des déploiements...
  • ronpih's weblog

    Running Around...

    Taking a day off from work to run around and do some errands; doctor, dentist appointments. In between, I'm installing Windows Server 2008 R2 (RC) on my home desktop system. After that, a bunch of applications to install and configure...
  • WPF Text Blog

    DirectWrite blog posts moving to the DirectX blog

    In order to consolidate information from various blogs about the DirectX family of APIs, we have created a central DirectX blog site - All future posts on DirectWrite will be posted on the DirectX blog along with information...
  • David L's Blog

    WPC09 – My Windows Azure Session

    Here is my session from the WPC09 in New Orleans: Lap around Windows Azure, Business Edition Big thanks to Eilert Hanoa from Mamut ASA for his help with the session, and to everyone who attended. :) Hope everyone enjoyed WPC! :) Technorati Tags...
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