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  • Henry Hahn

    PDC 2005, here I come!

    The PDC is almost here and I'm excited! I've been working on my presentation. I'll be giving PRS329 - Windows Presentation Foundation ("Avalon"): Building User Interface with Advanced Layout Techniques . If there was something you wanted to know about...
  • .NET Banana

    Going to La La Land

    I'm flying to Tinseltown tomorrow for the PDC . Frankly, I'm excited. I'm looking forward to the Office 12 content, the .NET 3.0 content, and the Longhorn Windows Vista content. The Longhorn Windows Vista/Office 12 timeframe will be the first time since...
  • Mike Flasko's Blog

    System.Net now registers a default FtpWebRequest implementation

    Prior to the .NET Framework version 2.0, applications could register a component to handle FTP requests using System.Net’s extensible pluggable protocol framework. Components for handling different web requests are registered by associating the component...
  • shlock (1) - Nigels Retrospective

    Back to the blog...

    I attended a session on blogging at Microsoft Melbourne today, conducted by none other than my good friend and colleague Dave L . Made me feel guilty about not having made any entries here lately. So here you go. Actually I'm _really_ in the mood to write...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    Interop working set

    So I promised awhile back to get some performance numbers on hwnd integration. I started with a very simple MFC application (which doesn't do a whole lot besides use MDI and document-view), and measured the working set of that. Then I recompiled using...
  • Engine Watch

    [SQL 7.0] capacity planning tips

    This is really old, but some tips are still potentially useful:
  • Anna Liu's Weblog

    Building Partitioned Enterprise Architecture Iteratively

    This article on Enterprise Architecture is written in the usual witty Roger Session style, full of wonderful analogies. Fundamentally simple wisdoms, but how often we forget to practice these basic rules! For those of you deep into the Enterprise Architecture...
  • Innovate from India (Development Center)

    MEDC India - VSD Participation

    MEDC India a great event for VSD is now over. It was fun filled and well attended event. Many of our VSD team members were present at MEDC, talking to developers like you, listening to your experiences and talking about all the cool features of VSD. Our...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    More AutoComplete tips & tricks

    I forgot to mention this one the other day: You can bring up all of the stored auto complete entries simply by hitting the down arrown on autocomplete enabled fields. Typically users begin to type in the 1st letter of the item their looking for. If...
  • frankarr - an aussie microsoft blogger

    Wanted : Developer for Brisbane based company

    Leon (AKA Secret Geek ) has posted a job ad for a developer role at his company Advantech . It includes some intangible criteria - "You are a developer, not a programmer". I love it. This topic was hotly debated on the aus-dotnet mailing list...

    How to write Serviced components for WCF?

    If you want to expose serviced component as WCF service, you have to define custom interface for all your serviced component public methods(you can have multiple custom interfaces also) and then serviced component has to implement that interface. If...
  • Anthony Bloesch's Web Log

    When to use SQL Server 2005's XML data columns

    SQL Server 2005’s support for XML has improved substantially. The new internal representation of XML and XML indexes supports much faster queries and updates. SQL Server 2005 supports querying and updating XML with XQuery, a powerful second-generation DML language for XML. Finally, SQL Server provides good support for converting between and relating relational and XML based data. Now that XML data has such good support in, the choice of when to use an XML column and when to use standard relation...
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