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  • Microsoft Dynamics Partner Community Blog

    Convergence or a Cardboard Box: What’s Your Strategy in Gaining a Competitive Advantage?

    Special guest post by Microsoft Dynamics partner: Dennis Bruce , Data Masons Software Isn’t asking someone how many times they’ve been to Convergence like asking someone their age? Let’s agree and just say that I’ve been around...
  • Visual Studio 中文博客


    [原文发表地址] Productivity Power Tools 2012 [原文发表时间] 2012-11- 07 10:40 应大家普遍的请求,针对Visual Studio 2012的Productivity Power Tools(高效的动力工具)的新版本出炉了 !这些工具是Visual Studio 团队的几位富有激情的工程师的辛勤成果,这几位都乐于与客户分享Visual Studio 的强大功能。 Productivity Power Tools是针对 Visual...
  • BizTalk Tips & Things

    Azure CDN Demonstration

    • 0 Comments   Interesting demonstration that shows the benefits of using CDN.       Two source images, The one on the left is using Windows Azure CDN to load the image and the other on the right with out it...
  • Blog de Mehdi EL YASSIR

    J’Adore Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013

    Suite au succès et aux retours très positifs des partenaires et des clients sur la nouvelle version de Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013. L’équipe Microsoft Dynamics a lancé l’opération J’Adoore Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 : chaque personne qui a travaillé...
  • Microsoft Switzerland Student Blog

    App of the Week - Instacam

    For the longest time I was envious on iPhone users for one sole reason: Instagram. I do have to admit to this is one small guilty pleasure: Hi, my name is Andreia and I enjoy making “hipster” photos… The good news is that my “suffering”...
  • Antimail

    Are the SATA disks reliable enough?

    An empirical report was recently published by Jim Gray and Catharine van Ingen. Here is the summary: The SATA advertised bit error rate of one error in 10 terabytes is frightening. We moved 2 PB through low-cost hardware and saw five disk read error...
  • MSDN Online Media Blog

    Welcome MSN 4 Developers!

    You've probably seen a lot of press around the news regarding the set of services offered by MSN providing the capability to integrate and extend your applications. In December we'll be hosting a special webcast series entitled " MSN Integrated: Develop...
  • Andy Simonds Blog

    Tim Sneath gives a tour of D2 on Channel 9

    Tim Sneath , recently walked the hallways of Building 2 chatting with people on the D2 team about innovations around printing, color and XPS. The video is up on msdn channel 9 right now! You can see some demos we have shown at past events like Winhec...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Team test load agent - how do I get it?

    Chris got a query about the Team test load agent. This is a testing component that was included in VSTS until the RC stage. Well, the answer is: Microsoft ® Visual Studio ® 2005 Team Edition for Software Testers provides a number of functions...
  • UK StudentZine Blog

    Hands off my mobile!

    Mobile development is hot at the moment, and with Windows Mobile 5 another log was thrown on the fire. Interested in learning what Mobile 5 has to offer with its new APIs? Follow this Hands-on lab and you will be on the bleeding edge in no time! ...
  • All About Interop

    PCF with IBM's MQ Classes for .NET

    PCF with IBM's MQ Classes for .NET For about 2 years IBM has been providing a supported class library that allows .NET apps to connect to MQSeries. There has always been PCF capability in the class library, but it's not documented and I suppose not...
  • Dan Sellers's WebLog

    Attacked Surface Reduced in IIS 7.0

    The Attacked Surface in IIS 6.0 was greatly reduced compared to IIS 5.0, and from the preview of IIS 7.0 it will be reduced even further as shared by Michael Howard's in his latest Web Log. This looks to be very interesting.
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