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  • To the tune of James

    TFS Beta 3 refresh

    So keeping in tune with yesterday's gifts to MSDN subscribers, there is now a Beta 3 refresh available synching with the RTM bits.
  • Mike Kostersitz's WebLog

    Why can MPS not run on a single Server?

    Something I get asked a lot and actually this is a great and valid question so let me swing back in time a little and lets look where MPS Came from and what it was designed for. 1999: MPF is born and released as the provisioning solution for the First...
  • Nick on Silverlight and WPF

    Writing a designer tool

    Brian Pepin has started blogging about the architecture of the Cider designer for WPF. Good stuff!
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    NETCF v2.0 PB component for Windows CE 5.0

    This is super cool! - Not only has VS 2005 shipped , there's also a component update available for Windows CE 5.0 Platform Builder that gives you a NETCF v2.0 component you can drag from the catalog and add to your Windows CE 5.0 platform configuration...
  • Buck Hodges

    Beta 3 refresh released

    Beta 3 of TFS has now been released and should be available on MSDN today (or very soon :-). The differences between beta 3 and beta 3 refresh are small for most things. Jeff Beehler wrote about some of the beta 3 refresh differences two weeks ago. The...
  • Sushil's WebLog

    SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 RTM!

    Yes, we have done it! SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 are now released to manufacturing. What this means that we are done with both the products, you can even download the official bits if you have MSDN subscription. More information can be found...
  • m | power

    Getting Things Done vs First Things First

    As I thought about these issues and considered another attempt to use the First Things First system, I was struck by the personality behind each system. Both men, Stephen Covey and David Allen, are highly successful in business and both consider themselves successful in their personal and family lives also. However, I can definitely relate a lot more to Mr. Covey, just because he has kids....
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    Are you having problems running DCOM on CE 5.0?

    It turns out there was a bug in the way that the CE 5.0 registry was initialized for hive based registries. This was manifesting itself in DCOM related registry keys, causing them to be garbled and making DCOM not function. We've fixed the problem...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Security Code Camp Tomorrow!

    For my readers who are planning to attend tomorrow's Security Code Camp, I wanted to post a quick note to fill you in on the proceedings, make sure you have directions, and let you know what to expect. Getting Here Directions to the Reston...
  • Visual Studio Data

    LINQ updates for VS2005 RTM (by yag)

    Now that we've shipped Visual Studio 2005, we've put updated versions of the LINQ downloads that work with the RTM bits. Enjoy! LINQ tech preview update for .net 2.0 rtm VB LINQ tech preview update for .net 2.0 rtm C#
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Buffalo Wrap Up

    Thanks for everyone who attended the Visual Studio 2005 overview last night sponsored by InfoTec Niagara. As promised here are the slides from my session for download. <<Download Slides>>
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Customer question: detectan F10 keypress

    I received this question: Is there any way to detect an F10 keypress in the KeyPress() event? It looks like F10 is a system key of some sort (ALT?). It’s similar to this post: How to hook command window keystrokes I just modified...
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