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  • Ravi Rao's Blog

    I did a People Near Me Podcast

    • 1 Comments Let me know what you think!
  • Brad Abrams

    TV over the internet -- not yet...

    A was really excited to see Apple would host some ABC TV shows on iTunes . Clearly the has to be the wave of the future.. with the advent of DVRs the days of overtly commercial sponsored TV seem to be numbered… and Apple ’s foray into on-demand TV download...
  • Durgaprasad Gorti's WebLog

    Using a Network Monitor

    These days connected applications are everywhere. Web Services and Indigo based applications are used to hook up various services over the internet. When something goes wrong you can debug all you want but ultimately you need to look at what is really...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    We share a pain or WSYP

    Mauro is certainly Italian and if he is the initiator of WSYP , cool. Enjoy what Italian ingenuity can do to British Microsofties: .
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Another Surreal moment

    I was listening to NPR while driving around this afternoon. They had a report by Libby Lewis on "Scooter" Libby. Somewhere over in NPR-land, there is a producer that is just laughing his socks off. I don't know how on EARTH they managed to arrange...
  • William J. Steele's WebLog

    Looking forward to a few days off... sort of...

    Well... It's Saturday night and I'm still working on the content for our next series... the " Best of Launch " events. We've filtered out all the fluff and we are just going to focus on the "real deal" with this content. You're going to love it... if...
  • MSBuild Team Blog

    RTM Version of MSBuild is Now Available

    With the release of .NET 2.0 you can now go and download the final version of MSBuild. We are included in the .NET 2.0 Redistributable . Of course, if you have an MSDN subscription you can go and download Visual Studio 2005, and we show up in that download...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Singularity : Microsoft Research Operating System

    <snip>What would a software platform look like if it was designed from scratch with the primary goal of dependability?</snip> - Take a look at the Microsoft Research web site to get more information on Singularity, this would appear to be...
  • SQL Protocols

    Troubleshoot Connectivity Issue in SQL Server 2005 - Part II

    Please visit for troubleshooting connection problems when SNAC(SQL Native Client) connect to SQL Server 2005. Part II – Connection Fail when MDAC connects to SQL Server 2005 Use...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Yet another positive of having a deaf ear

    Further to my ealier post providing thoughts on the bright side of being deaf in one ear , George (who'd been conscripted to go the Greek army for the next 9 months) brings us news that there is yet another positive side to this auditory ailment: ...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    What requires trust?

    Sometimes it's not clear when an application requires a privileged certificate or not. Here's a high level overview of the reasons you would need your application to run privileged: Only privileged processes can: Create, modify, or delete...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Seattle Mind Camp OPML (Validated)

    I've created my first 'OPML Validated' OPML file. Whee! Its a collection of RSS feeds I've crawled around for blogs/sites of attendees going to next week's Seattle Mind Camp , the brainchild of Andru Edwards (featured in today's Seattle PI ). I...
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