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  • Dr. eX's Blog

    Deploying Managed VSIP Packages(Re-post)

    First of all, the doctor apologizes if he has misdirected some of you with his earlier post on this topic. I realized that there were major discrepancies in the approach that I had recommended. I have removed the earlier post since and am reposting the...
  • Ron Cundiff's WebLog

    The Next MSDN Event Resource DVD

    Over the next couple weeks, I’ll be finalizing the next MSDN Event Resource DVD-ROM. If you’ve attended a MSDN Event lately, I’m interested to hear what you thought of the DVD you received at the event (the DVD is only available when you attend an event...
  • The Wonderful World of Lars

    Getting old sucks.

    Metriod came out for the NES while I was in grade school. The day I got it, I played it from roughly sun-up to sun-down - it stands out in my mind both because it was an amazing game and because it was the first time I blistered a thumb playing video...
  • Roberdan

    Best practices: Suggested add-on for every SharePoint/WSS portal!

    Highly reccomended:
  • Roberdan

    Alert result on Roberdan K-Blog (members only)

    Alert result - Roberdan Team Site Documenti Pubblici Summary Building Collaborative Applicati... was added by Roberto D'Angelo at 13/02/2005 13.37.
  • Roberdan

    Top Ten Tips for Web Services Interoperability

    Simon Guest shows 10 developer-focused tips, strategies, and recommendations to make the Web Services you write more interoperable with other platforms. Watch the video or Download the video
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Why We Love Gotdotnet (perhaps in spite of ourselves, and it) :)

    So Valentine's Day is almost upon us, and before people start singing odes to their XBoxes or significant others (or both) I think I have to pay tribute to that most funny Valentine of all, Gotdotnet. People have speculated as to whether
  • Deven Kampenhout's Tech Blog

    The Little Worm that Couldn't

    I read an interesting article posted here about a worm written to affect MySQL installations on Windows servers. In a nutshell, the worm replicates itself by scanning the internet and local networks for MySQL servers and brute-force guessing the root account password. Once it gains entry to a system, it launches connections to a remote IRC server and pushes itself into the background, allowing MySQL to run normally....
  • Aaron Stebner's WebLog

    Problems installing the new ASP.NET hotfix (KB886903 or KB887219)

    I got a question from a customer this week who could not get an ASP.NET hotfix installed by launching it from Windows Update (due to an error like some folks have seen with other .NET Framework service packs that I described here ). As a result, he was...
  • Ron Cundiff's WebLog

    Where Are The Technical Posts?

    Let’s try something different. I’ve added a “Technical” category of posts to this blog. Maybe this will give me something to write about…. I got this idea from a recent webcast I did, MSDN Webcast: Consuming Web Services With Style Using Script (Level...
  • Ron Cundiff's WebLog

    Building, Testing, and Consuming a Web Service Using Visual Studio .NET

    Why Should I Care About Web Services? Web Services. By now, I’m sure you’ve written some. Or at least one. If not, you should. Why? Aside from the fact that you’re a software developer and it looks really good on a resume, web services can offer a wide...
  • Ron Cundiff's WebLog

    Definitely A Different Week...

    Last week was certainly an interesting week. It didn’t really start out much different than other weeks, with me driving toward Kansas City on Monday . Of course, I did have to drive slightly faster than the speed limit to make it into town just in time...
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