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  • Sara Ford's Weblog

    What is a Nighlty Test Case?

    Why is a nightly called a nightly? A nightly is a test case that must be run every time there is a new build. Since a new build is published every night, these tests are run nightly, hence the name. Other teams call these tests Acceptance or Self-Host...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog

    Some new content

    Over the last few weeks, Microsoft has released some very useful content. Two rather highly acclaimed pieces of content are: How to Customize Your Search Using SharePoint Portal Server 2003 SharePoint Portal Server 2003 End-User Training Kit
  • Hirlpoo West

    Disabling the animated CallerID on the Audiovox SMT5600

    As I've mentioned earlier, I've traded my Samsung SPH-i600 Smartphone for the hot new Audiovox SMT5600 from AT&T Wireless Cingular. A co-worker of mine was determined to disable the animated caller-id application and finally determined how to take...
  • MSDN Student Flash

    Meet the MSDN Student Flash team!

    Here we are, the bloggers bringing you this little site: James Griffith - California State University, Long Beach My name is James Griffith and I am currently a Computer Science student at California State University , Long Beach . I serve as a...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    RoamDrive - a personal, internet-based, virtual file system

    Dearest Blog Readers, A software utility finally exists that will leverage all of the wonderful new storage space on all three* major free internet-based email providers - Hotmail, Yahoo! Mail and GMail. RoamDrive is currently in beta and can be downloaded...
  • Visual Studio Data

    Database Diagramming Kano Survey (by Tim)

    We're rerunning our database modeling survey in Kano format. If you're interested in the future of data modeling in VS and the SQL Server tools, then we'd appreciate your help in defining what we build. Please fill out the survey posted at: http://whdc...
  • RichCook's WebLog

    Cabinet End Game

    I haven't had a chance to update for a long time. But work has been continuing on the cabinet. It has now been totally covered in the leather effect vinyl, the control panel has also been finished. Although it needs to be secured to the cabinet. The T...
  • The Design-Time Developer

    Upcoming MSDN Events Online in November (our webcasts)

    The August pilot of my “test-prep” webcast on preparing for your next MCAD/MCSD exams went very well, so, due to popular demand, I am re-presenting it next week. Preparing for the MCAD or MCSD exams And remember, as always, that the webcasts will be available...
  • Michael Howard's Web Log

    NSA Posts Mac OS X 10.3.x security guide

    Weighing in at a hefty 3Mb and 109pp, the NSA has posted the "Apple Mac OS Security Configuration Guide." If you use Macs you should read this doc at This is goodness.
  • .NET Security Blog

    An Enhanced Version of the Sandboxed AppDomain

    Last week I showed how to create an AppDomain with a limited set of permissions . I also presented an easy way to create a StrongNameMembershipCondition . Now I'll put the two together to make an enhanced version of the sandboxed AppDomain. Why create...
  • Visual ActiveKent Sharkey .NET SE 3.11

    Use Cache, Save Cash

    Where's Rob been? Busy starting a company and building a Community Server . However, he still cares about all of you enough to keep writing his column - read his latest, " Use Cache, Save Cash " about SQL cache invalidation in ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0.
  • Richard Godfrey

    New version of the Introduction to the Web Services Architecture and its Specifications paper

    My US colleagues Chris, Felipe and Don (all key contributers to the ws-* specs over the last few years) have just released an updated version of the Web Services Architecture paper that describes the design principles underlying the architecture and foundational...
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