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  • Sue Loh's blog

    More CE database Q&A

    Posting some questions I received from my blog. 1. You mentioned the that the maximum size of an object store is 256MB. Which versions of Windows CE does this apply, Windows Mobile 2003, Pocket PC 2002? It applies to all versions of Windows CE....
  • robgruen's WebLog

    Marsrovers get Life Extension

    I just read an article stating that the rovers have been guaranteed an 18 month extension to their operations: . This is good news since the Hubble space telescope has been written off:
  • jaybaz [MS] WebLog

    Google Desktop Search size

    I flattened my desktop machine last week, reinstalling all the software again. Google Desktop Search spent the weekend reindexing. Today I arrive at work and see: Google Desktop Search has reached its maximum size. New items will no longer be indexed...
  • White.Steve.Blog

    Arthur, Nendo Nessie, and Avalon 3D

    Download the ArthurTest sample Download nessie.obj Just before I started working at Microsoft nearly three years ago, I wrote a hobby project called Windows OpenGL Classes (WOC). It’s written in VC++ 6.0 (but it compiles with VS.NET 2002) and...
  • Hirlpoo West

    Now on MSN...

    I took the plunge and set up a "space" on MSN. I've always felt a little reluctant to post non-technical stuff here. Here is the link . I can't say I'll be updating it a whole lot more than here, but who knows. Only time will tell.
  • Mike Wasson's Blog

    What happened to DirectShow?

    You may have noticed that DirectShow was not included in the April 2005 update of the DirectX SDK. That's because DirectShow is moving to the Platform SDK, starting with the Platform SDK for Windows Server 2003 Service Pack 1, which should be available...
  • A Canuck In The Machine

    Introducing Canadian Developer Community Radio (brought to you by MSDN Canada)!

    Introducing Canadian Developer Community Radio (brought to you by MSDN Canada)!...
  • Santomania

    Scotty, beam me up

    I'm back at the Redmond mothership for a week of training. Indigo, Avalon, Longhorn, Office 12, WSE, security... let the good times roll :)
  • Krzysztof Cwalina

    Design Guidelines Update: Dispose Pattern

    Joe, just posted an update to the Design Guidelines describing issues relared to IDisposable, Finalization, and resource management....
  • David L's Blog

    I want to build it, so they will come!

    My role as a Developer Evangelist has me on the road a fair bit, meeting development teams, and seeing the challenges they face day to day. They see me as being quite privileged, and I constantly cop jives along the lines of, "Yeah Lemphers, you think...
  • David L's Blog

    Quick Pointers to VSTS Webcasts

    For my friends at Invetech , just a quick pointer to Rob Caron's blog posting on VSTS webcasts.
  • Chris Flaat's WebLog

    Too little sleep, too much caffeine

    It seems like forever since I got eight hours of decent sleep. I love my kids, but it sure would be nice if they would sleep past 6am! My wife is on me for drinking too much pop -- she thinks 4 a day is too many (if only she knew it was more like 5 or...
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