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  • Roberdan

    [Fiction::] ICT - Come Sarà (2007-2005)

    You’re about to watch a future history of the media by Robin Sloan and Matt Thompson, with music by Aaron McLeran - ============================================== ICOT : riteniamo che l’ICT dovrà aggiungere una “O” al suo...
  • Roberdan

    Dissertazione sul Peer 2 Peer

    seguendo l’attuale modello economico e mappandolo su un altro asse è fuor di dubbio che il Peer2Peer (cioè reti tra pari. vi basta un niente per averlo) sia il prossimo cavallo di battaglia della tecnologia ICT. L’economia si muove secondo questa formula...
  • craigrow

    Changing ASI server defaults

    As you know, I was in Silicon Valley last week showing customers the DTM and ASI. One thing I had to explain over and over was the server defaults in ASI. For most people, the first OS they put on their ASI server is Windows XP. The built-in default for...
  • One Louder

    I'm not not thinking about Katrina

    When I started this blog, I thought hard about what I wouldn't blog about. Specifically, religion, politics and my personal life (family, dating, etc). I'm an opinionated person as anyone who knows me (or reads this blog) is aware. So I've been keeping...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CEFileWiz - Shortcut support - UI Question.

    Hey, So, I’m looking to add shortcut support into CEFileWiz, this would mean that you could add one or more files which, by default live in the \Windows folder, CEFileWiz would generate a shortcut for the files and map to the appropriate folder within...
  • PeteL's Blog

    Too Many Domains

    Ugh, I think I just realized I have too many domains. And I'm most of them in some way at least! - not in use - in use - in use
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    Managing Services....

    Dave just told me that the work he and others have been doing on Service Management is finally publicly available . Lots of good stuff here, including a slick little Flash-based demo . You are highly encouraged to take a look.
  • Blog de RicardoJ

    Evento Comunidad .NET Guatemala - 21 Septiembre

    La comunidad de Desarrolladores .NET de Guatemala se estará reuniendo el día miércoles 21 de Septiembre para tener una sesión técnica sobre Refactoring en C# . Recuerda que puedes unirte a ésta o a cualquier otra comunidad de CCA para enriquecer tus conocimientos...
  • Ben Riga's Deep Shift

    Hey! I'm on channel 9

    Whoa! I was catching up on some blog reading and saw on Carter’s blog that Channel 9 posted a video of the heathcare app I’ve been working on for the past while. It wasn’t supposed to be posted until after PDC but I guess Scoble was too excited to hold...
  • .NET 技術 & Web 技術 WebLog(鈴木祐巳,Masami Suzuki)

    インプレス「レンタルサーバー完全ガイド Vol.2」にDotNetNuke記事掲載

    インプレス「レンタルサーバー完全ガイド Vol.2」にDotNetNukeのインストール記事が掲載されました。 定期刊行物にて、DotNetNukeのインストール記事が掲載されたのは今回が初になります。 同定期刊行物Vol.1では、Community Serverをお取り扱いいただいていますので、こちらも合わせてご紹介しておきます。 レンタルサーバー完全ガイド Vol.2サイト
  • Windows Small Business Server Documentation

    How to change the IP address of your SBS 2003 computer

    If you want to change the IP address of the network adapter used to connect to the Internet from a dynamically assigned address to a statically assigned address (or vice versa), use the following procedure to reconfigure the network connection. ...
  • atmosphere - the developer blog of Bernard Wong

    Download location for the sample code from my x64 programming Webcast

    For those of you who attended my Webcast this morning on developing for the Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Edition from Visual Studio 2005, you can now download the sample code and compiled solution . There were no slides, just a brief introduction...
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