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  • VolkerW's WebLog

    MSN Screen Saver

    The beta is out for a few days now. I just tried it on XP x64 Edition and of course it works. What I like most: The option to add RSS feeds. Here's a list of 3 that I would recommend for testing. The first 2 use the RSS feature of MSN Search. http...
  • craigrow

    It's official Longhorn is now Windows Vista

    Longhorn is now Windows Vista . I'm told it's pronounced vee-sta, with a long a. Apparently the name was announced yesterday at the Microsoft Global Briefing at the Georgia Dome. The email to everyone this morning says, "the name of our product captures...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Back to Oshkosh

    A bunch of the crew are getting ready to make yet another pilgrimage to the world's biggest fly-in next week in Oshkosh , Wisconsin. Once again we have a booth in one of the exhibit hangars--we skipped last year--and a half dozen or so folks are heading...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Seattle Childrens Theater Summer Season

    As I mentioned earlier , Daniel's appearing in SCT's summer season production of Honk! . He'll be playing the part of Bullfrog, which is a mostly comic relief role (and he gets a killer song). The kids involved in the summer season performances have...
  • Darryl Burling @ Work

    Longhorn no more....

    Longhorn is officially to be named Windows Vista. It was announced yesterday internally and today externally. View the announcement at See - its coming! Start saving your pennies...
  • The Visual Basic Team

    Battling Bugs: A Glimpse of “VB War” by Irene Fan

    Since the Whidbey product cycle is winding down, it’s time for “VB War” – the process of reviewing every bug and determining which ones are to be fixed. Each of us Visual Basic Explorers got the chance to experience it firsthand to get some idea of what...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    A user question about Windows Vista

    When I got up this morning, I read about the official name for Longhorn: Windows Vista . Excited about the new name and the associations possible I told my wife Kirsten about it. I won't share her first associations with the new name here... But she asked...
  • Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Related Topics

    A Little on Generalization, Reuse and Parameterization in F#

    In this post I want to briefly touch on one of the main ways in which F# makes routine programming tasks simple. One of the most common forms of code reuse involves taking existing code and making it more general, that is, reusing a basic algorithm or...
  • hughpyle

    Deep dive: how Groove Forms synchronizes data

    As I mentioned earlier , Groove's essential magic is that all members of a workspace see the same information in the space. That's maintained even though members can work offline (each member has a copy of each of their workspaces, so all the information...
  • Tripp Parks's WebLog

    Windows Vista

    At least it doesnt have X in its name:) mental picture: a mental picture covering a wide range of objects or a long succession of events in the past or future
  • Joe Calev's WebLog

    Home automation with speech - my vision

    In my last post I mentioned that I will be using Speech Server in my own home to help automate it. In this post I will explain what I mean by 'home automation' and what my plans are for this application. This is not really a 'vision' because there are...
  • Bill O'Brien's WebLog

    Farewell Longhorn

    The name for the next version of Windows has just been announced. I must say that Longhorn was one of the best known codenames ever, probably a function of us having been talking about it since before PDC 2003. Vista - like it. On another note, I'm...
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