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  • All About Interop

    Common Sense on Interop

    Just saw Ted Neward's 5-page brief on Java and .NET Interop (from 2004)
  • annotated in parsing


    Yesterday, I was so pleasantly surprised by a product, that I actually went and got all my colleagues, and showed this to them. I was installing Virtual PC for the first time, and when it came time to configure my first virtual machine, a dialog asked...
  • Dare Obasanjo's WebLog

    MSN Spaces Tips and Tricks

    Abbie, who is one of the coolest MSN Spaces users around, has a posted a collection of links to various posts showing how to get extra mileage out of MSN Spaces. Check out her post MSN Spaces Tips, Tricks, Gods and More . Some of my favorite links from...
  • The Old New Thing

    The dangers of filtering window messages

    Thinking through message pumping....
  • Brad Abrams

    WinFX CTP here we come...

    As Rudder say , we are well on our way to getting the first combined CTP drop of Indigo and Avalon out the door. It is a baby-step on the way to the final release, but an important baby step. While the install experience is not as seamless as we would...
  • Write Ahead Blog

    Activating stored procedures asynchronously

    I was tempted to post a HelloWorld sample for Service Broker, but since Roger Wolter's article already provides that, I decided to avoid the redundancy. Instead I shall describe how to setup async execution using Service Broker's activation mechanism...
  • [Profoundly Esoteric Image]

    Just what IS a DSL Tools designer?

    Recently, an anonymous participant in our newsgroup posted to ask about building code in the debugging solution we provide with the templates in our December DSL Tools CTP. She'd built a DSL designer and was successfully using it to create documents....
  • Cool Client Stuff

    Smart Client in focus again

    Good to see that Soma's keynote at VSLive! San Francisco brings the concept of 'smart client' back in focus. This is something I am personally passionate about and it is also the theme of this blog. Here is Soma's blog post on the topic and you can view...
  • Junfeng Zhang's Windows Programming Notes

    linkedConfiguration --- a.k.a include in config file

    It is common to share an assembly between several applications. Typically you will install the assembly to GAC. When you want to service the assembly, you create a publisher policy assembly, and install the publisher policy assembly to GAC. All...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Bottle of Champagne if you fix HTML/CSS issue

    Steve needs help : "Right. This is your last chance to save bowblog's three-column layout . Most of you (the Explorer users, basically) don't even know this is a three-column web site because, for you, the third column displays somewhere down there (underneath...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Compiler Lab Results

    Microsoft has been having a .Net compiler lab from Feb 7 to Feb 9. It looks like it’s been going very well, so kudos to the organizers. I’ve had a chance to talk to a few people about clr debugging and they’ve asked some great questions. Here’s a sampling...
  • Petter's WebLog

    Size of antivirus market just got bigger for Microsoft partners

    The Sybari acquisition has one very nice side-effect for anti-virus vendors targeting Exchange. Microsoft's purchase will likely mass-enable Exchange customers as customers of multiple AV solutions. Time to buy stock in Symantec, Norman etc.?
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