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  • John's Blog

    C# Express and the WebBrowser control

    I love the WebBrowser control - it makes it easy to create customized Web browsers in my C# applications (for example, adding tabs as in this article ). Recently I was trying to find a way to block the custom browser from opening up new pages in a separate...
  • Visio


    今週は 3D ソフトウェアっぽいテクニックを紹介します。ソフトシャドウ、まあ要するにぼかしのきいた影のことなのですが、Visio で 3D モデリングのようなことができる、と書くとちょっとインパクトがありますね。 まずは使用前と使用後を見比べてください。 使用前 使用後 影は塗りつぶしの設定画面でいろいろと調整することができます。透明度をいじることができるので、単純にこの値を上げるだけでもだいぶ洗練された雰囲気にはなります。純色だときつい印象のある影が薄くなり、立体感も出ますね...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    More surrealism

    So I'm in a training course this afternoon. And the guy in front of me is surfing the web on his tablet. And I noticed what was on his screen... . Very, very wierd. I doubt he even realized that I was behind...
  • Visual Studio Editor Blog

    Emacs and Brief Emulations in Visual Studio 2005 (aka Whidbey) Beta 2

    I hope that everyone has had a chance to download Beta 2 of Whidbey as there have been many improvements since Beta 1. If not, you can download it here: . Two of the features that we've improved since Beta...
  • mgrier's WebLog

    Always check your return codes?

    Is there a bug here? int do_work(char *psz) { some_type *p = NULL; int t; if ((t = foo(&p, psz)) != 0) return t; if ((t = bar(p)) != 0) return t; if ((t = baz(p)) != 0) return t; return 0; // success } Let's be clear that this is ambiguous....
  • IPsec and Domain Isolation

    Why NAT and IPsec Don't Like Each Other [Updated 4.29.2005]

    ====================== DISCLAIMER ==================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. ==================================================== If you have ever ready articles on IPsec or NAT (Network Address...
  • Arpan Shah's Blog


    I went to a U2 concert last night. It was fantastic. Mind blowing. After all these years, U2 still attracts people of all different ages and backgrounds. It's even more admirable how Bono uses his popularity and songs to try and change the world; to talk...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Smartphone Security Configurations

    Did you know that the Mobile2Market website includes a list of the security configurations that various Smartphone devices have shipped with? Check it out at
  • Michael Rys

    Wireside chats

    Last week, I had three one-on-one “wireside“ chats with Tim Anderson , Jon Udell , and Peter Coffee . They were all very interesting conversations on topics they were interested in in the area of databases and XML. Everyone had a slightly different focus...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    Windows 64-bit in the Enterprise

    There are so many good arguments for using a 64-bit OS instead of a 32-bit OS. Since yesterday x64 support for Windows Professional, Standard, Enterprise and Datacenter Server is officially available. Today one of my colleagues did a presentation at WinHEC...
  • Yves Dolce

    MFC 8 (VC++ 2005) and Windows Forms

    I know that some of you have managed to use some Windows Forms forms in your MFC applications via ActiveX Control hosting or just plain Win32 calls and hosting the CLR manually. I’m sure you are suffering the accelerator/tab navigation issues, among others...
  • Direct Reports

    Unknown Country

    There is an oversight in the documentation of the new client print functionality of Reporting Services Service Pack 2 . SP2 has a new behavior that extracts the page size and margin information at report publishing time so that it can be used by the print...
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