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  • John's Blog

    Diabetes Tracking System

    I just had to post about the project my friend Lesley-Ann was working on, not only because it's won an award, but because it's a genuinely useful piece of software. Of course, it was developed using Visual Studio. Now I need to talk Lesley-Ann into developing...
  • Chris Flaat's WebLog

    Bridging the Gap, etc.

    Greetings all – My apologies for being behind on posting. Things have been really crazy around here with VS2005 shutting down and work on the next major release ramping up. I’ve been tasked to help out with some engineering improvement initiatives...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    Resolving ambiguity in C# param passing

    Here's a question I got recently about parameter arrays in C#. Suppose you are designing a method and you know that it is going to take some small number of values, but you're not sure how many. For example, consider what I call the "madlib" formatting...
  • View from the Cube

    By Popular Demand

    Hi! I received several requests for the slide decks from the TouchDown presentation that I delivered in Denver last week. So.... Here they are: ALaparoundVisualStudio2005.mht http://www333...
  • Inside Architecture

    SOA: Good fences make good neighbors

    One of the tenants of Service Orientation is that the boundaries are explicit. Boundaries are usually expressed in the form of the data that is passed back and forth, but I challenge all designers to exceed that simple level of understanding and to make...
  • Bug Babble

    Login fun

    Jeff Atwood argues that the Login dialog should infer the username from the password: . That reminded me that many user's of XP home don't have a password, which is even simpler. If you are cringing...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Insert Smiley

    :) I haven't been paying too much attention to my blog formatting options recently. I'm pretty much a straightforward text guy. Back when I started coding, all we had was uppercase letters. Struth! Anyway, I'm not big on lots of extra formatting...
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Your gadget recommendations

    I'm considering replacing my SmartPhone (a Motorola MPX200) with something else. I've developed a real love-hate relationship with my phone. I like all the "smart" functionality, but I hate what a rotten phone it is on occasion. I often go straight from...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Come work in the Movie Maker Team...

    The Movie Maker team is hiring. I haven't written much about the Movie Maker team, but it's a great place to work. Challenging and interesting problems. Making the complex easy (easier?). Pushing the PC architecture to its limits. Drinking lots of...
  • Mike Poulson's Thoughts on lots of stuff

    Today I got my NSA IAM Certificate in the Mail

    In July I attended the Black hat Conf in Las Vegas ( ). While I was there I attended the NSA IAM certification course. Today I went down to check my mailbox and found my NSA IAM Cert. I am now certified in the eyes of the United...
  • edjez's WebLog

    So Long Ward!

    I'm sad to say Ward Cunningham is leaving patterns & practices and Microsoft. Ward was an incredible mentor and friend during his stay here. I will miss his ability to focus on the essence of things, to keep connected to the human side of our industry...
  • Jason Langridge's WebLog - MR Mobile!

    This has to be the coolest promo for a Smartphone yet!?

    While some of our competitors try and sell their devices when you buy pizzas or jeans... Check out this great offer from BuyMobilePhones.Net! Get a free MiniMoto bike with an Orange C500!
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