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  • MSDN | Portugal

    Ciclo de Webcasts | Advanced Active Directory Troubleshooting

    Assista a mais um Ciclo de Webcasts , desta vez sobre Advanced Active Directory Troubleshooting . Renato Pereira da Microsoft Portugal é o orador destas 3 sessões que se seguem nos dias 15, 16 e 17 de Dezembro . Veja aqui o conteúdo de cada sessão . 1ª...
  • Marco Dorantes' WebLog

    Human-oriented software design is error-oriented

    Alternate title: Cognitive dissonance in software design. How to know if a design process is help or hindrance for good decision making? As the design activity consists of a myriad of decisions, all the way from idea to released bits and back, the...
  • Dr. Z's Blog

    A Look Behind the Backgrounds of Windows 7

    Are you curious about how the Microsoft user experience team came out with final designs and selections? If yes, watch Larry Larsen’s interview with senior UX lead Denise Trabona at Channel9.
  • Cathy Dumas's Blog

    ExpressionTextBox – for arguments only (well mostly)

    [12/19 edit: ExpressionTextBox is not strictly for arguments only, see the exception here ] In a previous post I alluded to the fact that you should be able to bind an ExpressionTextBox to a CLR property. My hazy memory was that this was done at one point...
  • The Office Live Guy

    Office Live can help when working from home

    As someone who does work from home sometimes - admittedly mostly during evenings and weekends :-), it’s always interested to read about how Microsoft technologies can help. I came across these two articles which provide some useful pointers : Make a good...
  • Goto 100 - Development with Visual Basic

    MSDN Flash Podcast 018 – Michael Foord discusses IronPython

    Note: Cross posted from IUpdateable from Eric Nelson . Permalink [22/12/09: I have been unable to get the podcast hosted on Channel 9 due to problems with the publishing platform. But Michael did a great job so I wanted to get it posted. Hence you...
  • Spec Explorer 团队博客


    很多使用者问到什么时候选择静态模型,什么时候选择实例模型。 Spec Explorer的基础解决方案向导(Visual Studio File菜单->New->Project->Visual C#->Spec Explorer Base Solution)在第二步对几种模型进行了简述,并让用户进行选择: 所以在这里和大家探讨一下在什么情况下选择哪种模型。 大家可能还记得在之前的一篇博客中,我们讲到了两种连接测试用例与待测系统的方式:直接连接和适配器连接。如果你决定使用后者...
  • Der Evangelist mit dem Hut

    Wenn Du brav warst, Schenk!

    Da hab ich mich doch gestern am Hauptbahnhof gleich angesprochen gefühlt. Ich war auf einem Seminar über Digital Signage als Gastredner zum Thema Silverlight eingeladen und an der Bayerstraße hat mich doch glatt diese Werbung direkt angesprochen. Die...
  • Tech Tips, Comments and Curious Stuff

    And I won!!!

    Yes!... I was actually the winner of the contest to guess how many CRM Online trials we would get in November. I'm sure someone from our marketing team will publish the actual numbers but I can definitively tell you that we got a terrific response, thank...
  • Jack Greenfield's Blog

    A New Team, A New Mission

    Just over a month ago, I moved from p&p to the Cloud Services Team (CST), which is part of the Business Platform Division (BPD) of the Server and Tools Business (STB), reporting to John Shewchuk . CST is responsible for SQL Azure , Windows Azure platform...
  • Looking For The Spike...

    LoadLibrary Explorer

    Handy little spelunker to itneractively exercise LoadLibrary/Ex in all their various permutations. [Update 2009-12-06] LoadLibraryExplorer is a C++ application in source-only form (no precompiled bits), with build bits for Visual Studio 2005. Loading...
  • Startups brasileiras

    O HUB criado

      Eu tinha um a suspeita de que a comemoração de 1 ano de #Microsoft Sol seria mais do que um evento para mostrar resultados e lançar o #BizSpark One. Claro que esses assuntos merecem muita festa. Mas a esperança que eu tinha é de termos criamos...
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