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  • Chris Bowen's Blog

    Roadshow Update - Portland and Manchester

    Two more stops made and one more to go on the first tour of Bob & Chris' MSDN Roadshow! Portland, ME We visited the Portland, ME area and had a great audience brave the should-never-get-this-cold cold to come to the MESDA facility in Westbrook. [Again...
  • Mattias Lindberg

    patterns & practices: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Guidance

    In a new post by J.D. Meier he provides a link to a resource that I was not aware of, it' the patterns & practices: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Guidance on CodePlex. This is not a standard p&p project which delivers reference implementations...
  • Process of Change

    Social Network sites gaining in popularity

    Jeez, social site activity up, trends up, social networking on a role. Here's a good link: So I wonder if my other example of social networking -- your RSS reader -- is picking up speed equally as...
  • Geir Morten Allum's nettsky/cloud computing hvor, hva, når, hvorfor, osv...

    Visual Studio SP1 Refresh (Vista GDR)

    På tirsdag ble update'n til Visual Studio rettet mot Vista lagt ut for nedlasting. Denne har tidligere også blitt kalt Vista GDR. Primært så er det et sett med bug fixes for å få VS 2005 til å fungere skikkelig på Vista. 'Det er lagt ut en Q&A...
  • Linda Chong's Blog

    JEE to .Net

    I hear some customers wanting to migrate their JEE/Java applications to .Net. As part of my continuous efforts to help my customers, I will be conducting a 3 days workshop/training for them. Then it will be followed by 2 days of migration assessment where...
  • yag: Community and Architecture

    Sedna CTP Articles

    We released the latest Community Technology Preview for Sedna - and it's made Application Developer Trends magazine .
  • People, Places, Things

    Hello and Welcome

    After much consideration and having a personal blog for almost five years I've decided to join many of my MS colleagues and run a MSDN/Technet blog, I'm not sure there is a distinction so MSDN was chosen at random. The reason? My personal blog is a mish...
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Norge

    En Topp 10 lista över de bästa med Microsoft CRM (enligt våra kunder)

    Vårt Microsoft CRM team i Redmond har gjort en undersökning bland våra befintliga kunder för få reda på vad de tycker om Microsoft CRM Här följer en Topp 10 lista över de bästa med Microsoft CRM enligt våra kunder Förbättrar kommunikation ...
  • マイクロソフトのEngineering Windows 7 ブログ

    High DPIについてのさらなるフォローアップ

    素晴らしい!非常に面白い High DPI の議論です。 Ryan の書いた summary によって議論はますます白熱してきています。ありがとうございます! --Steven いくつかの白熱した議論とともに、High DPIに対する多くのコメントが寄せられています。それらの多くは、我々が収集してきたデータと一致する、よい例になっています。私たちがデータを持たない分野に対して、これらのコメントは私たちの持つ多くの仮説を裏付けとなっています。もう一つ明らかになったのは、この機能の一部について誤解があり...
  • Antimail

    Cool way to get customer feedback

    Lenovo tries to understand whether we prefer titanium or black for the next ThinkPad. And set up a really nice flash-based questionnaire: So far, it looks like Titanium got most votes by large margin...
  • Dgoldman's WebLog

    Exchange Insider Articles on TechCenter

    There are a number of the "Exchange Insider" articles starting to trickle out onto the TechCenter web site: . In case you are not familiar with these articles, they come from...
  • Managed CodeGen

    Sample Code to invoke managed code inside profiling API

    ProfilerCallback.cpp // This is the function that will invoke the managed code through COM interop on another thread // this function creates the CCW object // [in] this pointer DWORD WINAPI CreateManagedStub(LPVOID lpParam) { _ManagedStub *...
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