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  • André Henriksson

    ASP.NET 2.0 - Web Deployment Projects Update

    Nu har den add-on till Visual Studio 2005 som jag tycker bäst om fått en "refresh". Web Deployment Projects kan nu laddas ner i en ny version som nu också har fungerande substituering av block i web.config för att kunna skilja på utveckling-, test- och...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    How To: Showing Notifications with Mobile 5

    Question: My company is in the process of developing an Windows Mobile 5 mobile application. One of the things that we need to do for the application design is show notification. I have read that this can be done. However, I can’t seem to figure out how...
  • Michaeljon Miller

    Oh yeah, and the core of LOB applications *is* financials

    So it took me seven years to come to this realization. Financials is a hard requirement for just about any line of business application. Without at least core financials it's impossible to really hit day-to-day scenarios that make business run better...
  • What's Rockin' in Singapore

    Architecture Ideas

    Architecture community starts here.... Link to Architecture Ideas Happy reading!
  • adamga's WebLog

    patterns & practices: Visual Studio 2005 Team System Guidance

    This is the stuff many folks have been waiting for! VSTS Guidance from the patterns and practices group at Microsoft! Explained: Branching in Team Foundation Server Video: How To - Setup Your Source Tree in Team Foundation Server Video: How To - Structure...
  • Reaching Out to Microsoft Partners in Australia

    New Healthcare Website Live

    • 0 Comments Love it - in Australia our industry marketing team have pioneered delivery of a clear and exciting vision for what Microsoft can do to help healthcare customers deliver better services. This of course...
  • Nav developer's blog

    RIM Tool on 5.0 SP1

    Although the RIM tool was originally designed to assist in the setup of Master data; i.e. Customers, Vendors, Items, etc., the reality is that many are using the Data Migration tool to bring in journal lines to set up beginning balances and to bring over...
  • Writing ... or Just Practicing?

    Top 10 Tips for New or Nervous Computer Users


    It may seem like this week's disjointed ramblings follows on from last week's topic, in some lexographically eerie and unexpected way. I can assure you that this wasn't intentional - the capability to avoid straying off topic during the course of a single short article has so far always eluded me, and I see no reason for that situation to have changed. After all, there's no sign yet that I'm actually getting the hang of this blogging thing. Still, at least I'm not frightened of computers, as are some people in my age group.

  • Holger Sirtl's WebLog

    "BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation" als CTP verfügbar

    Unter folgender URL kann die März CTP der Erweiterung für WF heruntergeladen werden: "BPEL for Windows Workflow Foundation (WF)" ist...
  • Christian Binder

    Photosynth im Playboy Magazin 04.07

    Im Playboy Magazin 04.07 findet Ihr ein Artikel zu Photosynth im Bereich Hightech: Software: Ein neues Computerprogramm baut eine virtuelle Welt aus Tausenden von Fotos und ich kann nur sagen es tut sich einiges...
  • Coding4Fun

    Eucher in VB

    Matt Gertz is showing how to code Eucher in What is Eucher? It is a trump style card game with 2 teams of 2 people. Wikipedia has more history and the rules if you care . Currently there are six parts on line and you can hit up the VB Team blog...
  • MSDN Österreich Blog

    UniveRSS - 3D RSS Reader für Windows Vista

    Schon was von UniveRSS gehört? Der 3D RSS Reader für Windows Vista demonstriert eindrucksvoll die Möglichkeiten der Windows Presentation Foundation, inklusive 3D Animationen und Beleuchtungseffekten. RSS-Feeds werden dabei in einem dreidimensionalen Universum...
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