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  • The App Compat Guy

    Selection and Evolutionary Arms Races

    Selection is the basis by which evolution can develop the enormously complicated systems that exist today. The underlying principal is non-random selection of random mutations. In any organism, there is some degree of genetic drift. Despite the built...
  • Michael Rys

    Get your scuba gear for PDC 05 and get ready to dive into XQuery

    Get your scuba gear for PDC 05 and get ready to dive into XQuery, because I will be presenting a deep dive into XQuery in SQL Server at PDC . Here are some PDC links: PDC Main Page PDC Sessions Registration PDC Bloggers Channel 9...
  • Devhammer on MSDN

    Security Best Practices

    Folks, we are getting a great response to the Call for Speakers for our next Code Camp on security...with around 13 sessions submitted in less than a week. That's the good news. The bad news is that most of the submissions so far are for the Application...
  • Yves Dolce

    Enumerating the assemblies in the GAC.

    This is a version that fulfills my needs but if you need filtering, the information required is in the documents I’m pointing to in Gac.h file. As usual, comments are welcome! Example of use: for each ( String ^ s in gcnew Gac() ) Console...
  • VolkerW's WebLog

    VMware Workstation beta to support 64-bit guests

    Found this on: . Now this is cool (if it is true): "According to Rowland, one extremely cool feature of 5.5 is that, in a VMware-based system, the host operating system doesn't need to be a 64-bit operating system in...
  • David Cohen - TAM Microsoft France

    HD DVD XBOX 360 sur PC : le Test

    Chers lecteurs, Aprés l'annonce d'hier, je me suis rendu à la Fnac pour acheter ce fameux lecteur HD DVD. Cinéphile dans l'ame, je n'ai pu résister à effectuer un test complet que vous découvrirez dans les jours à venir. Pour information, mon PC sous...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CE Networking Blog: Writing Services for CE 6.0

    John Spaith has posted some information about porting services to CE 6.0 - here's a link to the blog post . - Mike
  • amivora's WebLog

    All Good Things

    Hey folks – like all good things, this too comes to an end. Today is my last day at Microsoft. It’s been a great ride, but it’s time for me to see what’s next. I plan to spend the next few months traveling (reacquainting myself with sunlight and big-city...
  • Garrett Serack: Senior Open Source Engineer

    Fear The Cowboy

    I've started a new blog, that is more encompassing of everything I do, not just my CardSpace duties. You can find it at g Garrett Serack | Program Manager |Federated Identity Team | Microsoft Corporation...
  • 철수네 소프트웨어 세상 [마이크로소프트 지점]

    F# 1.1.13 다운로드

    Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Other Research Projects : F# 1.1.13 now available! F# Download 달라진 점들은 다음과 같습니다: Language Enhancements Range Comprehensions . e.g. {1 .. 3} IEnumerable, Array and List Comprehensions . Named arguments and post-hoc property...
  • Steve Clayton

    Is This The Bus?

    Day 2 of the Business EVOlution Roadshow and we're on a very wet Kensington High Street (not literally). James and Matt (aka Pacino and Nicholson) are seen here setting up for the day. Best quote of the tour so far goes to Mr Senior who upon climbing...
  • UK Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Re-Release of Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Connector for Microsoft Dynamics GP has been re-released! Key upgrades in the re-release version: Support for integration to both US versions of Microsoft Dynamics GP as well as international versions. Support for Microsoft...
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