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  • SQL Protocols

    Identifying system endpoints in SQL Server 2005

    SQL Server 2005 introduces the concept of an ‘Endpoint’. Endpoints are objects that represent a communication point between the server and a client. SQL Server automatically creates an endpoint for each of the four protocols (TCP/IP, Shared Memory, Named...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    Docuholics Unite!

    I'm a big fan of documentaries and Nova on PBS is one of my favorite series. This past week they had an absolutely fantastic 2-hour program called " Einstein's Big Idea " that provides the story behind his theory of general relativity. It literally takes...
  • SQL Protocols

    Sql Server 2005 fail to start up if there are spaces after tcp port

    SYMPTOMS: When you try to start sql server 2005, it may fail and in the errorlog, it shows: Error: 17182, Severity: 16, State: 1. TDSSNIClient initialization failed with error 0xd, status code 0x10 Error: 17826, Severity: 18, State: 3. Could...
  • The Little Wheel Goes in Back

    I'm So Old

    At least I feel that way, working in this business. As much as I love technology I'm actually pretty slow to adopt it into my own life. My 'top-end' TV is still a 27" CRT, I don't own an MP3 player and my cell phone is bare bones. In fact, it wasn't until...
  • Erika Ehrli - Adventures with Office Products & Technologies

    My two cents... (as my team says)

    My contribution to the developer community....
  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    Leaky code?

    Here's an excerpt from an sp_OA proc code example in the SQL Server 2000 Books Online: DECLARE @object int DECLARE @hr int DECLARE @property varchar(255) DECLARE @return varchar(255) DECLARE @src varchar(255), @desc varchar(255) -- Create an object...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    A few bad apples ...

    Disclaimer: I write the following post from the point of view of someone who has worked at Microsoft for 5+ years and genuinely loves the company. My thoughts do not represent the company or its HR department. They only represent Gretchen's thoughts....
  • One Louder

    MSN/Yahoo! IM Interop

    From the Wall Street Journal. Interesting. Now all Yahoo! users are going to get to IM the cool kids on MSN directly. It's like an invitation to the popular kids' table. Oh calm yourself...I'm just joking (kind of)! ; )
  • devi's blog

    Why do I blog? What will readers get out of my blog?

    Why do I blog? To get customer input on features How will readers benefit from my blog? Readers will get a channel for providing direct feedback to the Microsoft Expression Quartz program management team I also use my blog as an...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Technology Enabled Clothing Ad.

    Found a link to this on Dale Coffings blog (Dale Coffing is Mr Mobile!) - It's an iPod 'like' advert for Technology Enabled Clothing . - Mike
  • HoppeRx - the cure for your ailing device

    Fingers and toes

    Several of our account managers were out and about with some free time on their digits… Contest: If you can identify the owner of the hands in this picture, I will send you official JDP Silly-putty that will help mute Hopper runs (while supplies...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Windows Workflow Foundation

    In case you haven’t seen it – Windows Workflow Foundation is going to be one of the coolest technologies we have. They have a great community site with some of the best resources and code samples. It’s well worth checking it out - http://www.windowsworkflow...
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