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  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Scobleizer makes Dilbert

    Rick Segal is convinced Robert el Scobleizer is the character in today's Dilbert.
  • Microcertified Notes

    A Newbie message...

    I have finally made the leap to the community of blogger's. I am in hopes that I can provide as much value and spark as much interest in the community as those who came before me. Hopefully, you all will discover something you can use, discuss in earnest...
  • Chad Z. Hower a.k.a. Kudzu's Blogspace

    Yes it's true, I'm working for Microsoft

    Where to start? Those of you who have ever worked with Delphi probably recognize me and finding me here might be quite a surprise. I'll be posting more later on how and why I'm here. For those of you who are not from the Borland community, most...
  • Tom Hollander's blog

    What's next in the LOB Program?

    Not many people know (or for that matter, really need to know) that the patterns & practices team is internally organized into four "programs". A program is basically an umbrella used to group related projects, with a dedicated budget and core team...
  • Alex Barnett's blog


    Tommy Williams of the Microsoft WinFS team is cautiously excited: "I’ve been excited by what I have seen internally, but as much as we hear about Steve Jobs’s reality distortion field, there’s one at least as strong inside the buildings at Microsoft...
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    First AJAX, now AFLAX?

    So what is all this XAML-based AFLAX I've been hearing about the last couple of days and what of it? Fooshen seems excited : "Web development has certainly comes a long way. Check out this product: XAMLON (
  • Alex Barnett's blog

    Web 2.0 Design Patterns (or Principles)

    Chris Anderson must think I'm stalking him or something...I keep pointing to his posts. But if he keep writing such great stuff, what else can I do? Yesterday Chris wrote around how the Long Tail relates to the definition of Web 2.0 (see Tim O'Reilly...
  • Kam VedBrat


    this is great. 5 dollar solution to the scratched nano problem!
  • Kam VedBrat

    Aero UI discussion on Channel 9

    I spent some time this evening reading through the feedback from a recent video interview I did on Channel 9. Lots of great discussion going on. I clarified one of the remarks I had made in the video in an earlier post , but I'd like to take a moment...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Learn Acrylic!

    As many of you know, our upcoming visual designer product code-named "acrylic" has its heritage in another product called Creature House Expression. If you want to get a quick ramp-up on using these products, there's a great tutorial posted on StudioE3...
  • Mike Stall's .NET Debugging Blog

    Viewing Exception Message string

    Several people have asked how managed debugger tools can print more details about an exception, such as its message string. Just printing that an exception of type "BadArgumentException" was thrown is a nice start. Managed Exceptions are associated with...
  • Kam VedBrat

    Windows Vista stuck at 800x600?

    If you're running beta 1 or build 5219 (the PDC build) of Windows Vista on a notebook pc and your resolution is stuck at 800x600, Chris Pirillo has good news for you . No guarantees about what this will do on older or future builds of Windows Vista (the...
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