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  • Ken Henderson's WebLog

    64-bit MemToLeave

    Question: On 64-bit SQL Server, which tends to be larger: the Buffer Pool or the MemToLeave region? Because it usually dominates the user mode portion of 32-bit SQL Server's process address space, it might make sense to assume that the BPool is usually...
  • Chetan Chudasama's Weblog

    Community Content Installer PowerToys

    Craig Skibo has just posted an updated version of the Community Content Installer Power Toys. These are tools that will help you build, uninstall community content. If you haven't yet then give it a try. The download is available at http://workspaces...
  • Craig Skibo's WebLog

    Updated content installer power toys

    I have uploaded new builds of the content installer power toys to the Got Dot NET workspace at . This package was built with a RC build of VS, so you may need a newer version to use it. This version has...
  • Exchange Pre-Deployment Testing

    JetStress (WR2.1): There has been confusion about sizing test database.

    JetStress (WR 1.2: 06.05.7529.0) --- Calculation is like the following: Planned Data: 750 users * 200 MB = 150 GB. Initial Data: 150 GB * 75% = 112.5 GB. Initial EDB: 112.5 GB * 1.67% = approximately 188 GB --- 112.5 GB mailbox data + 66%...
  • The App Compat Guy

    Genetic Programming and Units of Selection

    Genetic Programming is a fascinating field of study. Essentially, this is the study of software that writes software, selecting the software it has written that exhibits the highest degree of fitness, and allowing this software to continue to evolve over...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Bitmap::FromStream() issues

    I've been writing some code the last day or so to pull a PNG bitmap out of a resource file and put it into a GDI+ bitmap. You would like to use: Bitmap::FromResource() but unfortunately, that only works for BITMAP resources. I found some code internally...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    It's on the whiteboard

    Way back when, when we were first shipping NT 3.1, checking files into the source tree was pretty easy. You made your changes and checked them in. Not a big deal, since there were only 20 or so people working on the code base - the chances of collision...
  • graceworld

    Clean that machine!

    If you're having trouble installing the latest bits - make sure you've cleaned up your machine from previous installs:
  • Richard Godfrey

    We might have the Ashes but the Aussies have the Hands On Labs

    Hands On Labs are a great way ro get to grips with our new technology but you don't often get your hands on them (no pun intended) outside of the big events. Anyway looks like my Aussie mates like Dave Glover have got a whole load of them from TechEd...
  • graceworld

    Good news on Project Server and VSTS!

    Some good news for folks looking for a Project Server and VSTS integration:
  • Tim Sneath

    3D Models with Avalon using ZAM 3D

    Electric Rain just sent out a note to say that they've just released a new version of ZAM 3D . Those guys are doing some awesome stuff - if you've not seen their application before, it's a sophisticated 3D model editor that you can use to export to XAML...
  • IEBlog

    Call to action: The demise of CSS hacks and broken pages

    We’re starting to see the first round of sites and pages breaking due to the CSS fixes we have made. We would like to ask your help in cleaning up existing CSS hacks in your pages for IE7. It is has been our policy since IE6 that under quirks doctype...
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