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  • Visual Studio

    Microsoft Windows Anywhere—The Tablet and Mobile PC Developer Conference

    "...scheduled for Feb 6 -10 in San Francisco, is a must-attend event for developers seeking knowledge about Tablet and Mobile PC development. The event includes more than 30 sessions dedicated to Tablet/Mobile PC technologies and solutions, as well as...
  • The Old New Thing

    Why do files and directories with no time/date mess up sorting in Explorer?

    Files and directories with no time/date are often mistaken for so-called "simple" pidls...
  • Visual Studio

    ActiveSync 3.8 is now available

    "Microsoft ActiveSync 3.8 is the latest synchronization software for Windows Mobile-based Pocket PCs and Smartphones. ActiveSync 3.8 contains a set of security enhancements that provide a more secure syncing experience with a Windows PC, specifically...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Mind The GAPP

    Last week, we had the GAPP come into town for a “retreat”. Actually, it was more like an airlift in that we were briefing them on what we were working on and the stuff that is impending. For those of you who don’t know, the GAPP is “Guidance About patterns...
  • Okoboji: a lake, a mythical university, Kevin Moore's blog

    Most powerful wizard?

    I ran into my good friend Charlie on the bus tonight. Not only is Charlie a great Ultimate Frisbee player, but he's also a PM on the Excel team. Not only did Charlie introduce me to the wonder that is the pivot table in Excel, he also told me that the...
  • Santomania

    One year and counting...

    Hey, I just noticed that last week was exactly 12 months since I joined Microsoft. Time really does fly when having fun!
  • Don Syme's WebLog on F# and Related Topics

    Serras explains typeof(MSIL)

    I recently posted a note to the F# list on how to get the effect of typeof(...) in F# code through the use of F#'s inline Common IL. The code I used has now been beautifully explained by Alejandro Serrano (who assures me he is a high-school student from...
  • Omar Shahine

    Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies Article

    Everything you wanted to know about the Office 2003 Primary Interop Assemblies (ignore if you aren't writing a managed code for Office). "Learn how to get and install the Office 2003 primary interop assemblies (PIAs), and how to reference and troubleshoot...
  • Min Kwan Park's bLog

    New team....

    About 3 weeks ago, I moved to new team for Dynamic analysis. I'm still QA but this time, I have my own team to lead. I hope that I can lead this team to right direction and can provide great product to customers. ;)
  • All About Interop

    Java and .NET - AES Crypto Interop

    Both .NET v1.1 and Java v1.4.x include implementations of the AES. Which means, you can encrypt data on a Java platform, transmit it any old way you want, then decrypt it on a .NET platform. In theory, it's easy. This post discusses it and gives example code....
  • Mikhail Arkhipov (MSFT)'s WebLog

    Article on FrontPage intellisense customization

    FrontPage Blog published article on how to customize FP markup intellisense. The techique applies to Visual Studio 2002/2003 as well since FP uses similar mechanisms to drive markup intellisense and schemas are mostly compatible between VS and FP. However...
  • Brad Abrams

    Do all programmers speak english?

    I got in a little discussion with a colleague tonight about how many non-English speaking developers are using the .NET Framework. He asserted “all programmers speak English”… The general jest behind his argument is that developers tend to pick up English...
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