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  • Dinesh's Cyberstation

    Unexceptional exceptions (from C# 2.0 chat)

    Earlier today, we had C# language chat which was well attended. Even a bunch of us together barely managed to answer the questions posted by C# developers about all sorts of things. Exceptions was one of the popular topics. Two questions caught my eye...
  • Federated Infrastructure

    Moving Printers the Easy Way

    Here's a script that I put together that allows network administrators to reconfigure client computers in a network printer migration scenario. Provided the client supports the Windows Script Host, this can be run as a logon script and the only requirement...
  • ReuvenLax

    Math Puzzler

    Another quick problem before I head to sleep. Let T be a rectangle in the plane, and let the rectangle T1, T2, ..., Tn tile T. By this I mean that each of the tiling rectangles is contained in T, the union of all the rectangles equals T, and the intersection...
  • Marcus Perryman's WebLog

    How is Windows Mobile related to Windows CE?

    I keep getting the question “How is Windows Mobile related to Windows CE?” To be more precise I get lots of questions that don’t make sense if you understand the relationship between CE and Windows Mobile. So for my own sanity I'm going to document it...
  • GrayCode


    HE'S BACK After spending a number of years OOM (Outside Of Microsoft) I was seduced by the promise of working on a profiler. Since I occasionally feel the need for speed, I couldn’t resist and returned to Microsoft in the fall of 2003. I was a debugger...
  • Visual Studio Team System

    KNOWN ISSUE: Some Antivirus Applications Interfere with Setup

    Problem : Some antivirus applications delete the contents of the Temporary Files folder (%temp%) as part of a reboot. Setup programs, such as Team Foundation Server and Visual Studio, may require restarting your computer during installation to complete...
  • The Wayward WebLog

    No Cowboy Haiku For You

    Everything always happens when I'm on vacation. I can't take a few weeks off to go snorkelling in the tropics without whidbey beta 2 sneaking out the door and into the eager hands of thousands of awaiting customers, end-users, pointy-haired managers and...
  • IPsec and Domain Isolation

    What the Heck is 'Domain Isolation'?

    ====================== DISCLAIMER ==================== This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers no rights. ==================================================== To answer this let me quote from the “ Introduction to Server and...
  • mszCool's thoughts and cents revealed

    IIS Debugging Quiz

    As I had some funny experience last week with IIS (on my own fault) I thought about posting this as some sort of quiz (greetings to Beat, I really like your quiz series:-) ). Actually I have done some ASP.NET / Office demos (generating Word documents...
  • Rick LaPlante's WebLog

    Microsoft and the SEI

    About a month ago while I was in Europe, the SEI held its annual SEPG conference in Seattle. At the conference we announced the second MSF template to be shipped with VSTS: MSF for CMMI Process Improvement. The MS folks who attended came back with...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    Enderle: How Linux Saved Microsoft?

    Rob Enderle has published an opinion piece about the effect that Linux has had on Microsoft as an organization and a software provider. I've extracted a couple of quotes and emphasis added is mine. Think about it: For decades we have surveyed...
  • Nonnenberg's Notes

    Debugger Visualizer: ASP.NET Controls

    I've received a second response to my call for Debugger Visualizers . And I must say, folks, that this is one sweet visualizer. Brett Johnson 's ASP.NET Control Visualizer is a perfect example of what visualizers can add to your debugging experience....
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