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  • Innovación Tecnológica

    Search Server 2008 Express

    Search Server 2008 Express es gratuito y te permite tener una solucion integrada para busquedas empresariales con una interfaz simple y familiar para el usuario! Descargalo ahora y conoce las caracteristicas de este producto, tambien puedes revisar...
  • World change to WOW

    Black & Decker VPX AC/USB Power Source电源

    这是一款Black & Decker VPX AC/USB Power Source 电源,它采用纳米技术,应用 a123 Systems 系统电池,储电量是一般锂电池电量的2倍。 Black & Decker Power Source有一个标准的USB插口,可以给一些小工具(如Zune,iPod,手机等)充电;它还有一个AC插口,就是我们平时看到的墙上的交流电插口。它内部有一个AC换流器,因此如果你的设备不能通过USB插口充电,也可以通过AC插口进行充电。VPX AC/USB Power...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Brad Pitt in my office today...

    I met with Brad Pitt yesterday afternoon and again this morning, how cool is that!!, and here’s the proof, Brad, sitting in my office today. What ? – “that’s not Brad Pitt” I hear you say, oh, whoops, my mistake, this is...
  • Roberdan

    Misura il tuo grado di produttività!

    Desideri ottimizzare il tuo tempo nell'arco della giornata? Hai qualche difficoltà nel mantenere un corretto equilibrio tra la tua vita personale e quella lavorativa? O semplicemente vuoi migliorare la gestione di tutti i documenti memorizzati nelle...
  • .NET Security Blog


    1 using System; 2 using System.Collections.Generic; 3 using System.Diagnostics; 4 using System.Globalization; 5 using System.IO; 6 using System.Reflection; 7 using System.Text; 8 9 namespace MS.StrongName.ManagedSN 10 { 11 /// < summary > 12 //...
  • tjlau's WebLog

    AdminStudio SMS Edition

    Working closely with MacroVision/InstallShield, SMS users can now download a free version of AdminStudio for use with SMS. AdminStudio SMS Edition Download this SMS-specific edition of AdminStudio 6.0 that will help prepare, publish, and distribute software...
  • Joseph Idziorek's Blog

    Creating Premium, Standard, and Basic Databases with PowerShell

    With the introduction of the new Azure SQL DB service tiers comes the desire to programmatically provision these new service tiers – more specifically, Basic, Standard (S1, S2), and Premium (P1, P2, and P3) databases. This blog post will provide...
  • Microsoft UK Further Education Blog

    Launching Computer Science, The Education Fellowship & Microsoft

    Blog written by Dr Albin Wallace, Director of IT and Development, The Education Fellowship With major changes coming in the national curriculum in Computer Science, The Education Fellowship sought to find a suitable way to launch the subject across its...
  • The Microsoft MVP Award Program Blog

    Friday Five - May 30, 2014

    1. Mitchel Sellers &ndash; Visual C# &nbsp;MVP">Improving Web Application Performance - Part Two Users & Environment By Mitchel Sellers – Visual C# MVP 2. Protect a program from SQL injection attacks in C# By Rod Stephens –...
  • MSDN 台灣部落格

    [案例分享] 隨手可得的不動產資訊 App - 財團法人國土規劃及不動產資訊中心

    隨手可得的不動產資訊 App - 財團法人國土規劃及不動產資訊中心 Xamarin + Visual Studio 延續既有.NET 投資 快速打造跨平台 財團法人國土規劃及不動產資訊中心,主要業務參與執行各級政府各項專案計畫,落實政策研究、扮演專家智庫、建立知識平台、支援資訊服務、主辦專業培訓,歷年來依據執行專案計畫成果,已經積累豐碩的國土空間規劃成果,建立許多不動產資訊網站平台。 圖示 -財團法人國土規劃及不動產資訊中心的工程師楊大治及彭傑提到:「考量到圖資及GIS應用需開發不同平台的App版本...
  • Microsoft UK Government Blog

    3 ways UK organisations need to reimagine their relationship with mobile

    Public sector organisations have always had a complicated relationship with mobile devices. They can free you from the office, but tie you to work. They can be a source of productivity, but also a font of distraction. Managing mobile in a Bring-Your-Own...
  • Andrew May's WebLog

    Publisher: Working with Multiple Open Documents

    Here's something I didn't notice until I'd been programming with Publisher for awhile: You might have noticed that in Publisher 2003, we added a Documents collection to the Application object. But, you might ask, isn't Publisher a single document interface...
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