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  • Peter Hallam's WebLog

    Many Questions: switch on type

    I hope everyone had a good fourth of July weekend. I certainly did. I spent the weekend hiking around the Olympic peninsula with my girlfriend and capped it off watching the fireworks here in Seattle. On to our question of the week: We get a lot of...
  • Stan's WWWeblog


    "They" say that photoblogging or "flogging" is the new thing for people too lazy to type and those too lazy read. It was bound to come to this. So here ( ) is a look at the trip to L.A. There are...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Fewer than 5 years of experience? It's ok!

    In past entries, I’ve written about Microsoft Recruiting’s internal distinction between a college / entry-level applicant and an experienced applicant . One of the discrepancies many of you pointed out is that most of the software engineering jobs (PM...
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    Should developers learn crypto?

    Over the weekend, Paul Maher posted an article in which he asked if developers needed to understand cryptography. I responded in his comments, but it needs a bit more detail than I provided in the comments. I'm all for developers learning about crypto...
  • Direct Reports

    What Makes It Go? (New Report Packs)

    We just released two new report packs , one for SharePoint Portal Server and one for Axapta. While I'm personally only responsible for the setup code and work with other teams on the contents, if you have any feedback on them, you are welcome to leave...
  • Jason Sacks's Windows SDK blog

    Most valuable

    I hope everyone in the US and Canada enjoyed their respective national holidays. We had a wonderful 4th of July. My 14-year-old son's all-star baseball team played in a tournament this weekend, continuing into this week. So far they've won one game and...
  • greggm's WebLog

    Debugging 'Last Error' problems

    On a few occasions I have run into problems where some Windows API was returning a 'strange' error code. Here is a technique that works with some APIs: Go get public symbols for your operating system – add
  • Yun Jin's WebLog

    Special threads in CLR

    Question: How many threads does a typical managed process have when it just starts to run? Answer: regardless how many threads the user creates, there are at least 3 threads for a common managed process after CLR starts up: a main thread which starts...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Cool 'quick backup' script for Virtual Server

    Jeff Trumbull has just posted a very cool 'quick virtual machine backup' script for Virtual Server at: The big trick involved in this script is that he uses vshadow.exe...
  • Setup Sense and Sensibility

    Digging In: MSI Transforms

    When one starts working with transforms , whether for patching or for administration , digging in a bit further may be useful to solve the problems at hand. If this is you, here's some frequently asked questions Q: What tools are available to build...
  • .NET 技術 & Web 技術 WebLog(鈴木祐巳,Masami Suzuki)


    DotNetNukeおよびCommunity Serverの説明に技術評論社を訪問しました。 技術評論社は、 WEB+DB PRESS や Web Site Expert などWebアプリケーション系定期刊行物を発行しているということもあり、DNNとCS両方にかなり興味をもっていただきました。特にDNNは、高いポテンシャルを感じていただけたので、どういった形になるのかまだわかりませんが、実際にお取り扱いいただけるのではないかと思っています。 コミュニティにおけるマイクロソフト社員による発言やコメントは...
  • Tom Miller's Blog

    Wait, so you're telling me I gotta work with this guy?!?

    Well, after 'unofficially' working with David for the last few years, we'll now be able to work together 'officially' for a while. I look forward to the community he'll help foster for the group. You can read his 'sensationalist' piece about his departure...
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