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  • craigrow

    Driver Test Manager on domains

    I've noticed some confusion recently in the newsgroups I monitor about the requirements for running a DTM controller. First, let's be clear, a server or server operating system is not required. Also, a domain or domain controller is not required. I have...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Script Repository

    Information about the Script Repository from the Microsoft TechNet site....
  • GavinGee's Blog

    Webcasts on DotNetNuke and ASP.NET 2.0

    Please have a look at the two webcasts covering running DotNetNuke on ASP.NET 2.0 Part 1
  • Eric Jarvi

    VSTS Tip: watch for breaking namespace changes in the July CTP

    Ch-ch-ch-changes... I thought this was old news but the parallax effect of July CTP users trickling in makes me think this may be something you are wondering about. This is just a note to the VSTS power users on CTP bits, if that's not you, you can disregard...
  • .NET Security Blog

    Comparing Java and .NET Security

    It's been a while since I've last seen a comparison of Java and .NET security . Nathaneal Paul and David Evans from the University of Virginia Computer Science Department recently finished their comparison, Comparing Java and .NET Security: Lessons Learned...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Back from California

    I thought it was about time I reported on the MSN Search Party and other bay area happenings from my trip last week. For people in the world of Search Engines, the "Search Engine Strategies" conferences are always packed and this one was no exception...
  • John Lawrence (MSFT)

    Making a work item field read only after its initial value has been set

    Here's a neat little trick that Alex on my team came up with today to solve a customer problem. We wanted to be able to have a field on a work item form that was initially writable but, once set, couldn't be altered. This is how you'd define the field...
  • Yves Dolce

    xsd.exe and C++/CLI namespace syntax

    Carlos Ibarra wrote: Microsoft should at least fix xsd.exe /c /l:cpp /namespace:Microsoft::Services::Partners::ISV schema.xsd to produce valid C++: namespace Microsoft { namespace Services {... ...}}}} and not namespace Microsoft::Services::Partners...
  • kingces's WebLog

    MemberInfo Identity, Comparing MemberInfos

    The identity most users would expect MemberInfos (other than Type) to have is not what Reflection provides. So for example most folks would expect the follow program to print true instead of false: public class B { public void M() { } } public...
  • Calvin Hsia's WebLog

    Sudoku puzzles screen capture

    I love doing crossword puzzles: I’m a huge fan of Merle Reagle (I have all his books ) and I love the NY Times Sunday puzzles, both of which come in the Seattle Times. We also love listening to the NPR Sunday Puzzle by Puzzlemaster...
  • Eric Jarvi

    blow your puny little multimon mind

    Multimonitor machine, hosting two virtual PC's with one virtual PC multi-monitored into the other virtual PC. Don't say I'm not looking out for you. These are stories the mainstream media absolutely refuse to carry!
  • Test Guide

    Fail Fast

    The only way to succeed is to fail. Therefore, fail early and often. Think about the last time you attempted something new and you succeeded right out of the gate. Do you have any clue why? Do you know whether the approach you took is the only one...
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