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  • Pascal Belaud

    SQLDAYS 2005 : les WebCasts sont disponibles

    Ca y'est, les vidéos des SQL DAYS 2005 sont enfin disponibles à l'adresse suivante : C'est un bon moyen de découvrir ou redécouvrir le contenu présenté à l'occasion de cette conférence...
  • Betsy Aoki's WebLog

    Betsy Blogs World Tour - Chapter 3

    Well Eileen and I made it to Amsterdam in one piece – even after the revels that was the Microsoft UK company summer party. Shoutout to my boss Sandy Khaund – I am having serious party coolness envy! They had Madness , Basement Jaxx and Norman Jay...
  • David L's Blog

    Work experience goes both ways!

    Last week I was lucky enough to share 5 days with Nevhan and Dennis as they completed their work experience placement through the ICT Excellence Fellowships program. Here are some of my thoughts about my work experience week: 1. Passion without...
  • Eric Hu's Weblog

    How to customize process template in Team System

    Team System 除了提供原有的 MSF Agile 和 MSF for CMMI process improvement 兩種 template, 還可以讓 user 自己 customize process template. 但是在 Team System 中 , process template 都是以 xml 格式的檔案來儲存 , 而 xml 原本就不是設計給人閱讀的檔案 , 所以 customize process template 就變成不是那麼直觀的工作 . 但其實了解了 process...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    TechEd Europe - Day Two (One day to conference start).

    It's 8am in Amsterdam and I'm back at the RAI conference center, keynote rehersals start at 10am today, I think my rehersal slot is at about 1pm, this gives me a few hours to catch up on e-mail, write some code, and perhaps drop into one of the pre-conference...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Scalable User Experiences

    I had a thought on the plane on the way over after we announced Atlas . The past ten years in programming has seen the rise of a huge number of ways of building similar-looking applications – from using VB6 to build a rich client experience, to dynamic...
  • A View from Elsewhere

    Aaah, Amsterdam!

    Whenever I arrive at a new location, I want to check it out. Primarily, I want to know where my hotel is, and where my meetings are. To accomplish this, I've been trying to bend MSN Maps to my will (Google Maps doesn't have enough European coverage)....
  • Chris Pratley's Office Labs and OneNote Blog

    I'm on Channel9

    Hey, Owen Braun and I are on Channel9 - so you can see what we look and sound like in full motion video: BTW, the (excellent) on-line training video for OneNote I mention near the end of the Channel9...
  • k7's blog

    Does Window Media Player have issues with streaming?

    I am trying to watch NASA TV live to see Deep Impact collide with Tempel 1 . My natural inclination was to choose streaming video for Window Media Player first. The first few minutes were good, but I gave up soon after very poor streaming quality. I switched...
  • Direct Reports

    All Mod Cons (Multilingual Reports with AS2005)

    Based on feedback from a couple of folks, I've decided to make my post titles a bit more descriptive. I'll still use the name of one of the albums in my music collection as the primary title but will also include a description of the actual content of...
  • graceworld

    The Growing VSTS Ecosystem

    Some great examples of partners integrating into VSTS: · Borland adds Requirements Management · Mercury shows their interest in integrating their testing tools · Compuware integrates functional testing tools with Team System · Serena’s ProcessView...
  • Somasegar's blog

    Distributed Development

    The world is becoming a smaller place every day. With economic globalization, geographic distances in the business world are becoming more and more irrelevant, particularly if you think about the information world. Gone are the days when developers...
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