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  • robgruen's WebLog

    Calling CoGetInterceptor on Win2k

    The documentation for CoGetInterceptor indicate that this API is available on Windows 2000 platforms. Indeed it is but ole32.dll doesn't export this function as indicated by the least not the versions of ole32.dll that are available...
  • robgruen's WebLog

    COM Interop - Releasing unused COM libraries

    Following up with my last post on releasing PInvoked libraries....this time with COM libraries. There's a more robust way to do this for COM libraries. After you're done with your COM libraries and you've released all associated resources (Marshal.ReleaseCOMObject...
  • Antimail

    Tabbed browsing interface

    I try to get myself used to tabbed browsing - it is an interesting concept. Not only Firefox has this feature - you can find it in IE too! Maxthon is a powerwful web extension that brings these little tabs to the IE world:
  • Australian Microsoft Recruitment Web Log

    What has James been doing ?

    Well I have been a slack blogger I must admit... in fact the last time I blogged was just before the Halo2 launch.... the launch was so much fun, I worked on crowd control and had an absolute ball, everyone was so excited by midnight it was amazing.....
  • scooblog by josh ledgard

    IOD: Local Road Traffic Report Via those "Your Speed" Signs

    Continuing with my driving theme from Friday ... Why not link those "Your Speed" traffic signs on local roads up to a traffic monitoring web site? From there you could see the "Average speed for the last X Car" reports that would give you a good idea...
  • One Louder

    Executive Employment Outlook for 2005

    ExecuNet put together this employment outlook for 2005 , which focuses specifically on the executive space (they polled execs and exec recruiters). Even if you aren't at exec level, you can gain some insight into the projected 2005 employment market and...
  • Mai-lan's Visio Blog

    Using Visio Diagrams in Word Documents

    Geetesh Bajaj, who owns , has a nice, quick summary of how to use Visio diagrams in Word documents in this article: . Thanks to blog reader Alexey for the heads-up! Thanks,...
  • jeffcal's blogland

    early msbuild documentation

    there's an msbuild wiki over at channel 9 , and there's a good preview of the msbuild documentation over at msdn: as always, feedback is welcome (and encouraged). jeff.
  • Larry Osterman's WebLog

    I couldn't pass this by: KenJen's now working for Microsoft as a spokesman for Encarta

    From Betanews (found on Neowin): Jeopardy Whiz becomes Encarta Spokesman You go dude!
  • Marcelo's WebLog

    Creating a Custom Avalon Expression

    At last, I've got time to write about the Expression sample I mentioned before. I'll actually walk you through this, so fear not, gentle reader! Starting from the start First, let's start out with a new Avalon project, and put this code in the Window...
  • Stephen Fisher

    The silver clock

    My 5-year anniversary just came and went (I would have completely forgotten except for the nifty swag) on November 22nd. I now own one of those groovy silver clocks with multiple time-zones and my name and anniversary engraved across the front. It's pretty...
  • .:blog.iainmcdonald

    Bottoms up? not really...

    One of the more reliable predictors of the health of a project can be to determine where the schedule came from. If the schedule came from anywhere other than the people who will actually do the work (with appropriate buffering applied), it is wrong....
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