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  • Alex Barnett's blog

    altering the world one pixel at a time

    John Nack : "what if you could alter only one pixel per day? Cameron Adams has developed Pixelfest , a collaborative effort to create "art/design/garbage" through numerous people making tiny contributions. Give it a whirl, or check out a time lapse...
  • Owen Allen - The MOSS Garden

    Down Under MVP

    I had dinner earlier this week with a CMS MVP from Australia, Angus Logan ( blog ), and I had a great time. Angus is a bright guy who does a lot of CMS work for the consulting company that he works for. He was in Redmond attending a couple of conferences...
  • Saveen Reddy's blog

    Getting the name of current function

    Useful snippet for debugging: A function that prints the name of the current function. To be accurate, it prints the name of the calling function. In C# this is called "reflection". In python, it is called "introspection". C# example // ----...
  • vincem's WebLog

    The Build Master book has shipped!!

    Hello, it’s been a long while. The two major reasons for my absence is the amount of time needed to get The Build Master book completed and the birth of my son! I am happy to say that both events have gone well and now I hope to have more time to...
  • HealthBlog

    Needed: A Compelling, Sustainable Business Model for RHIO's

    In his 2004 State of the Union Address, President Bush proclaimed that we’ll have an electronic health record for most Americans within 10 years. Soon after, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology was established and...
  • David Wang

    Putting on the Web Developer Hat...

    The past week, I put on the classic "Web Developer" hat to do some heads down work, so blogging, writing replies back to blog-comments, and answering newsgroup posts has been a bit more sparse. Some of you are probably wonder why I am even doing web development...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Playing Galactix under Virtual PC

    Here is a game that I had forgotten about - but used to love. It is a relatively simple space ship shooting game - but some of the things I like about it are: It has a surprisingly intuitive mouse interface It has the interesting feature of having...
  • Antimail

    Who da'Punk?

    While the whole mini-msft seems to be an interesting blog these days, I personally just don't buy into the anonymity thing. I don't know, and I can't explain why - personally I just feel wrong about the idea. Second, there is a very high risk that it...
  • Ravi Rao's Blog

    Event name suggestions?

    So, we are trying to figure out a good name for an event for the following: The mechanism by which you access published capabilities and objects from a person near you is by calling the PeerCollabRefreshEndpointData() API. This API effectively refreshes...
  • craigrow

    I'd like a PC, hold the Windows please

    This is a great article. When I saw Dell was offering a PC without Windows I went to the web site to find out how much money a person could actually save by purchasing a PC without Windows. There was so much obsfucation I gave up. Follow the link. It...
  • Microsoft RSS Blog

    The orange icon...

    It’s great that a discussion of icons has recently restarted in the RSS community. We are in the process of figuring out what icon to use on our toolbar in IE7 to represent feeds. There are five parts of the experience for feeds in IE7: discovering if...
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    Projects Coming Back

    Having spent the better part of the last 7-8 months working with a dedicated team to revive GotDotNet, it excites me every time I see a cool project go up on Workspaces. In the site's darkest days, it was like a ghost town version of a website. I was...
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