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  • Windows Embedded Standard (Standard 7, Standard 2009, XPe...)

    May I present...

    The MVP Summit concluded here on Microsoft campus on Saturday afternoon. I finished giving my first ever presentation to the XPe MVPs- there were about 9 of them from around the world them attending the conference. Fortunately they are a kind group and...
  • Rico Mariani's Performance Tidbits

    Performance Lifecycle

    I get many opportunities to review documents and processes in the course of my job, and sometimes they’re not even about performance. :) About 2 years ago I started seeing a goodly number of security related documents; and now increasingly I see things...
  • Antimail

    Short gamma-ray burst mystery is solved

    Gamma ray bursts (GRBs) are probably the most violent events that happen today in universe. In a few seconds or less, a gamma-ray burst releases an enormous quantity of energy (10 44 - 10 46 J), which is comparable to burning up the entire mass-energy...
  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    WinFX Developer reference

    As I mentioned in a previous post, the Managed Add-in Framework (System.AddIn NS) was announced at PDC 2005. The WinFX <Windows VISTA Developer reference> namespace high resolution poster can be found on the WinFX web site .
  • Visual Communication and Design, Now with Audio!

    How to: Increase Discoverability of New Topics?

    My team is discussing how we can make some new topics discoverable, so that the target readers can find them easily. We wrote these topics as complete procedures to give an overview of a complex area that is currently documented in detail, without much...
  • FrontPoint

    DataViewWebPart RunTime documentation

    Hey everyone, Sorry to be so lax in my postings. I was really busy getting ready for PDC and now Beta1 for Office looms somewhere on the horizon. Please check out Rob Mauceri's blog on our plans moving forward. Additionally, check out this article...
  • John's Blog

    My First Webcast

    This morning I hosted an MSDN webcast on using Visual Studio 2005 to develop C++ applications for Mobile Devices. Let's be kind and say I forgot the launch date of Visual Studio 2005 (doh!) due to nerves, shall we? (It's November 7. Remember, remember...
  • John's Blog

    Visual Studio 2005 - Launches 7th November!

    I'm getting this tattooed on my forehead!
  • Test Guide

    End The Positive/Negative Schism!

    For any specific feature there are of course an infinite number of possible tests. Humans don't generally deal with infinity very well, so we have devised a number of categories that allow us to think in terms of a much smaller set of tests. Categories...
  • Anil Dhawan's Blog

    Bluetooth Profiles Demystified [Part 1]

    Learn what a Bluetooth profile is all about....
  • What's in Store

    WinFS PDC Video

    Hello developers! I’m Steve De Mar, the Product Designer for the WinFS team and I’m here to talk about the WinFS video at the PDC ( high-res , low-res ). It started with the WinFS team’s desire to spread the word about our platform value propositions...
  • Eric Jarvi

    Reducing Browser Privileges

    "a simple yet little-known approach exists for users to avoid many of these vulnerabilities in any web browser"
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