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  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog


    The idea of what constitutes a Smart Client Application and the architecture to support this model very much chronicles the evolution of my career. So I decided to blog about this subject in the hopes of sharing, debating, and contributing to this evolution...
  • Jonathan Hardwick

    More problems with Offline Files

    Answering your individual emails about offline files is a thankless task, since (a) I’m not tech support, so you’re not going to get any kind of “official” response, (b) I don’t scale out, so other readers of this blog won’t benefit from any pearls of...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Channel9 - Don Box, giving a great demo/session.

    You’ve all heard of Don Box, right ? – he’s the guy that gives SOAP talks from a bathtub (see below). I grabbed some time with Don to talk about giving a good presentation or conference session, the MSDN Channel 9 video is now live,...
  • Windows Security Logging and Other Esoterica

    Events 528 and 540

    Logon events. Event 528 and Event 540 are the Logon events. Event 528 is for all logons except "network" logons. "Network" logons are SMB/Microsoft-DS logons (i.e. connecting to a share). RDP, IIS, FTP logons, etc., are event 528 even though credentials...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Beta Flash Player for Smartphone...

    Now this is pretty cool, running Macromedia Flash on your Smartphone, the code is still in Beta, so you should back up your device before trying this out… The Flash based clock can be found on the web site. There are instructions...
  • One Louder

    A week full of goodness...wish they could all be like this.

    OK, I know thanksgiving is over, but I had a great week this week.... 1) I really like my new office. I'm always cold, but this office is warm and kind of cozy. I got all my stuff unpacked and got so much work done because it's so quiet over here. Only...
  • Nazim Lala

    MSIL code/fault injection using .NET profiling APIs

    Recently I have been looking into painless ways to do some amount of code injection for MSIL for fault tolerance and security testing. One of my requirements was to be able to do this dynamically. I had found some tools that would do it statically by...
  • Soaked in CIDER !

    Threat Modelling information:

  • Зеркало: Воскресные байты изнутри Microsoft

    ISV Community days 20 декабря в Москве

    Я помню свои обещания по поводу IBF - однако же, обнаружилось, что кратко писать на эту тему смысла нет, а развернутое изложение требует большего времени, чем есть в наличие сейчас, в конце года. Пока же хочу всех, имеющих отношение к разработке ПО, пригласить...
  • James Murfin's Blog


    I am moving my blog....and have actually posted some new thoughts there already. Please update your RSS reader and/or link to: Thanks.
  • Rob Caron

    Team System Community Technology Previews (CTPs)

    Note: Hey, this is just my perspective on CTPs. It should not be construed as an official Microsoft statement on CTPs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one. What is a CTP? CTP (Community Technology Preview) release are supposed to be a ‘point...
  • Point2Share

    Branding SharePoint Portal Server

    Well this is a topic very close to my heart. Having spent a significant part of my life last year (<grin>) helping a very large customer in the UK deploy SharePoint, I understand how important it is for a product like SharePoint to reflect an organisations...
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