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  • Anandi’s Thoughts

    Only 2 more weeks

    until nominations close for the MSS v2.0 TAP program! Use the Contact link to let me know if you need a nomination form. I'm very pleased with the response we've gotten for our TAP Program. We're now up to 36 nominations. And still anticipate a few...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Tom the Turkey: The "unofficial" mascot of Microsoft Atlanta

    Jim visits the Microsoft Atlanta office and introduces us to the office’s mascot … Tom the Turkey . The Microsoft jobs based in Atlanta don’t fall into the same category of jobs that I typically write about (SDE, SDET, PM) – but if you are interested...
  • Man vs Code

    The one who keeps harrassing me about JDBC

    You know who you are. We have finally publicly announced it; we will have a new JDBC driver for Sql Server 2005.
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    CE Gumstix Forum on WE-DIG

    If you're interested in working on the Windows CE Gumstix project you might want to keep an eye on the WE-DIG Gumstix Forum (and there's an XML/RSS Feed !). Here's what you will need to get started... Windows CE 5.0 Evaluation Kit Gumstix Board...
  • Heath Stewart's blog

    Latest Runtime Loaded when Hosting Managed Controls in IE

    How to ensure your managed hosted control loads in newer runtime versions....
  • The .NET Sweatshop (v2)

    New Workspace for Unit Testers

    We've been fixing Workspaces big time for the last two months and I think the results are noticeable (as I mentioned in my last post). I love getting the kudos, so if you've noticed the change, let me know--and if you haven't, let me know as well. While...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    Google maps goes legit

    I got an email from a local rider yesterday, telling me that my Cycling climbs webpage was broken. I did some investigation and found that Google had rev'd their software, and I would need to make some small changes to get my site up and running again...
  • Visio

    Visio Conference

    最近自前のネタでなく外のリソースばかり使ってしまってすみません。またまたお知らせネタです。 来年 1 月、ついに Visio カンファレンスなるイベントが開催されます。 TechEd の Visio 版のようなイベントで、パートナーさんの交流会、技術情報についてのセッション、ソリューションの展示会などが予定されています。 ページ上部のイメージがいかしていますね。 場所は弊社のお膝元のシアトルなのですが…。ニューズレターの配信も始まるので興味がある方はぜひ登録してみてください...
  • Eric Gunnerson's Compendium

    How to update your C# language book without really trying

    I posted this on Monday, but it got eaten during a server upgrade. Luckily, the lemmings post didn't. I'm very pleased to report that the third edition of my book has now shipped. As I've noted in the past (in a post I linked to in the first version...
  • Visual Studio Graphics Debugging

    Extensions for MSN desktop search

    One of my favorite new tools to come out of Microsoft is the new desktop search tool. I keep this tool running over basically all of my computers directories and it can be a real lifesaver at times. When I need to find what source file an interface that...
  • simon.says

    How to do MTOM Interop

    In my JavaOne session yesterday I showed (what I believe to be) the first MTOM Interop demo between .NET and Java using publicly available toolkits. For those that don't know MTOM (Message Transmission Optimization Mechanism) is the new specification...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    TechEd Europe - let's synchronize our blogging efforts!

    [Aside: Have you signed up for the localized MSDN Flash yet?] There are more than 80 representatives from Ireland and Northern Ireland planning to attend TechEd Europe next week! Great stuff. Clare and I will be there as well (not to mention Ciaran...
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