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  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    Let's get personal

    Around the late 1980's Personal Computers (PC's) were starting to provide functionality suited to individual user usages like word processing and spreadsheet functionality. This brought processing and data storage down to the user and away from the central...
  • Jack Gudenkauf (JackG) WebLog

    We get smarter as we evolve

    Back in 1984 I was attending college and the classes reflected the current computing architecture. I took Assembly, Cobol, CICS, and DL1. Assembly and Cobol where the languages of choice for mainframe applications. Cobol was a higher level language and...
  • Windows Mobile Team Blog

    Welcome to ... The Code Room

    Ever wonder what would happen if you put 3 developers in a room for 6 hours and asked them to build you an eCommerce system. Nope. Me either however our friends in T.V land had exactly that curiosity and the result is the developer world's answer to reality...
  • Robert Burke's MSDN Weblog

    Sparklines and other inspirations

    When someone brings up Avalon , I inevitably gush about how it will transform advanced desktop visualization from a dark art into something very accessible. I’m surely most like an evangelist when I get carried away about the creativity it will unleash...
  • Loosely Coupled Thinking

    Can XML Schemas be considered Open Source?

    First off, this article is not designed to bash anyone, especially WPC. I was motivated to post this entry to identify what could be the start of a disturbing trend - the concept of "open source" XML schemas (complete with an open source license). Licensing...
  • Chris Johnson

    Infopath forms -> ASP.Net forms

    I did some work a while back for a company based in Australia called Unique World Software. One of the products they make is InfoView. This takes Infopath forms and turns them into ASP.Net forms! At the time it was in development ... but it seems it is...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    Blogging in Ink.

    I see more and more people using Tablet PC’s around Microsoft Campus, and more applications are becoming “Ink Aware”, so it’s only natural to take this to the next logical step which is to allow Blogging in Ink, or BLInk –...
  • Windows Embedded Blog

    XBOX and Media Center PC Weekend...

    At lunchtime today I purchased a Media Center Extender for XBOX , this is an XBOX title that streams Media Center content to your TV set – so the plan for the weekend is to get this up and running with my Media Center Edition 2005 PC. The Media Center...
  • Visual Studio Product Feedback Blog

    Bug of the Week

    In recognition and appreciation for helping make Visual Studio 2005 (Whidbey) an even better product, today we’re kicking off the first Bug of the Week Award! Keep the awesome feedback coming and you too may be a winner. This weeks Bug of the Week “Eagle...
  • Live Search

    MSN Teleconference on Monday

    A press release announcing an MSN conference call has just hit the wires and we wanted to invite all of you to listen in. Yusuf Medhi , MSN VP, will be hosting the listen-in call. We’d love it if you told the blogosphere what you think of Monday’s news...
  • oliverlu's WebLog

    SharePoint 2003的开发讲座

    今天在整理 IE 中的 Favorities 的时候,看到了下面的一个链接。不忍浪费了,拿出来和大家分享一下: 差不多都是去年底的东西,但对于 SPS2003 中的开发,还是非常有帮助的。有一些主题,真的很不错: Building Administrative...
  • Andrew's Blog

    Hello, World

    As is customary in the world of computers, I had to start with a Hello World. Linked is a collection of Hello World programs written in a variety of languages Here's a simple example of what you could do...
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