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  • IEBlog

    HTTP Performance

    The information published in this post is now out-of-date and one or more links are invalid. —IEBlog Editor, 21 August 2012 Before I joined the Internet Explorer team, I worked on the Microsoft Office Online website.  Handling massive amounts...
  • Sumit Amar

    HTA (HyperText Applications): Caveats and Features

    Caveats: 1. Security: HTAs bypass the Internet Explorer's advanced settings to disable/enable active scripting, which leads to vulnerability in system to malfunction. However, since the HTAs interact with local system (using ActiveXObjects) for file/DB...
  • TabBlogger

    TechEd05 day 1: Learn-Solve-Grow

    What a day! First, we get to see the new IBM Thinkpad Tablet PC (woohoo!) at the keynote. Then, I amble on down to the pavilion booth, only to hear "We have Thinkpads for the labs!" Using the Thinkpads is pretty cool. They're light, and the keyboard...
  • Aaron Marten

    IVsMonitorSelection Article

    I've posted the Interface of the Week article on IVsMonitorSelection . Enjoy! I'd be interested in your feedback, especially if you think short articles like this would be helpful to continue with.
  • David Wang

    TechEd 2005 Day 1

    TechEd 2005 Day 1...
  • Johan Lindfors

    WSE 3.0 CTP (for Visual Studio 2005 Beta 2) available for download

    Another release of the appreciated Web Services Enhancements package to create secure XML Web Services on the .NET Framework and Microsoft platform is now available in a CTP (Community Technology Preview) for the Visual Studio 2005 suite. Download it...
  • Fabulous Adventures In Coding

    High-Dimensional Spaces Are Counterintuitive, Part Three

    My next book project is ready for copyediting, the wedding invitations are sent out, my bug count is under control, I've got a layer of levelling compound poured in the basement, there's no more ivy on my roof, and I’m rigging my sailboat some time this...
  • Windows CE Networking Team WebLog

    Connecting to http://localhost/ from your PocketPC

    When running Pocket IE (PIE) on a PocketPC, in versions PPC 2000 and PPC 2003 to open up http://localhost/ to open a web server running on the device you needed to do some workarounds first. The problem was in PIE itself, and not the Microsoft web server...
  • Matusow's Blog

    Shared Source Licenses and Commercial Intent

    In his comment to my last posting Wesley Parish pointed out something worth talking about. "One thing that irritates me quite a bit is the "non-commercial/anti-commercial" clause in a number of the Shared Source Licenses I've looked at. Microsoft has...
  • Johan Lindfors

    DirectX 9 SDK (June 2005) released

    The DirectX team has released the June edition of the DirectX SDK, download it here:
  • Doc Holladay

    TechEd: Indigo session - part 2

    Ari just gave a number of demos using Media Center and interesting TV viewing/shopping scenarios. One demo showed an application that alerts his PocketPC phone when his son sits down to watch Jerry Springer. He can then send a message back saying "you...
  • .NET4Office

    VSTO Book Announcement--Sample chapter covers VSTO's new support for Outlook

    More exciting announcements! Eric Lippert and I have just completed writing a book on VSTO that will be in the Addison-Wesley .NET Series--it is coming out this fall. You can read a sample chapter that covers VSTO's new support for Outlook here: ...
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