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  • IEBlog

    Principles behind IE7’s Phishing Filter

    My last post was intended to introduce our overall security strategy and the specific features in IE7 Beta1 for XP SP2 and Windows Vista. A lot of responses to my post were questions about why and how the Microsoft Phishing Filter in IE7 will check websites...
  • Sharp Things

    How to plug your own C# compiler into VS 2005.

    Jomo Fisher--A bunch of future C# compiler features (think 3.0 and beyond) will be on display at PDC in a couple of weeks. We wanted to ship a nice installation that lets people try out the new features of the compiler while still leaving VS 2005 working...
  • Rob Caron

    Launch World Tour - US Dates

    As Thom Robbins notes , the SQL Server 2005 - Visual Studio 2005 - BizTalk Server 2006 Launch events in the US are open for registration . San Francisco Moscone Center November 7 Detroit Marriott...
  • Miguel Campos Blog

    Valve, Half Life 2 and C++ 2005 Express

    Being a PC Gamer, I just love to track down Half Life 2 improvements. Being a MSFT developer, I just love to use MSFT tools. And of course I wish to have good tools to create my own worlds. Well, my wish may become true any time soon: http...
  • PDC2008

    PDC05 – Less than 2 Weeks Away!

    With PDC05 less than 2 weeks away you would expect that we would be winding down as we prepare for the trip. Not the case, actually. We have some great updates for those of you attending, and those of you who will be watching from home. Bill Gates...
  • Microsoft's JobsBlog

    Why social networks don't work ....

    Unless you are new to the internet - or are a novice to its mysteries, you are no doubt familiar with social networks. For the uninitiated, social networks are online communities where people meet and exchange business information with one another. In...
  • Ben Armstrong

    Whitepaper: Installing the Virtual Server Administration Web site on a Separate Computer

    There is a new Virtual Server white paper up at: It is quite a nice write up on how to configure Virtual Server such that you have Virtual...
  • JasonMcC's WebLog

    MSNs Virtual Earth video

    I found this quite amusing take on how information is collected for MSN's Virtual Earth service and thought it blog worthy.
  • Ali Pasha's WebLog...

    What is an application?

    'Application' seems to be one of the most overused terms in the industry today. During our usabilty studies, the use of the word tended to confuse people as they had their own concept of the term. Therefore, when I saw a great explanation of the term...
  • Thom Robbins .NET Weblog

    Launch is Coming!

    Register Now Launch is almost here! Where will you be!
  • Powertoys WebLog

    gotdotnet CodeGallery for ongoing Sample Sharing and Development

    Via Korby I am proud to announce the public release of CodeGallery , the newest member of the gotdotnet family. is the community website where professional Windows and .NET developers from around the world can contribute and consume code...
  • Dr. HardwareBlog

    SMIs Are EEEEVIL (Part 1)

    As a quick introduction, SMIs were introduced to the x86 world by the 386SL. It was created to allowed systems designers to have access to the CPU while unspecified software of any type was running. The reasons for this are obvious when you look at the...
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